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Facilities.jpg Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
Co-Editors: Sarel Lavy, Texas A&M University and Joseph Lai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Established: 1982
Frequency: 2014, Volume 32, 14 Issues per annum (published as 7 double issues)
Subscription rates: 14 issues (published as 7 double issues) of Facilities will be published per year. The journal is sold on a calendar-year subscription basis.
Personal Rate Subscriptions: GBP £350; EUR €438; USD $560
Discounted Rate for CIB Members: GBP £280; EUR €350; USD $448

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Organisations are increasingly aware just how influential the design and operation of facilities can be on their performance, shaping the way they, as organisations, operate. From an individual user perspective, a group perspective or from a large-scale organisational perspective, facilities decisions have a wide-ranging impact. The agenda has moved well beyond simple cost-cutting methods to a much deeper understanding of how improved facilities can enhance productivity. It is therefore more important than ever that facilities managers are kept in touch with current thinking and best practices so they can plan, develop and equip buildings to fully meet the needs of their users in the most cost-effective ways. The leading, international journal, Facilities, offers serious discussion of key issues to help managers, architects and other interested parties maximise building space resources.

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