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BuHu has always sought to provide the best facilities and opportunities for its researchers and postgraduates both in terms of on-site provision and support to network with others across the world. BuHu's quality rating is reflected in the demand for postgraduate training within BuHu. Postgraduate research is supported by fortnightly research workshops and an annual international postgraduate conference. BuHu offers an EPSRC Masters in Research (MRes) programme for Innovation and Improvement in Construction and Property, with ten studentships available annually.

The University of Salford's Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment (BuHu) has consistently been at the forefront of construction related research initiatives. BuHu's research was rated as 6* in the last UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE); the highest level awarded.

Currently BuHu has over 120 postgraduate researchers working towards PhD and MPhil research qualifications. They cover a wide range of topics including IT, sustainability, process management, facilities management, accessibility, benchmarking, conservation, environmental management, and acoustics to name just some areas.

There are many dynamic taught masters programmes on offer, which are available in both traditional and distance taught routes. Strong links exist with many other institutions and organisations such as ESAI in Portugal, VTT in Finland and over 165 industrial collaborators.

Staff have a wide range of interests and research expertise and undertake a full range of styles of research from fundamental theory building to that which is highly applied and widely disseminated and addresses construction industry process, environment and product improvement through integrated solutions. Research Centres have been established within BuHu in key areas and often have been established before the significance of the areas have been recognised by others such as government and funding bodies.

Within the postgraduate community within BuHu many of the activities currently being undertaken are comparable to those recommended to be provided by a CIB Student Chapter.

Each month the postgraduates and researchers meet informally to discuss issues regarding their research, facilities and opportunities.

Every other week, a workshop is conducted on research methodologies and skills as part of BuHu's Doctoral Training Programme. These workshops focus on the practicalities of research and include guest speakers who provide examples of research in industrial contexts.

Researchers and postgraduates are encouraged to attend and deliver papers on their research at CIB Working Commission and Task Group events and conferences. Wherever possible BuHu endeavours to provide support to enable attendance at such events. Members of BuHu are active on the various groups and committees of the CIB.

BuHu welcomes the challenge and opportunity that a CIB Student Chapter would offer within their research environment and is prepared to provide the resources necessary for the CIB Student Chapter to flourish. BuHu's Postgraduates are keen to embrace the concept of a CIB Student Chapter and wish to interact with other Student Chapters across the world.





The work programme is as follows:

  • Archival search for the past postgraduate studies conducted in the Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment since early 1990s and identify trends and patterns. This is envisaged to help other new postgraduate students who need to know which areas are explored and which topics are investigated. In addition, it will facilitate comparison with other CIB Student Chapters and foster information exchange across the Student Chapters.
  • Publication of biannual e-newsletter to inform members and other relevant parties of the Salford CIB Student Chapter's activities.
  • A day-out to develop team-building and enhance communication among members.
  • Encouraging and supporting members to participate in exchange information with other international CIB Student Chapters.
  • Launching of the newly developed web for the CIB student chapter.
  • Sponsoring a student chapter member to an international conference abroad.

Other Associated Activities:

  • BuHu's Doctoral Training programme
  • CIB Task Group TG53 on Postgraduate Research Training in Building and Construction





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