Below a searchable collection of free downloadable publications that are focussed on (aspects of) research and innovation for building and construction and that have the characteristics of one or more of the following types of documents: technology outlook; (future looking) vision document; industry (or sector) scenario, forecast or foresight document; scoping study; (industry or sector policy) white paper; strategic research (or R&D) agenda; and (forward looking) state-of-the-art analysis.

Country Written or Published by Year Keywords Title
Australia 2004 Sector / Industry Construction 2020: A vision for Australia's Property and Construction Industry
Canada 2003 Sector / Industry The Housing Construction Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century
Denmark 2006 Sector / Industry Making Sense - A Vision for the Danish Construction Industry
Europe 2005 Sector / Industry Challenging and Changing Europe's Built Environment
2005 Sector / Industry Strategic Research Agenda for the European Construction Sector
2009 Sector / Industry Sectoral Innovation Foresight: Construction (version 3.0)
Netherlands 2009 Sector / Industry Durf 8: Outlook for the Construction Sector
New Zealand 2009 Sector / Industry Building the Future - Four Visions of the New Zealand Built Environment in 2025 (Full Report)
2009 Sector / Industry Building the Future - Four Visions of the New Zealand Built Environment in 2025 (Summary)
2009 Sector / Industry Building the Future - STEEP Analysis Compendium
2010 Sector / Industry Industry Needs Survey - A study of expected information needs that will be required by the wider building industry
South Africa 2004 Sector / Industry South Africa Construction Industry Status Report 2004
2008 Sector / Industry South African Construction Industry Technology Foresight Study
United Kingdom 2008 Sector / Industry Building a Client-Oriented, Knowledge-Based, Value-Driven Industry: Scoping Study
2008 Sector / Industry Research Priorities for the UK Built Environment - Advancing research and innovation for the built environment
2009 Sector / Industry Never Waste a Good Crisis - A Review of Progress since Rethinking Construction and Thoughts for Our Future
2008 Sector / Industry Anticipating Tomorrow: the Future of the European Construction Industry
United States 2009 Sector / Industry Advancing the Competitiveness and Efficiency of the U.S. Construction Industry
International 2010 Sector / Industry Emerging from the Global Economic Crisis: Delivering Recovery through a Sustainable Construction Industry