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Newsletter 1999 - 2

Measuring Our Progress - New Directions, by Larry Little, Chairman of the CIB Programme Committee
Around Commissions
TG19 - Designing for the Ageing Society
TG24 - Virtual Reality in Construction
TG25 - Facade Systems and Technologies
TG26 - Open Building Implementation
TG29 - Construction in Developing Countries
TG36 - Quality Assurance
TG39 - Deconstruction
Two New Task Groups: TG39 - Deconstruction and TG40 - Informal Settlements
W082 - Future Studies in Construction
W083 - Roofing Materials and Systems
W087 - Post-Construction Liability and Insurance
W098 - Intelligent and Responsive Buildings
W099 - Safety and Health on Construction Sites
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building
From the CIB General Secretariat
The Secretary General's Column: CIB and the Industry: A Challenge Worth Taking Up
CIB and the Pro-Active Approach
Facilitating Innovation and World Trade - The CIB Pro-Active Programme in Performance Based Building Codes and Standards
In Search of New Technology
A Collaborative Project with FIG - Performance Indicators for Sustainable Development at the Urban Level
CIB in Gainesville: Officers' Committee, Programme Committee, Administrative Committee, Publications Committee, Board and the 1999 Annual General Assembly
Forthcoming Meetings
W099 - Safety and Health on Construction Sites & TG36 - Quality Assurance: International Conference on Safety Coordination and Quality in Construction, Milan, Italy, 22-23 June 1999
W018 - Timber Structures, Graz, Austria, 23-25 August 1999
W069 - Housing Sociology, Vilnius, Lithuania, 24-27 September 1999
CIB Co-Sponsored: CONPAT 99: V Iberoamerican Congress on Building Pathology / VII Quality Control Congress, Montevideo, Uruguay, 18-21 October 1999
CIB-BBRI International Conference: Technology Watch and Innovation in the Construction Industry, Brussels, Belgium, 5-6 April 2000
CIB Research Managers' Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 6-7 April 2000
W092 - International Symposium on Information and Communication in Construction Procurement, Santiago, Chile, 24-27 April 2000
CIB Co-Sponsored: 3rd International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, Lund, Sweden, 15-17 June 2000
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: International Conference on Construction Information Technology 2000, Reykjavik, Iceland, 28-30 June 2000
W100 - Environmental Assessment of Buildings: Sustainable Building 2000, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 22-25 October 2000
CIB Symposium on Construction Environment in Latin America - Theory into Practice, São Paulo, Brazil, 23-24 November 2000
CIB World Building Congress 2001, Wellington, New Zealand, 2-6 April 2001
TG27 - Human-Machine Technologies for Construction Sites: Symposium on the Future Site, Wellington, New Zealand, April 2001
W065 - Organisation and Management of Construction: 2nd International Construction Marketing Conference Pro-Active Strategies for a New Age, Leeds, United Kingdom, September 2001
New Publications
W063 - Affordable Housing: Proceedings of the International Conference on Urbanisation and Housing URVI 98 / the 9th Annual Rinker International Conference on Building Construction (CIB Publication 228)
TG27 - Human-Machine Technologies for Construction Sites: Proceedings of the 2nd Meeting: IT Communication Technologies on Construction Sites (CIB Publication 230)
W023 - Wall Structures: Proceedings of the 33rd and 34th Meetings (CIB Publication 231)
W092 - Procurement Systems and TG23 - Culture in Construction: Proceedings of the International Symposium Profitable Partnership in Construction Procurment (CIB Publication 224)
W098 - Intelligent and Responsive Buildings: Proceedings of the International W098 Conference
W099 - Safety and Health on Construction Sites: Proceedings of the 2nd W099 International Conference
W099 - Safety and Health on Construction Sites: International State of the Art Reports (CIB Publication 215)
Encouraged Journals
From the CIB Encouraged Journals
Student Chapters
The 6th Gy. Sebestyén CIB Young Researcher's Fellowship 2000