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Image2 Image1Sustainable Construction has been a CIB Priority Theme since 1995. Amongst others this has resulted in two worldwide agenda setting publications: the CIB "Agenda 21 on Sustainable Construction" and the joint CIB-UNEP "Agenda on Sustainable Construction in developing countries". Both publications can be downloaded for free here.

SB Conferences


Together UNEP-SBCI, iiSBE and recently FIDIC, CIB is a co-sponsor of the series of the SB Conference series.
In October 2011 the SB 2010/2011 Series was concluded with the World Sustainable Building Conference - SB11 Helsinki.
A new series is being prepared for 2013 and 2014. The World Sustainable Building Conference will be held in Barcelona, October 2014. The theme will be "Sustainable Building Results… are we moving as quickly as we should?".
For more information on the SB13-14 Conferences see the SB Portal here.

CIB Encouraged Journal, Call for Papers, BEPAM Special Issue
This is a Call for Papers for a Special Issue in the Journal BEPAM. The theme is Built Environment Sustainability: What's New and What's Next?
Issue 6, 2017
SBE 2019 Conference: Expressions of Interest
This is a request for expressions of interest (EOI) for national or regional conferences to be held during 2019 and focused on sustainable built environment issues. These events will form part of the on-going SBE series of conferences, which has been underway since 2000, and is sponsored by five international co-promoters, CIB, iiSBE, UNEP-SBCI, FIDIC and the Global Alliance for Building and Construction. The deadline is June 2, 2017
Issue 4, 2017

This contains hyperlinks to data in the CIB Databases of special relevance to Sustainable Construction.

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