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Architecture Science (ArS)

ARS.jpg Publisher: Architectural Institute of Taiwan and the Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI), Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan
Editor: Prof. George C. Yao, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Established: 2010
Format: Print and Online
Frequency: 2 issues per annum- June and December
Personal Rate Subscription (2 issues per annum): (for non-CIB members): GBP£21, EUR€25, USD$32
Discounted rate for CIB members: GBP£16, EUR€19, USD$24


The purpose of publishing Architecture Science (ArS) is to promote the academic research of architecture and to establish an open platform for periodical journals. ArS publication is based on meticulous review in order to provide a credible forum for releasing and exchanging articles of global architecture related researches.
Articles include papers such as Architectural management, Architectural planning, Architectural history and theory, Architectural structure, Construction and material, Computer application, Building physical environment control, Urban planning and urban design, Building economy, and topics related to building science research.

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