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Newsletter 2005 - 6

Around Commissions
Report on Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development
CIB Working Commission W101 on “Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development” held an annual meeting on September 29 2005 in Tokyo, Japan in conjunction with the SB05 conference on Sustainable Building.Items on the agenda included revision of the Scope and objectives and work program and planned output for 2005-2006. A special session was dedicated to the Japanese concept of “Bonsai City” which introduces a new approach to the definition of a Sustainable City.
W023 – Wall Structure: Report of the Commission Meeting held in September, 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic
CIB W023 on Wall Structures held its 42nd Commission Meeting on September 26-27 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic. A number of presentations were given under various themes as follows: Large Panel Buildings, Preparation of Codes on Masonry, Masonry Structures, Repair of Structures. The report is a contribution of Dr. Silvino Pompeu Santos, Coordinator of W023.
W086 – Building Pathology: Report of the Commission Meeting, held in April 2005 in Lyon, France
Items discussed include the status on the “State-of-the-art Report on Building Pathology (BP)”, paper-based archives and IT-related projects. One of the examples of IT-related archives on building failures is the NUS (National University of Singapore) site Maintainability Under Tropical Conditions. Discussions confirmed the urgency to establish and international network,linking local archives and a reciprocal control system and sharing of data.
W089 – Building Research and Education: Report of a Commission Meeting held in Brisbane, Australia July 2005
The meeting took place in conjunction with the 3rd CIB Student Chapters International Symposium. Items on the agenda included a review of W089 activities in 2003 and 2004, collaboration plans with TG53 and the CIB Endorsed Student Chapters and preparations for the BEAR2006 conference.
W108 – Climate Change and the Built Environment: Report of the 4th Commission Meeting
CIB Working Commission W108 on Climate Change and the Built Environment held its 4th Commission Meeting on April 15, 2005 in Paris, France. Dr. Jean-Luc Salagnac, CSTB organized the meeting and produced the meeting report. Items discussed during the 2 days included news from CIB, membership issues and planning of future activities. A number of presentations were also given, and are included in the meeting Proceedings.
From the CIB Management
Temporary Interruption of the CIB Developing Countries Fund
Given the current financial situation faced by CIB, it has been decided to suspend the “CIB Developing Countries Fund” (DCF) until further notice. It is our expectation that a positive development of the CIB finances will enable us to re-open the DCF in a not so far future.
Dutch CIB Members join a Consortium to draft a High Rise Building Code
The Dutch building industry will draft a building code for high rise building and CIB expressed its support for this initiative of its members. In The Netherlands the number of high rise buildings is steadily increasing. From only a few in the seventies to over 100 buildings now a days. Prof Frits Scheublin signed the agreement on behalf of CIB.
Priority Themes
Request for Expressions of Interest to hold 2007 Regional or National Conferences on Sustainable Building and Construction
The relevance for this proposal call is that CIB, iiSBE and UNEP hope to sponsor a series of national and regional SB conferences in 2007, with links to the SB08 conference, which will be held in Melbourne, Australia, in November, 2008.
Forthcoming Meetings
W107 – Construction in Developing Countries: Symposium CHILE2006 – New Issues and Challenges, 18-20 January 2006, Santiago, Chile
The CIB W107 Symposium is a major event for practitioners and researchers from developing and developed countries in the areas of design and construction management, construction economics, real estate management and facilities management. The main symposium theme is “New issues and challenges in construction in Developing Countries”.
TG59 – People in Construction: Task Group Meeting, 18-20 January 2006, Santiago, Chile
CIB TG59 will hold a Task Group meeting in Santiago, Chile. This meeting is taking place in conjunction with the International Symposium on “Construction in Developing Economies: New Issues and Challenges”. Invitation provided by Dr. Jill Wells, Coordinator TG59.
Budma2006: Conference on Science for Construction, 24-27 January 2006, Poznan, Poland
The International Construction Fair BUDMA 2006 will take place on 24-27 January 2006 in Pozna?, Poland. This is the biggest event of its kind in Poland and of the biggest in that part of Europe. The Fair includes the Conference on Science for Construction that features an exciting meeting with the participation of the European Technological Platform, the Polish Construction Technology Platform and CIB.
W089 - Building Research and Education: International Conference BEAR 2006 – Construction Sustainability and Innovation, 10-13 April 2006, Kowloon, Hong Kong
The BEAR 2006 Conference is a landmark gathering for international academics, practitioners, professionals and policy makers concerned with the future of Built Environment Education and Research. The theme of this conference is to promote the advancement of the built environment and strengthening building education with emphasis on construction sustainability and innovation.
W099 – Safety and Health on Construction Sites: International Conference on Global Unity for Safety and Health in Construction Sites, 28-30 June 2006, Beijing, China
The CIB Working Commission W099 on Safety and Health in Construction will host a pre-conference workshop and the International Conference on Global Unity for Safety and Health in Construction at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The primary objective of the conference is to communicate information, expertise and research results on construction safety and health.
W086 – Meeting on Building Pathology, 18-20 October 2006, Rome, Italy
W086 CIB Working Commission "Building Pathology" will join the International Symposium “Construction in the 21st Century: Local and Global Challenges”. Its special contribution to the symposium is to prepare the ground to build a history of building technologies through related building pathologies and extract, from it, a guide for 21st century’s constructions. Info provided by Dr. Enrico de Angelis.
INCITE/ITCSED 2006 – CIB Co-sponsored World Conference on IT in Design and Construction, 15th – 17th November 2006, New Delhi, India
The World Conference on IT in Design & Construction, is organised jointly by the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) of India, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK and Hong Kong Polytechnic University and University of Salford, UK. This Conference is a unique combination of INCITE, last held in 2004 in Malaysia and ITCSED, last held in 1996 in UK.
Joint International Conference on Construction Culture, Innovation and Management (CCIM), 26-29 November 2006
The main theme of the Conference is Sustainable Development through Culture and Innovation. The Conference will take place on 26-29 November 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This event is co-organised by CIB - TG23, BUiD - The British University in Dubai, UAE and CICE - Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Engineering, Loughborough University, UK.
CIB World Building Congress 2007 – Construction for Development, in Cape Town, South Africa, 21-25 May 2007
CIB 2007 will build on the tradition of the triennial congress as the major platform for the presentation and exchange of research and information amongst its members and the industry. The theme of this congress is Construction for Development, focusing on the important role that construction plays in the development of nations. Papers are invited on Construction Industry Development, Management, Organisation and Economics, Clients and Construction Innovation and Integrated Design Solutions.
The CIB Co-sponsored 9th REHVA World Congress WellBeing Indoors – CLIMA 2007, 10-14 June 2007, Helsinki, Finland
The Congress will offer scientists, industry, building owners, consultants, engineers, architects and policy-makers a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge and technical solutions. The special congress theme is wellbeing of people indoors. The congress will cover all aspects of HVAC technology including building automation in all types of buildings. Specific congress themes: Energy performance of building, Energy efficient heating and cooling systems, Ventilation, Indoor environment, health and productivity, Ecological domestic water and waste systems, Building energy management systems, ICT and intelligent buildings.
New Publications
Proceedings on the 1st International Conference on Complexity and the Built Environment becon 2005, held in September 2005 in Liverpool, United Kingdom
The organizer of the Conference on Built Environment Complexity also edited the proceedings.The conference attracted a wide range of papers with several themes. The conference was also fortunate to attract 3 keynote speeches. The proceedings are available free of charge in PDF format, these may be obtained from either of the organizers on request.
W070 – Facilities Management and Maintenance: Proceedings on Human Elements in Facilities Management – Understanding the Needs of our Customers
CIB Commission W070 held an International Symposium on “Facilities Management and Maintenance - Understanding the Needs of our Customers” in Hong Kong, China P.R. Over 40 papers are included in the Proceedings and they also maintain 10 themes.
W096 - Architectural Management: Proceedings on Designing Value: New Directions in Architectural Management
CIB Commission W096 on “Architectural Management” held its annual meeting in November 2005 in Lyngby, Denmark. This special meeting was on “Designing Value: New Directions in Architectural Management”. Over 40 papers are included in the Proceedings. The proceedings are available on CD-ROM and as a Report.
Proceedings on W110 – Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing
CIB Commission W110 on “Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing” held a conference on November 17-18 2005 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Papers were presented on the following topics: Sustainable livelihoods in the informal settlements, Stakeholders role in the transfer of technology and Affordable housing for the low income families.
TG58 – Clients and Construction Innovation: Book on Clients Driving Construction Innovation – Mapping the Terrain
Clients Driving Construction Innovation: Mapping the Terrain aims to provide its readers with a comprehensive set of frameworks and practical methods and applications for understanding the drivers, enablers and barriers to innovation in the construction industry and to develop new and effective ways to capture the benefits of innovation.
Proceedings from the CIB Co-sponsored 5th International Postgraduate Research Conference held on April 14-15 2005, in Salford, United Kingdom
The organizers the International Postgraduate Research Conference that took place in April 2005 in Salford, UK, hereby presents the Summary of these Proceedings. The book contains over 80 papers with several themes. All papers summaries are available on CD-ROM and Report.
Encouraged Journals
Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction – Merger Agreement between ITcon and IT-AEC
The editors of the Electronic Journal of Information Technology in construction (ITcon) and the International Journal of IT in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (IT-AEC) decided to merge the two journals in order to create a strong Open Access journal devoted to ITC in construction research. The official publisher continues to be CIB.
Student Chapters
Report on the 2nd Scottish International Conference for Postgraduate Researchers of the Built & Natural Environment (PRoBE) held on 16-17 November 2005, Glasgow, UK
The main purpose of PRoBE was to provide an avenue for postgraduate researchers in academic institutions in to share and exchange research information and knowledge, and help to enhance research and presentation skills for up and coming researchers.Published papers cover themes such as Management, Law, contracts Real Estate and Procurement, Housing, Accessibility and Building services, Sustainability and technologies. Conference Report provided by Michael Tong.
New CIB Endorsed Student Chapter from Hong Kong University
A proposal by students of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) was awarded by the CIB Programme Committee with the status of “CIB Endorsed Student Chapter”.The Department encourages interdisciplinary studies, exchange programs for students and staff in order to develop international co-operations for research and training with other research institutes, organizations and universities. Ms. Jessica Junyan is our contact at the Department.
Proceedings from the 3rd CIB Student Chapters International Symposium
The 3rd CIB Student Chapters International Symposium took place on 4-8 July 2005 in Brisbane, Australia as part of the Research week organized by the Queensland University of Technology. About 40 refereed papers by students are included in the Proceedings, which contain over 120 articles from academics, policy makers and professionals from around the world.