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Kurzberichte aus der Bauforschung - Building Research Summaries

Kurzberichte.jpg Publisher: Fraunhofer-Informationszentrum Raum und Bau IRB
Editor in Chief: dipl. Dok. Ursula Schreck – Offermann Editor: Dipl.-Ing. Theo Loffler
Format: print
Issues: 2011 - volume 52 – 6 issues
Price: Regular subscriptions six issues per year:
Euro 80,50 (P&P added: Germany Euro 7,20; other countries Euro 12).
3 issues trial subscription Euro 30. Get three issues – pay two. (P&P added: Germany Euro 3,60; other countries Euro 6).
Special subscription rate for CIB Members six issues per year: Euro 64,40 (P&P added: Germany Euro 7,20; other countries Euro 12).
Single issue: Euro 15,00 (P&P added: Germany Euro 1,20; other countries Euro 2).


“Building Research Summaries“ is the main specialist journal for building research in Germany. Summaries of ongoing and completed research work, written by the researchers and authorized by the research promoter offer building researchers an overview of publicly funded building research. It provides surveyors, authorized experts and other building practitioners with information on latest research results relevant for their daily work. English and French translations of German language texts are included whenever authorized versions from the researchers are available.
The journal also includes portraits of research institutes and promoters, as well as notes and press releases on research results from Germany, Austria, UK, France and other countries. A special CIB news section features forthcoming meetings and recent CIB Publications.

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