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Service Life Prediction - New Projects
CIB Commission W080 Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components, started four new Commission Projects. The Project Elaborations are now available. CIB Members are invited to participate.
Issue 7, 2017
You are invited to participate in CIB survey for the research roadmap of TG90 Information Integration in Construction. The survey should take less than 10 minutes. This Task Group was set up in 2014. One of its outputs is a Research Roadmap, which will formulate an agenda for new R&D projects and/or initiatives that focus on information and knowledge integration in construction.
Issue 7, 2017

Of each of the over 50 CIB Commissions a description is given of its:
  • scope and objectives
  • work programme and planned output
  • realised publications (and other outputs)
  • past and planned future meetings, including both commission meetings (in principle for members only) and open workshops, seminars, symposia or conferences
  • appointed Coordinator(s) and other commission Members.

The CIB commissions can be accessed via: 
  • Go to database: via a search page that allows for a search on a commission's number and title or on aspects of a commission's objectives or its workprogramme.