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Newsletter 2006 - 4

Around Commissions
W089 - Building Research and Education/TG53 - Postgraduate Research Training in Building and Construction/ CIB Student Chapters: Meeting Report held in Hong Kong, China, April 2006
The next BEAR Conference is provisionally scheduled for the first quarter of 2008 in Sri Lanka. Themes of the conference include: building and construction, sustainability, construction education, research management and training and disaster management related subthemes.
From the CIB Management
Introducing New Board Member from France
As a successor of Dr. Jacques Rilling who recently retired as Research Director of CSTB - Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment, Mr. Bertrand Delcambre was elected a new member in the CIB Board at the CIB General Assembly meeting last March in Ankara, Turkey. This election is for the period 2006-2007. In his Board Member Statement he mentions a.o. "I think that it could be of interest for the leaders of CIB member institutes to share more the information on the members organisations, activities and positioning, and also, possibly mainly, to share visions and strategies in order to enlighten ways for progress and possibilities for positive and effective changes for each one of the CIB members institutes and for CIB as a whole. This could eventually lead to more bilateral and multi lateral partnership developments between CIB members."
Introducing New Board Member from New Zealand
At the meeting of the CIB General Assembly in March 2006 in Ankara, Turkey, Dr. Sunil Vather was elected a new member of the CIB Board. As such he will succeed Dr. Allan Nichols, who recently retired as executive director at BRANZ – Building Research Association of New Zealand. This election is for the period 2006-2007. In his Board Member Statement he mentions a.o. "I intend to continue the strong culture of cooperation that I have seen at CIB meetings and to promote new areas of knowledge that will benefit all parties. The ever changing needs of the built environment will need new solutions and we have a shared responsibility to make a positive difference through the CIB forum."
Priority Themes
CIB and iiSBE Sponsor 2007 Conferences on Sustainable Building and Construction
CIB and the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE) are pleased to announce the launch of a series of more than twelve international conferences on sustainable building in 2007. These events will provide a focus for sustainable building in the relevant countries or regions, and will also serve as precursors to the global SB08 conference.
Forthcoming Meetings
W101 - Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development: Invitation Book Contribution, London, United Kingdom, 6 September 2006
CIB Working Commission W101 plans to produce a book on the concept of the “Bonsai City” as contribution to achieving urban sustainability, with as key words: Learning from the traditional art of planting for the art of planning. CIB Members with an interest in urban sustainability who want to contribute to such book, are invited to do so. The next annual meeting of W101 is scheduled for September 6th, 2006 in London, United Kingdom and will be organized in conjunction with COBRA 2006, the RICS Construction Research Conference at the Institute of Child Health on 7th and 8th September 2006.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Construct 2006 - The Conference for Building Professionals, Gold Coast, Australia, 28-30 September 2006
The program focuses on: Recruiting and retaining talented staff; Managing a permanent skills-shortage; Case studies - getting it right; Public sector project tendering and management; Compliance documentation and regulatory developments; and Succession planning and future-proofing. Focusing on issues relevant to today’s building professionals, Construct 2006 deals with issues relevant to individual managers rather than the industry itself.
Joint Mini Symposium on Tall Buildings and Fire, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 28-29 September 2006
A joint mini symposium of W014 on Fire and TG50 on Tall Buildings is being organized on September 28 -29, 2006 in Atlanta, USA, in conjunction with the CIB Board Meeting. The planned topics are: Design Fires; Egress and Access in Tall Buildings; Advancing the Prediction of Structural Response to Fire; and Increasing Building Performance with Height. The event is arranged by Richard Bukowski, Coordinator of W014 - Fire and Faridah Shafii, Coordinator of TG50 - Tall Buildings.
CIB Co-Sponsored: The CRIOCM2006 International Symposium on "Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate", Beijing, China PR, 3-5 November 2006
The Chinese Research Institute of Construction Management (CRIOCM) and North China Electric Power University jointly organise the CRIOCM2006 International Symposium entitled “Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate”.
W092 - Procurement Systems: Symposium on "Sustainability and Value Through Construction Procurement", Manchester, United Kingdom, 29 November - 2 December 2006
This Symposium on “Sustainability and Value Through Construction Procurement” will be held in Manchester, in North-West England. The purpose of the Symposium will be to report, review and speculate on the pursuit of sustainability and value through construction procurement. The main theme includes both the use of procurement to deliver wider sustainability (social, environmental, and economic) goals, and the use of procurement to help maximize the value jointly created by the stakeholders to construction and the equitable distribution of the resulting rewards. The conference chair is Dr. Peter McDermott.
TG43 - Megacities: 2nd Mega-Cities International Conference, Guangzhou University, China PR, 1-3 December 2006
The 2nd Mega-cities Conference explores challenges posed by the new global hub function in relationship to the mega-cities with their own local traditions and economic roles as national or regional centers. The objective of the conference is to engage the global sustainability agenda with a dualistic approach, firstly by a study of compact urban form as an alternative to urban sprawl; and secondly by a study of environmental performance and evaluation of the built environment at an urban scale. Conference Themes: Compact Urban Form: Measuring Environmental Sustainability; and Environmental Performance and Evaluation.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 9th REHVA World Congress Clima 2007 "Well Being Indoors", Helsinki, Finland, 10-14 June 2007
The 9th REHVA World Congress will offer scientists, industry, building owners, consultants, engineers, architects and policy-makers a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge and technical solutions. The special congress theme is wellbeing of people indoors. The congress will cover all aspects of HVAC technology including building automation in all types of buildings. Themes of sub-conferences: Ventilation and IAQ; Heating and cooling systems; Water and waste systems; Building automation and EM Systems.
CIB Co-Sponsored: IX Latin-American Congress of Pathology and XI Congress of Quality Control in Construction, Quito, Ecuador, 24-27 September 2007
The IX Latin-American Congress of Pathology and XI Congress of Quality Control in Construction is a CIB Co-sponsored event which will take place in Quito, Ecuador in September 2007. This event will attract delegates to exchange techniques and advances which are developed in the countries of Latin-America to be applied in Pathology, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Studies of Structures and Quality Control in Construction.
First Announcement: Revaluing Construction 2007 - Crossing Boundaries, Copenhagen-Malmö, Denmark, 9-10 October 2007
The International Conference “Revaluing Construction 2007 – Crossing Boundaries” will explore how construction firms will meet the challenges of the 21st century by overcoming the barriers that currently limit performance. International speakers from industry, governments and research will show how innovation in organisation, management, marketing and technology will enable construction to create more value for clients and users and to be valued by its contribution to the quality of life. The Copenhagen/Malmö Conference is the third Revaluing Construction Conference to be sponsored by CIB.
New Publications
Proceedings: Accessibility and Safety for All
These are the Proceedings of the Conference “Accessibility and Safety for All” held in Verona, Italy, on 22nd March 2006 on behalf of the CIB Working Commission W084 - Building Comfortable Environments for All. Three of the major concerns of the event are: Safety measures and accessibility; Technologies and accessibility applied in public and outdoor areas; Design and technology supporting orientation. These Proceedings are available on CD-Rom.
W089 - Building Research and Education: Proceedings of BEAR 2006
These are the proceedings of the Building Education and Research Conference 2006 (BEAR 2006) held in April, 2006 in Kowloon, Hong Kong. "Construction Sustainability and Innovation" has been one of the major topics of discussion amongst the professionals and was the main theme of this year's BEAR 2006 conference. Sub-themes included: Education in the Built Environment; Construction Project Management; Construction Technology and Innovation; and Sustainable Development in Construction.
Proceedings of the 3rd International SCRI Symposium, April 2006
These are the Proceedings of the CIB co-sponsored International Salford Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI) Research Symposium, which is part of the 3rd International Built and Human Environment Research Week hosted by the University of Salford, Delft University of Technology and TNO in Delft, The Netherlands. The Symposium provided a forum for academic and industrial communities worldwide to present state of the art research and practice based innovations in the built and human environment.
Encouraged Journals
Special Issue Building Research and Information, Volume 34 (3), May-June 2006 "Sustainable Development: Understanding the Social and Economic Value of Construction"
The environmental economist, David Pearce created a holistic framework based on the "capital approach" (manufactured capital, knowledge capital, human and social capital, natural capital) as well as technological progress and innovation. Pearce provides a possibility of linking these aspects together to measure and assess the socio-economic value of construction.
Student Chapters
Gyula Sebestyén Student Chapter Award: Invitation for Proposals 2006
CIB Endorsed Student Chapters at CIB Member Universities are invited to submit proposals for activities for the 2006 Award from the CIB Gyula Sebestyén Student Chapters Award.
The Hong Kong PolyU Student Chapter of CIB: Report on 2005-2006 Activities
The HK PolyU Student Chapter of CIB was set up in 2002 to develop the desire, on the part of students, to become more involved with the international construction research community. The Chapter is designed to provide a forum for sharing and discussing research-related issues in construction management and technology. It is also intended to bring together both the undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop research interests and undertake meaningful exchanges in the global research community. Activities include: general and theme focussed monthly research gatherings, exchange activities with other CIB Endorsed Student Chapters and a dissertation competition.
CIB Student Chapter Meeting, 7 April 2006, Delft, The Netherlands
A CIB Student Chapter Meeting has taken place in Delft, The Netherlands as part of DELFT06 - the International Built and Human Environment Research Week, organised by the University of Salford. The meeting was attended by 12 participants who represent CIB Student Chapters in Turkey, United Kingdom, Portugal and The Netherlands.
Proceedings of the 6th International Postgraduate Research Conference in the Built and Human Environment
These are the Proceedings of the CIB co-sponsored 6th International Postgraduate Research Conference in the Built and Human Environment, which was part of the International Built and Human Environment Research Week, 3-7 April 2006. The Conference provided a forum for postgraduate researchers worldwide to debate and exchange ideas and experiences on a broad range of issues related to built and human environment research.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since March we have installed 14 new Members: 1 Full Member, 5 Associate Members and 8 Individual Members. The one Full Member is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory. The 5 applications for Associate Membership are all Universities.