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Education in the Built Environment, Journal for

jebe_03.jpg Publisher: The Centre for Education in the Built Environment (CEBE)
Editor: Deborah Peel, University of Ulster, UK.
Editorial assistant: Diane Bowden
Format: Online


JEBE is a major resource for educators, practitioners and scholars in higher education within the broad discipline area of the built environment. It provides an international forum for discussion and debate on subject-focused teaching, learning and scholarship issues and a means for disseminating the findings of well founded academic investigations.
The peer-reviewed journal fosters high quality academic debate about the way knowledge is generated, codified, taught and learnt. It aims to promote stronger links between research, scholarship, teaching and practice and to expand the international community of educators in the built environment. As a means for disseminating pedagogic knowledge throughout the community of educators, JEBE thereby provides a stronger intellectual basis for practice.

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