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Newsletter 1998 - 4

To take the Interests of all our Members and our Stakeholders Forward, by John Duncan
Around Commissions
TG15 - Construction: Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution
TG19 - Designing for the Ageing Society
TG23 - Culture in Construction
TG26 - Open Building Implementation
TG31 - Macro-Economic Data for the Construction Industry
TG34 - Regeneration of the Built Environment
TG35 - Innovation Systems in Construction
TG36 - Quality Assurance
W024 - Open Industrialisation in Building
W055 - Building Economics
W065 - Organisation and Management of Construction
W069 - Housing Sociology
W078 - Information Technology for Construction
W080 - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components
W087 - Post-Construction Liability and Insurance
W089 - Building Research and Education
W094 - Design for Durability
W099 - Safety and Health on Construction Sites
W100 - Environmental Assessment of Buildings
From the CIB Management
Strategic Challenges for the Organisation of Building Research, by Professor Peter Lansley
Gävle and Beyond: The CIB World Building Congress in Gävle, Sweden, by Professor Christer Sjöström
From the CIB General Secretariat
The Secretary General's Column: Coincidence or the Beginning of a New Trend?
The 16th General Assembly, 11 June 1998
The 8th Meeting of Coordinators, 13 June 1998
Priority Themes
Developing a CIB Draft Programme on Performance Based Building Standards - A Pro-Active Approach
Forthcoming Meetings
W067 - Energy Conservation in the Built Environment: Annual Business Meeting and Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic, 8-9 October 1998
First CIB Australasia and Pacific Rim Regional Building Research Leaders' Meeting, Brisbane, Australia, 17-18 October 1998
Invitation to Meeting for Possible Group to Replace the Former TG11 - Performance Based Building Codes, Edinburgh, Scotland, 19-21 October 1998
TG34 - Regeneration of the Built Environment: Workshop, Wrexham, Wales, 20-23 November 1998
TG31 - Macro-Economic Data for the Construction Industry: International Workshop on Macroeconomic Issues, Models and Methodologies for the Construction Sector, Cape Town, South Africa, 5-10 September 1999
New Publications
Proceedings of W040 Meeting on Heat and Moisture Transfer in Buildings, Kyoto, Japan, October 1997 (CIB Publication 213)
Encouraged Journals
From the CIB Encouraged Journals