Membership Categories

Within the CIB system different categories of membership can be distinguished.

The basic distinction is between:
    • Organisational Membership, which can be a Full or an Associate Membership depending on the types of Member benefits the organisation requires
    • Individual Membership
The different Member Benefits per Membership Category are described as part of the description of the CIB Fee System.

Types of Member Organisations

An analysis of the types of organisations among the institutional members of CIB shows a division into four main classes:
    • Research
    • Universities
    • Industry and Practitioners
    • Others
In the CIB Database <Members> the following types of Member Organisations are distinguished in more detail:

I Research
  • Research Institute
  • Research Programming or Commissioning Institute
  • Other Research
II Universities
  • University
III Industry and Practitioners
  • Construction Firm
  • Building Materials, Components and/or Equipment Producer
  • Architect
  • Building and Civil Engineering Consultant
  • Building Services Manufacturer and/or Consultant
  • Bank or other Financial Institute
  • Construction Law and/or Insurance Firm
  • Housing Corporation
  • Governmental Buildings Agency
  • Professional and/or Trade Association
  • Other Industry
IV Others
  • Information and Documentation Institute
  • Standardisation, Certification, Technical Approval and/or Specification Institute
  • National, Regional or Local Government
  • Other

Honorary Members

As the highest distinction in CIB the CIB board can award a lifelong Honorary Membership to people who have made a long lasting and significant contribution to the CIB Objectives.

An overview of people who have been awarded such Honorary Membership can be seen here .