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Newsletter 2000 - 5

Around Commissions
Cluster of Meetings of W055, W065, TG23, TG31 and TG35 in Reading, September 2000: Joint Meeting Report
TG28 - Dissemination of Indoor Air Sciences: Meeting Report, Espoo, Finland, August 2000
TG31 - Macroeconomic Data for the Construction Industry: Meeting Report
TG34 - Regeneration of the Built Environment: Meeting Report, Wrecsam, Wales, October 2000
TG35 - Innovation Systems in Construction: Meeting Report
TG38 - Urban Sustainability: Meeting Report
W051 - Acoustics: Meeting Report, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 2000
W056 - Sandwich Panels: Meeting Report, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2000
W063, TG40, W101 and TG38: Report on the Joint Workshop on The Urban Agenda, Pretoria, South Africa, 22nd August 2000
W065 - Organisation and Management of Construction: Meeting Report
W082 - Future Studies in Construction: CRISP - An Example
W086 - Buiding Pathology: Meeting Report Uruguay and Lisbon, 1999-2000
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: Latest Edition Hard Hat (December 2000) Now Available
W100 - Environmental Assessment of Buildings: Results of Sustainable Building 2000
W101 - Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development: Meeting Report
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: Criteria for Good Site Design
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: In Performance Context
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Report on the CIB W104 Conference Continuous Customization in Housing - OBT 2000 Open Building, Tokyo, 16-18 October 2000
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
World Conference on Green Design
Report on CIB Co-Sponsored CERF Conference: the International Symposium and Innovative Tradeshow 2000
From the CIB General Secretariat
A look over my shoulder, by Chris Pollington
Funding a Requirement for CIB Activities?
CIB Research Managers Meeting, Ottawa, Canada, 4-5 June 2000
Young Research Managers Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa, End of 2001
Congratulations on a great career with CIB. "Well played, sir!"
How to handle CIB's Homepage
The CIB Membership Satisfaction Survey - 3
17th CIB Triennial General Assembly 2001
New Coordinators
New Task Groups and Working Commissions
The Scopes of CIB's Task Groups and Working Commissions
Priority Themes
CIB Pro-Active Approach: Priority Theme 1 - Sustainable Construction: News Update
CIB Pro-Active Approach: Priority Theme 2 - Performance Based Building: News Update
CIB Pro-Active Approach: Priority Theme 3 - Business and Process Re-Engineering - A First Start
Forthcoming Meetings
International Conference on Safety, Risk and Reliability - Trends in Engineering, Malta, 21-23 March 2001
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: Commission Meeting, Wellington, 23-27 March 2001 and Auckland, 29 March 2001
TG27 - Human-Machine Technologies for Construction Sites: Meeting & Presentation of State of the Art Report "Future Site", Wellington, New Zealand, 31 March 2001
CIB World Building Congress 2001 "Performance in Product and Practice", Wellington, New Zealand, 2-6 April 2001
TG35 - Innovation Systems in Construction: Senior Level International Symposium on Construction Innovation - Opportunities for Better Value and Profitability, Ottawa, Canada, 6-7 June 2001
International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies (ICBEST), Ottawa, Canada, 26-29 June 2001
Conference on "The Transformation to Sustainable Planning: Decision-Making, Models and Tools", 29 August - 1 September 2001, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction & TG36 - Quality Assurance: International Conference on Costs and Benefits related to Quality and Safety and Health in Construction, Barcelona, Spain, 22-23 October 2001
Joint Symposium W092, W063, TG36 and TG23 on Procurement Systems & Technology Transfer, Trinidad and Tobago, 14-17 January 2002
The Ninth International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering ICCCBE-IX, Taipei, Taiwan, 3-5 April 2002
New Publications
TG39 - Deconstruction: Publication 252: Overview of Deconstruction in Selected Countries
Publication 237: Agenda 21 for Sustainable Construction
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Publication 254: Continuous Customization of Housing. OBT2000 - Open Building Tokyo in 2000
TG20 - Geographical Information Systems: Publication 256: GIS and the Built Environment
W056 - Sandwich Panels: Publication 257: European Recommendations for Sandwich Panels 2000
TG17 - Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation: Publication 258: International State of the Art Report
Proceedings Construction & Environment Theory into Practice
TG22 - Environmental Design Methods in Materials and Structural Engineering: Integrated Life-Cycle Design of Materials and Structures ILCDES, Proceedings of the RILEM/CIB/ISO International Symposium
W014 - Fire: Proceedings International Conference on Fire Protection of Cultural Heritage
W100 - Environmental Assessment of Buildings: Proceedings International Conference Sustainable Building 2000
Encouraged Journals
New CIB Encouraged Journal: Sustainable Building Magazine
Student Chapters
7th Gyula SebestyƩn CIB Young Researcher's Fellowship 2001
Student Chapter Updates
Members Section Personal News
Personalia: Peter Schmid Leaves Eindhoven University / Dr. Habu Leaves CIB Board
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members