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Building Physics, Journal of

17-JoBP.jpg Publisher: Sage Publications in association with International Association of Building Physics (IABF)
Editor: Mark Bomberg, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada and Southeast University of Nanjing, China
Format: Print and Online
Subscription rates 2013 (volume 36): Institutional subscription Print & E-access $1.154; E-access $1.039; Print only $1.131; single print issue $311.
25% subscription discount for CIB members.
Journal of Building Physics is available electronically on SAGE Journals Online at Impact Factor: 0.714 Ranked: 25 out of 56 in Construction & Building Technology Source: 2011 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2012)


Recently the scope of the journal has been broadened, in response to readers' interests- and as a result of the shift in focus of the leading edge building research organizations. Formerly titled Journal of Thermal Envelope and Building Science, the vision of the JBP is to facilitate the integration and implementation of a scientific approach in building physics with the various domains of building performance.
Buildings have enormous impact on global environment, renewable and non-renewable resources and quality of life and durability of the building envelope is one of the critical elements deciding upon the sustainability of built environment. The journal's expanded coverage will stress durability and long-term performance of building envelope systems. Specific stress is placed on environmental aspects and thermal protection of materials, elements and components used construction.
Journal of Building Physics will also remain the publishing platform of the CIB W040 committee on “Heat and Moisture Transfer in Buildings”.

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