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Newsletter 2006 - 1

From the CIB General Secretariat
Overview 2005 - Introduction
CIB Secretary General Dr. Wim Bakens introduces this special first issue of the CIB Newsletter in 2006 that provides an overview of the CIB’s regular activities in 2005. This includes the CIB Task Groups and Working Commissions, the CIB and CIB co-sponsored Conferences, CIB Publications, CIB Encouraged Journals and the CIB Endorsed Student Chapters, but also articles about the CIB Membership Development and the Key Performance Indicators. In addition an article is included about the finalisation of the CIB managed and EU funded PeBBu project and for the first time the annual CIB PC Commendations are presented.
Key Performance Indicators
The present News article on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) gives some data on a number of items including: Membership, Fee Payment Behaviour, Meetings, Task Groups and Working Commissions, Publications, Income and Expenditures. Figures are shown with comparative date on CIB’s performances over the years 2003, 2004 and 2005.
Membership Developments
The Annual CIB Membership Development for 2005 is presented in this article with some comparative data for the period 2003-2004. Some general conclusions are: • CIB has been losing members again in 2005 • Most mem-bership cancellations have been registered in Europe.
New Members
In the year 2005 in total 24 new Members have joined CIB, including 1 Full Member, 9 Associate Members and 14 Individual Members. Among the new Members are 6 Universities. Each new Member is briefly described. The one new Full Member is CTMC - Construction Technology and Management Centre, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Technology Malaysia.
Task Groups and Working Commissions – Overview
The table shows an overview of CIB's Task Groups and Working Commissions as per the end of 2005. For each commission an indication is given of the extend to which it is expected to contribute to the defined CIB Priority Themes SC - Sustainable Construction, PBB - Performance Based Building and RC - Revaluing Construction.
New Task Groups and Working Commissions
In the course of 2005 the CIB Programme Committee established two new CIB Task Groups: TG60 – Critical Infrastructure Protection, TG61 – Benchmarking Construction Performance Data. In addition two former Task Groups were upgraded to form a new CIB Working Commission: W109 – Ecospace, W110 – Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing.
Over the year 2005 the amount of Publications has substantially increased, mainly due to a growing numbers of proceedings from conferences, including the CIB co-sponsored ones. All publications are briefly described and were relevant hyperlinks are provided were copies can be downloaded for free.
2005 was a year rich in very successful CIB related events all over the world, many of them of great international recognition and contributing in setting the global agenda in their respective field. The following three Conferences are considered of special importance: 10DBMC, Combining Forces and SB05 and of those descriptions are given. The other 22 are briefly indicated.
Encouraged Journals
The Journal of Financial management of Property and Construction was the only one added in 2005 to the now 14 CIB Encouraged Journals. It aims to provide an international forum bringing together theoretical and practical based developments and new thinking in the financial management of property and construction.
PC Commendations
The CIB Programme Committee has awarded 16 PC Commendations for outstanding contributions to CIB. These include 5 former Coordinators of Working Commissions who resigned in 2005 or immediately prior to that; 2 Coordinators of very successful Task Groups which have been upgraded to Working Commissions in 2005; 7 Hosts of extremely successful CIB Conferences in 2005; and 2 more people for other outstanding services to CIB.
CIB Website and Newsletter
The year 2005 witnessed the re-vamping of the CIB website and the launch of a new Electronic Newsletter, both using more modern design and offering information in a more accessible way. The new website offers a much nicer layout, and a more user-friendly navigation. Also in 2005 the new style CIB Newsletter was launched. Instead of the 4 yearly issues produced in the past, the electronic Newsletter is presented on a monthly basis.
PeBBu Finalized
The Thematic Network PeBBu – Performance Based Building was funded from the European Commission Fifth Framework Programme with a total budget in de magnitude of € 2.5M. It was managed by the CIB General Secretariat through CIBdf, the CIB Development Foundation. The PeBBu network was in operation for four years and finalized its work in October 2005.The article lists the 26 final PeBBu publications that can all be downloaded from the PeBBu website, including the final Management Report for the EU, 3 General PBB Reports in book format, 18 Research Reports and 4 PBB Practice Reports.
CIB Endorsed Student Chapters Activities
All 17 CIB Endorsed Student Chapters are listed as per 31st December 2005. Three Chapters were approved by the CIB Programme Committee in 2005. These are in the TU/Eindhoven and TU/Delft, both in The Netherlands and in the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. The 2005 edition of the Gyula Sebestyén Award resulted in excellent proposals with the Chapter at METU in Ankara, Turkey as the winner. Several successful international conferences took place around the world, which further reflects the dynamism of the Student Chapters.