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Newsletter 2005 - 4

Around Commissions
TG55 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environments: Report on the 2nd TG55 International Workshop, 26 September 2005 Tokyo, Japan
The 2nd CIB TG55 international workshop was held prior to SB05. A total of 24 members and visitors attended the workshop, which incorporated a presentation program in the morning, and a technical tour to Obayashi Corporation's Technical Research Institute in Kiyose shi and task group meeting in the afternoon.
TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data: Introducing the New Task Group and its Coordinators
At its meeting in September 2005 the CIB Programme Committee officially established the new CIB Task Group TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data and appointed Prof. Dean T. Kashiwagi, USA and Prof. Charles Egbu, Scotland, UK as its Joint Coordinators. A short description of the Task Group and a brief introduction of its Coordinators follows.
From the CIB Management
CIB Strategy 2004-2007
Discussions during the years 2002-2004 under the inspiring leadership of the then CIB President Sherif Barakat in the CIB Board, Officers Committee and other Standing Committees have resulted in a proposal for a new CIB Strategy. This proposal was presented to and after discussion endorsed by the new CIB Board 2004-2007, and is summarised below.
Priority Themes
Priority Theme 3: Revaluing Construction - CIB Research Agenda
This article introduces the CIB Research Agenda that has emerged, including the potential for a number of CIB Working Commissions and Task Groups to bring their specialist knowledge to the issues. 'Re-valued' construction can be typified by projects where significant constraints drive those involved to collaborate strongly. The idea of a 'revalued' project explicitly contributes to and gains credit for adding value to society economically, culturally, socially and environmentally.
Forthcoming Meetings
W110 – Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: International Conference on Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing, 17-18 November 2005 Surabaya, Indonesia
The Asian section of CIB W110 on "Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing" is organizing a conference on 17-18 November 2005 in Surabaya, Indonesia. A W110 commission meeting will take place in conjunction with the conference. Below follows further details. The "Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing Study Network" Indonesia (ISAH Network) will also be formalized.
ICCREM 2005: International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management: "The Challenge of Innovation" - Last announcement - 12th - 13th December 2005 Penang, Malaysia
This International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management, known as ICCREM 2005 is jointly organized by University Sains Malaysia, Harbin Institute of Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, National University of Singapore, Purdue University, and University of Salford.
Clients Driving Innovation: Moving Ideas into Practice 2nd International Conference of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Construction Innovation, 12 - 14 March 2006 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Clients Driving Innovation: Moving Ideas into Practice will provide the opportunity to hear and meet world-leading industry practitioners and researchers creating the edge in this highly competitive environment. Clients Driving Innovation: Moving Ideas into Practice will bring together clients, designers, constructors and facility managers from around the world to focus on future opportunities and case studies of 'clients driving innovation' in constructed facilities, and will showcase technologies and practices developed by leading practitioners and researchers globally.
International Built & Human Environment Research Week, 3-7 April 2006, Delft, The Netherlands
The International Research Week includes: 3rd International SCRI Research Symposium, 3-4 April / SCRI Industry Day, 5 April / 6th International Postgraduate Research Conference, 6-7 April.
The 5th International Conference on Cold Climate HVAC 2006 - Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning, 21-24 May 2006, Moscow, Russia
CIB is delighted to announce that it will co-sponsored the 5th International Conference on Cold Climate - Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning taking place on 21-24 May 2006 in Moscow, Russia. The principal objective of Cold Climate HVAC 2006 is to provide key elements of a strategy to achieve a good balance between energy use in buildings and indoor environmental quality (IEQ), while conserving precious resources and energy, as well as prevent the environment from further deterioration, with emphasis especially on cold climatic regions.
Conference HB 2006 - Healthy Buildings, Creating a healthy indoor environment for people, Lisbon, 4-8 June 2006
The objectives of the conference include: To set the state-of-the-art in the field of indoor air quality for all buildings in all climatic conditions and its relation with health. To contribute to the development of methods for the assessment of environmental health hazards. To contribute to set strategies and criteria for policy makers.
European Symposium on Service Life and Serviceability of Concrete Structures ESCS-2006, 12th - 14th June 2006, Helsinki, Finland
The aim of this symposium is to provide participants with updated knowledge on current theories and practices in the field of service life and serviceability of concrete structures. The scope of the symposium includes concrete buildings, as well as industrial and civil infrastructures, which are exposed to physical, chemical or biological degrading loads.
Rethinking Sustainable Construction 2006: Next Generation Green Buildings, 19th - 22nd September 2006, Sarasota, Florida, USA
RSC06 will address the complex range of issues that face designers, product manufacturers, builders and policymakers in developing next-generation green buildings. RSC06 will address the next stage in the evolution of high-performance sustainable construction. This conference will be unlike any other green building meeting because it will focus almost solely on the future and will be conducted to maximize interaction among the participants.
Encouraged Journals
CIB officially encourages a select number of international journals. Below a brief introduction to all CIB Encouraged Journals as per September 2005; mentioning scope & objectives, the respective clickable websites for further information on the journal and subscription rates.