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Built Environment Project and Asset Management

  Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
Editor in Chief: Professor Mohan Kumaraswamy, The University of Hong Kong
Frequency: 2018 - 5 issues per annum
Personal Rate Subscriptions:(for non-CIB members): GBP £100, EUR €118, USD $160
Discounted rate for CIB Members: GBP £80; EUR €94; USD $128

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Built Environment Project and Asset Management (BEPAM) provides a niche forum to address interfaces between project management and asset management of building and civil engineering infrastructure. BEPAM deliberates on, disseminates and validates cutting edge research and development in construction project management and infrastructure asset management, given the increasingly critical intersections and convergence between these domains, e.g. with increasing ‘whole life’ focus and sustainability imperatives. It connects both established and upcoming researchers with progressive practitioners in these fields and proactively links research and practitioner communities worldwide. The core editorial team draws on valuable strengths, having published the precursor, Journal of Building and Construction Management, and being supported by the Centre for Infrastructure and Construction Industry Development based at The University of Hong Kong. The new editorial team brings on board additional expertise in covering the extra dimensions, special thrusts and extended reach of the new journal.

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