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CIB in Brief

CIB is the acronym of the abbreviated French (former) name: "Conseil International du Bâtiment" (in English this is: International Council for Building). In the course of 1998, the abbreviation has been kept but the full name changed into:


CIB was established in 1953 as an Association whose objectives were to stimulate and facilitate international cooperation and information exchange between governmental research institutes in the building and construction sector, with an emphasis on those institutes engaged in technical fields of research.

CIB has since developed into a world wide network of over 5000 experts from about 500 member organisations with a research, university, industry or government background, who collectively are active in all aspects of research and innvation for building and construction. 

New Student Chapter Curtin University, Australia
A new Student Chapter at Curtin University has been established. It aims to engage with the cutting-edge research and development in CIB Commissions and Task Groups, and to network with other CIB Student Chapters across the Asia-Pacific region and globally.
Issue 6, 2015
Call for papers: special BRI-issue Overheating in Buildings
You are invited to submit an abstract for a journal paper in this special issue of Building Research and Information, which will highlight emerging research and compare international variations in responses to overheating. Deadline: 6 November 2015.
Issue 6, 2015