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Newsletter 2005 - 2

Around Commissions
TG60 - Critical Infrastructure Protection: Introducing the New Joint Coordinators
Prof. Matti Kokkala from VTT, Finland and Mr. Jack Bramwell from ABCB, Ausralia were appointed as the new Coordinators of TG60. In their “Coordinators' Statement”, they have briefly introduced their ideas about Critical infrastructure ,What is meant by CIP-BE and the Rationale for TG60.
TG60 - Critical Infrastructure Protection: Introducing the New Task Group
During it's meeting in March 2005 in Madrid, Spain, the CIB Program Committee established a new CIB Task Group TG60 "Critical Infrastructure Protection. This task group will focus on the technical, economic and policy issues of critical infrastructure protection within the built environment.
W109 - Ecospace: Introducing the New Joint Coordinators
Dr. Philo Bluyssen and Prof. Olaf Adan both from TNO, the Netherlands were appointed as the new Coordinators of W109. In their “Coordinators' Statement”, they Present the concept behind W109. Improving health, comfort and safety in various spaces has a huge potential for economic and societal benefits obtained by increased productivity, reduced sick leave and medical costs and reduction of number of casualties in accidents, but also by the prevention of liabilities.
W109 - Ecospace: Introducing the New Working Commission
W109 - Ecospace is one of the newly established Working Commissions. The main objectives of W109 will be to exchange information on ongoing research focused on healthy, comfortable and safe spaces, to promote interaction between different sectors, disciplines, stakeholders and organizations, and to develop visions and roadmaps for realization of healthy, comfortable and safe spaces.
W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Introducing the New Working Commission
During it's meeting in March 2005 in Madrid, Spain, the CIB Program Committee established W110 as the successor of former TG40 on "Informal settlements and W063 on "Affordable Housing". The scope of the research on informal settlements and housing include government regulations, informal settlements and housing policies and programs, social-economic issues and people participations, housing design delivery systems, building technology transfer and guidance, land development, site planning and housing for special need groups, such as elderly, disaster victims, etc. Prof. Happy Santosa and Prof. Liana de Bustillos are appointed as the Joint Coordinators of W110.
From the CIB General Secretariat
An Update on the Activities of the International Construction Clients Forum (ICCF)
After a number of years of discussions and efforts to associate clients in the development of the Revaluing Construction (RC) Agenda, the Dutch VROM-RGD (Governmental Building Agency) and the CIB Secretary General finally could jointly organise a meeting of an International Construction Clients Forum (ICCF) that took place in September 2004, in The Hague, the Netherlands. The meeting gathered some 25 representatives of construction client organizations, from 10 countries. One of the outcomes of the meeting was to agree on a common agenda, the development of an Information Service and annual meetings to be hosted by a Forum member.
Forthcoming Meetings
SB05 - 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Building, Tokyo, Japan, 27-29 September 2005
The 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo (SB05Tokyo), to be held from 27 September to 29 September, is at the final preparation phase. Since the Kyoto Protocol came into force on 16 February this year, calls have increased for specific measures and actions that will help reduce C02 emissions to cope with the global warming problem, and in this context the role of sustainable building is more crucial than ever.
New Publications
Proceedings by W092 on Procurement Systems: “The Impact of Cultural Differences and Systems on Construction Performance”
These Proceedings from the “The International Symposium on Procurement Systems” that took place on 8-10 February 2005 Las Vegas, USA sought to focus the discussion of solutions on a specific aspect of construction performance and "The Impact of Culture on the Procurement of Construction and Resulting Construction Performance." In addition to the Keynotes addresses by Cliff Hardcastle, Dean Kashiwagi and William Badger, 74 papers were submitted by authors from 24 countries on topics including Technology Transfer and Information, Procurement case studies, Legal Topics and Risk Assessment in Procurement, Sustainability and Procurement Strategies and Globalization and Cultural Impacts of Procurement.
Report by former TG39 on Deconstruction: “Deconstruction and Materials Reuse - An International Overview”
TG39 has recently published its final report entitled “Deconstruction and Materials Reuse - An International Overview”. The report focus on the fact that demolition of buildings produces enormous amounts of debris that in most countries results in a significant portion of the total municipal waste stream. The report also underlines how Deconstruction is emerging as an alternative to demolition around the world.
Proceedings by TG44 on Performance Criteria of Buildings with Responsive Control Devices from “the JSSI 10th Anniversary Symposium on Performance Controlled Buildings”
TG44 has recently finalized the Proceedings from the JSSI 10th Anniversary Symposium on Performance Controlled Buildings. The CD-Rom includes keynote speeches given by the three world-wide famous Professors, Kelly, J., Martelli, A., and Ou, J. and 70 full papers on the a number of subjects including Control devices, Analyses and Experiments on Seismic Isolation, and Performance Evaluation of Buildings with Control Devices.
Report by former TG40 on Informal Settlements: “Sustainable Livelihoods in the Informal Settlements"
Former TG40 recently has published its final report. The book is the result of joint work by former CIB Task Group TG40 on "Informal Settlements", during the period 2002 until 2004. Some independent work by members of former TG40 on the topic have also been included. The aim of this report is to collect research result on informal settlements sustainability, responses to hazards, and how people can participate in the improvement of informal settlements.
Encouraged Journals
CIB takes over as Publisher of the Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITcon)
As a means to strengthen the journal's position as the leading construction IT journal CIB has from the beginning of 2005 become the official publisher of ITcon through a contract signed between the co-editors, CIB and the former publisher, the Royal Institute of Technology from Stockholm. In addition to strengthening the journal it also marks CIB's determination to explore the new possibilities and business models offered by the Internet for efficient research communication and technology transfer from research to industry.
Student Chapters
CIB Co-Sponsored: Postgraduate Research of the Built & Natural Environment (PRoBE)
The Second Scottish Conference for Postgraduate Researchers of the Built & Natural Environment (PRoBE) will take place at Glasgow Caledonian University, City Campus, Glasgow, Scotland on the 16th and 17th November 2005.