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Newsletter 1997 - 2

Around Commissions
TG11 - Performance Based Building Codes: Report on the International Conference on Performance Based Building Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, Ottawa, Canada, September 1996
TG22 - Environmental Design Methods in Materials and Structural Engineering: Report of the Task Group's first Meeting
TG23 - Culture in Construction: Report Inaugural Meeting, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 18 September 1997
TG26 - Open Building Implementation: Report 1st Official Meeting, Delft, The Netherlands, 12-14 May 1997
W063 - Affordable Housing: Report Regional Coordinators Meeting, Orlando, USA, 7 February 1997
W087 - Post-Construction Liability and Insurance: Report Steering Committee Meeting, Paris, France, 24 February 1997
From the CIB Management
Opportunities and Challenges for the Construction Industry in Tanzania
A Personal Point of View: Prosperous Innovative Activity in the Construction Industry, by Erkki K.M. Leppävuori
A Coordinator's Vision, by Walt Rossiter and Edward Kane
CIB as International Broker?, by Roger Courtney
From the CIB General Secretariat
The Secretary General's Column: Striving for Commitments
CIB and ISIAQ Agree a Memorandum of Understanding
Forthcoming Meetings
International Conference on Information Support for Housing in Central and Eastern Europe, Prague, Czech Republic, 29 September - 1 October 1997
The Third Young Research Managers' Workshop 1997 - Towards the Year 2000: Challenges and Issues for a Young Research Manager, Ontario, Canada, 3-4 November 1997
CIB World Building Congress 1998 - Construction and the Environment, Gävle, Sweden, 7-12 June 1998
W089 - Building Research and Education: International Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 8-10 July 1998
W063 - Affordable Housing: 1998 International Housing Conference, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 12-16 October 1998
New Publications
W081 - Actions on Structures: Floor Loads in Car Parks (CIB Publication 194)
W082 - Futures Studies in Construction: Future Organisation of the Building Process (CIB Publication 172)
Encouraged Journals
From the CIB Encouraged Journals
Members Section New Members
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