Database CIB Commissions


TG90 Expert panel discussion Information Integration
Task Group TG90 - Information Integration in Construction - invites you to their expert panel discussion ‘Information Integration’ on Wednesday 1st of June. The discussion will focus on the role and relevance of integrating information across organisational and software boundaries.
Issue 3, 2016
W117 meeting and workshop
Working Commission W117 - Performance Measurement in Construction - invites you to join their WBC16 meeting and their special workshop 'Delivery of Services and the Contracting Model of the Future' on June 2, 2016, which will be held during the WBC16 in Tampere, Finland.
Issue 3, 2016

Of each of the over 50 CIB Commissions a description is given of its:
  • scope and objectives
  • work programme and planned output
  • realised publications (and other outputs)
  • past and planned future meetings, including both commission meetings (in principle for members only) and open workshops, seminars, symposia or conferences
  • appointed Coordinator(s) and other commission Members.

The CIB commissions can be accessed via: 
  • Go to database: via a search page that allows for a search on a commission's number and title or on aspects of a commission's objectives or its workprogramme.