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Newsletter 1998 - 3

Agenda 21 for Sustainable Construction, by Professor Christer Sjöström
From the CIB General Secretariat
The Secretary General's Column: Ready for the Next Triennium
The 16th General Assembly: Report of the CIB Board for the Period 1995-1998
The 16th General Assembly: Financial Report 1995-1997
The 16th General Assembly: Proposed Amendments to the CIB Constitution and By-Laws
The 16th General Assembly: Election of New Officers and Board 1998-2001
EC Funded Training and Research at BRE Cardington: An Advertisement
Forthcoming Meetings
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: The Life Cycle of Construction IT Innovations, Stockholm, Sweden, 3-5 June 1998
W086 - Building Pathology: 14th Commission Meeting, Gävle, Sweden, 7 June 1998
The CIB World Building Congress 1998: The Parallel Symposia, Gävle, Sweden, 7-12 June 1998
TG26 - Open Building Implementation: Commission Meeting, Helsinki, Finland, 15-17 June 1998
W089 - Building Research and Education: International Conference on Building Education and Research, Brisbane, Australia, 8-10 July 1998
W018 - Timber Structures: 31st Commission Meeting, Savonlinna, Finland, 12-14 August 1998
TG29 - Construction in Developing Countries: 1st Meeting - Managing Construction Industry Development in Developing Countries, Arusha, Tanzania, 21-23 September 1998
W099 - Safety and Health on Construction Sites: 2nd International Conference - Implementation of Safety and Health on Construction Sites, Honolulu, Hawaï, 24-27 March 1999
New Publications
W082 - Futures Studies in Construction: Sustainable Development and the Future of Construction (CIB Publication 225)
Encouraged Journals
From the CIB Encouraged Journals