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Free download: #IJLBE special issue Environmental Law
The special issue 'Environmental Law' of The International Journal of Law in the Built Environment (#ijlbe) is available for free download during the month of April. This issue discusses important themes such as environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and the ideologies of planning law.
Issue 4, 2015
Free Downloadable Publication: W023 - Wall Structure: Defects in Masonry Walls - Guidance on Cracking: Identification, Prevention and Repair
The report focuses on proper serviceability behaviour of masonry walls. Topics include: Specifics of Masonry Walls and Identification of Defects, Prevention of Cracking, Repair Strategies, Guidance to Prevent and Repair Cracking in Masonry Walls.
Issue 2, 2015

Of all CIB and CIB related publications descriptions are given, including:  title, type of publication (for example: proceeding, state-of-the-art annalysis or practice recommendation), year of publication, where to download a free copy (if applicable) or where to order and for what price, which CIB commission is responsible (if applicable) and a brief summary of its content.

The Publications can be accessed via: 
  • Go to database: via a search page that allows to search on a publication's title, year of publication, number of responsible CIB commission, author or registered CIB Publication number.

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In principle all ever produced CIB publications are (or are being) included in the open access CIB library section of the ICONDA database as free downloadable PDF documents. This includes amongst others:
  • scanned copies of hundreds of older publications
  • both the full proceedings (± 25 each year) and the single papers (±over 2500 each year) from all CIB and CIB Co-sponsored conferences.
The database allows for a simple or more detailed search for papers and publications, using the indexing metadata as well as full-text search of the documents in the repository (digital manuscripts and OCR-processed hardcopy scans).
Specified search by title, author, year, source and keywords, as well as conference data, CIB Commissions/TGs or Priority Themes is provided.