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Newsletter 2006 - 3

Around Commissions
Recent Changes in the Programme of Task Groups and Working Commissions
At its recent meeting the CIB Programme Committee confirmed the following terminations, upgrades and establishments of New CIB Task Groups and Working Commissions: Upgrading of former TG51 into Working Commission W111 – Usability of Workplaces; termination of TG52 - Transport and the Built Environment, TG60 - Critical Infrastructure Protection and W082 - Futures Studies in Construction and establishment of TG64 – Disasters and the Built Environment (provisional title).
TG61 Meeting Report, February 2006, Arizona, United States
CIB Task Group TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data had its first meeting on 20 February 2006 at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona (USA). The meeting had a unique mix of researchers, construction clients, and contractors all interested in the identification, use, and classification of performance information in the delivery and maintenance of facilities. TG61 is a progressive and proactive assemblage of academics and professionals seeking to partner in the research of performance information to bring positive change through measurement, efficiency, and value. This Report was provided by Ken Sullivan, Secretary of TG61.
From the CIB Management
CIB Board and Committee Meetings
In conjunction with the 1st workshop on CIB's 4th Priority Theme on Integrated Design Solutions (IDS) and - under the guidance of Professor Selahattin Onur - generously hosted by METU - the Middle East Technical University - Department of Architecture, Ankara, Turkey; the CIB Board and Committees meetings were held from 13 – 17 March 2006.
Forthcoming Meetings
BEAR 2006, 10-13 April 2006, Hong Kong - Final Announcement
Education and Research are the two most important factors affecting the speed of advancement for the building and construction industry. The Conference provides a good opportunity for Building and Construction practitioners to share their practical experiences and successful stories with peers, particularly in the areas of sustainability and innovation; for academics and researchers to disseminate their latest research findings; and for government officials as well as policy-makers to share with the conference participants about their building and construction related policies and approaches.
European Symposium on Service Life and Serviceability of Concrete Structures ESCS-2006, 12-14 June 2006, Espoo, Finland
The aim of this symposium is to provide participants with updated knowledge on current theories and practices in this field of the symposium. The reports consist of specific and detailed results of analysis and modelling of degradation, service life and serviceability, but also more broad and integrated methodologies and visions of predictive and optimising service life design and management. This will be concretised with invited keynote lectures, selected oral presentations, posters on research and practice, and discussions during sessions.
6th International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, 14-16 June 2006, Tokyo, Japan
This conference will present the state-of-the-art in performance-based code approaches and engineering design methods. Papers will be presented on newly emerging technologies, as well as perspectives on approaches that have worked well, and approaches that have not worked as well as originally desired. The conference will be held in Japan, which has a larger proportion of projects designed according to a performance-basis than most other countries.
International Conference on Global Unity for Safety & Health in Construction, 28-30 June 2006, Beijing, China
CIB Working Commission W099 - Safety and Health in Construction will host a pre-conference workshop and the International Conference on Global Unity for Safety and Health in Construction at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The primary objective of the conference is to communicate information, expertise and research results on construction safety and health in order to assist all nations, especially developing and underdeveloped nations around the world, to make improvements in the well being of the construction workforce.
New Publications
Erratum of the 10th DBMC Proceedings
Please be informed that in our earlier article on the 10th DBMC Proceedings, we erroneously stated that a hard copy can be ordered from CSTB. The Proceedings are available on CD-ROM only.
W080 Report: Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis Research for and Application to the Building Domain
This report presents a state-of-the-art regarding research on Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) for and application to the building domain. The report provides an overview of different approaches adopted in research, offers examples of applications and identifies organisations and individuals working on FMEA and FMECA. A selection of published papers and previously unpublished reports pertinent to this report have been included in the appendices. A comprehensive bibliography that includes papers, reports and related work documents is also provided. This report is electronic, illustrated, pages 246 and is free downloadable from the CIB website.
Proceedings of the CIB Co-sponsored 1st Canadian Conference on Effective Design of Structures: Transferring Research into Practice CCEDS-1
CCEDS-1 was held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on July 10-13, 2005, hosted by the McMaster University Centre for Effective Design of Structure (CEDS) to provide a Canadian and International forum for information exchange among delegates from the design profession, the construction industry, research organizations, and academia. CCEDS will be held every two years to disseminate research findings in the area of effective design of structures, which encompasses a wide range of topics aimed at improving quality of the structure, economic viability, durability, maintenance and constructability.
Encouraged Journals
Journal of Construction in Developing Countries
The Journal of Construction in Developing Countries replaces the Journal of Housing Building and Planning, which had been in print since 1994. The Journal is a scholarly peer-reviewed international publication, invaluable to those who are interested in the issues relevant to the built environments of developing countries.
Student Chapters
New Student Chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Architecture "GA Tech PhD Built-Environment Research Chapter"
This proposal reflects a joint effort by PhD researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Architecture with the interdisciplinary Building Construction and City Planning programs to establish a CIB endorsed student Chapter. The GA Tech chapter will be called the “GA Tech PhD Built-Environment Research Chapter”. The GA Tech chapter is an initiative particularly organized by and for PhD students and candidates who along with faculty, are typically regarded as staff researchers.
New Publication: Proceedings METU Postgraduate Conference
These are the Proceedings of the 1st International CIB Endorsed METU Postgraduate Conference: Built Environment and Information Technologies, held on 17-18 March 2006 in Ankara, Turkey. The 2005 CIB Gyula Sebestyén Award Winner Middle East Technical University CIB Student Chapter organised this conference under the auspices of CIB and METU, Department of Architecture in Ankara, Turkey. 60 papers and 10 posters were orally presented during the conference by the participants from 13 different countries to thus provide an international forum for discussing, learning and networking.
Members Section Full Member Profile
Introducing New Full Member Building Lab DK
In January 2006, the Building Lab DK joined CIB as a Full Member. Building Lab DK is an initiative of development, where new ideas for construction projects, materials, and co-operation are gathered, developed, and implemented. Building Lab DK collaborates with Danish and International firms and knowledge partners that have the capabilities and drive to influence a fundamental reorganisation of the construction trade.