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Newsletter 2006 - 8

Around Commissions
Joint W055/W065/W086 Symposium Report: Construction in the XXI Century: Local and Global Challenges
The Joint International Symposium of the CIB Working Commissions W055/W065/W086, “Construction in the XXI century: Local and global challenges”, was concluded on October 20th, 2006. The event encompassed three days of intense work by two hundreds delegates from more than twenty five countries.
TG53 - Postgraduate Research Training in Building and Construction: Mandate Extension
At its meeting in September in Atlanta, USA the CIB Programme Committee extended the TG53 mandate until 2008. The aim of TG53 remains unchanged and is to cooperate and transfer knowledge and experience between built environment research institutes on doctoral research methods and initiatives to increase the level of training received by the involved researchers.
TG55 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment: Conference Report SASBE2006 and Report of Task Group Meeting, both held in Shanghai, China, November 2006
On 15-17 November in Shanghai, China, the International Conference SASBE2006 took place. It was hosted by SRIBS and the Tshinghua University on behalf of CIB TG55. In conjunction with the conference the Task Group held an annual meeting. The event carried forward the momentum of SASBE2003, which started this CIB international conference series.
TG56 - Macroeconomics for Construction: Report of the Task Group Meeting held in Rome, Italy, October 2006
TG56 held a Task Group Meeting in October 2006 in Rome, Italy in conjunction with the Joint International Symposium of the CIB Working Commissions W055/W065/W086, “Construction in the XXI century: Local and global challenges”. The discussion focussed on the envisaged main output of the Task Group’s work in 2007, which will be the publication of a book entitled “Macroeconomics of the Modern Built Environment”.
TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data: Report of the Commission Meeting, Delft, The Netherlands, 30 November 2006
TG61 invites experts to join in the effort to change the industry from a price based to a value based industry. TG61 is interested in having participants in every country to document the use of performance information in their country. TG61 will continually identify and update research and efforts that have impacted the industry on an ongoing basis (living document.)
TG63 - Disasters and the Built Environment: Report of the Inaugural Meeting, Rome, Italy, 19 October 2006
TG63's emphasis will be on undertaking research in disaster management against the background of increasing occurrences of disasters worldwide; increasing human and economical costs associated with disasters; and particular challenges associated with developing countries.
TG64 - Leadership in Construction: Introducing a New CIB Task Group
The Task Group's primary focus is on international collaborative research on leadership issues in construction, with an emphasize on project and organization leadership. The Work Programme includes: survey and case studies, a designated series of international conferences, publication of white papers and an industry book.
TG65 - Small Firms in Construction: Introducing a New CIB Task Group
The management of small firms is influenced by limited staff capacity and capability, scarce time and resources for innovation, excessive influence by owner-managers. A challenge is the development of business strategies, organization of work, technologies and human resources for small firms.
TG66 - Energy and the Built Environment: Introducing a New CIB Task Group
TG66 will aim to coordinate exchange of research activities in matters related to energy usage, impacts on greenhouse gas effects and conservation of energy. Dr. Jacques Rilling from CSTB, France and Dr. Sunil Vather, from the Building Research in New Zealand have been appointed as the Joint Coordinators.
W055 - Building Economics: Report of the Commission Meeting held in October 2006, Rome, Italy
The CIB W055 Commission meeting was held in October 2006 in Rome, Italy, in conjunction with the Joint International Symposium of the CIB Working Commissions W055/W065/W086 “Construction on XXI century: Local and Global Challenges”. Topics discussed include: new commission study activities, the publication of a book on construction economics, and future events.
W065 - Organisation and Management of Construction: Report of the Commission Meeting, October 2006, Rome, Italy
Key outcomes from the discussion at the CIB W065 Commission meeting, which was held in October 2006 in Rome, Italy, include: the W065 involvement in the CIB World Building Congress, cooperation with related CIB Task Groups and Working Commissions, the commission’s contribution to the CIB Revaluing Construction Theme and the future meetings.
W086 - Building Pathology: Report on the Commission Meeting held in October 2006 in Rome, Italy
The meeting was held in conjunction with the CIB Symposium “Construction on XXI century: local and global challenges” organized by W065/W055/W086. Main Items for discussion were: Proposal of a new Joint Coordinator, Programme Activities and Future Meetings. The commission will produce a worldwide State-of-the-Art Report on Building Pathology.
W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Report 3rd Meeting held in Madrid, Spain, September 2006
The main purpose of this third meeting of W110 was to find out the best way to connect the Indonesia research group experiences concerning informal settlements with the Latin America experience and to promote the incorporation of Eduardo Torroja Institute to this research group of CIB.
W113 - Law and Dispute Resolution: Introducing a New Working Commission
The Commission's primary function is to coordinate the identification of and response to the multitude of emerging legal challenges faced by the construction and property industries worldwide. The Commission's areas of operation will be organized in a matrix structure with regional and thematic dimensions.
W114 - Earthquake Engineering and Buildings: Introducing a New Working Commission
A new Working Commission W114 on Earthquake Engineering and Buildings was established and Dr. Taiki Saito is its first Coordinator. The Commission aims to promote communication amongst researchers and engineers worldwide in support of the implementation and use of harmonized design guidelines for sustainable buildings against earthquake.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Report on the Conference held on June 2006 in Montreal, Canada - "Building on IT" Joint International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering
The theme of the Conference was “Building on IT” because it is a word play that provides an all encompassing and forward looking title; because, more and more, the planning, designing, constructing, and operating of facilities rely on IT; and because the next generation of IT was presented and discussed at the Conference and in its Proceedings.
Priority Themes
SB07 Series Conferences on Sustainable Building
The process of the SB-series has been on-going since 1994, in one form or another, and now the launch of a series of 14 regional conferences in 2007 is being prepared, to be followed by a global event in Melbourne in 2008.
Forthcoming Meetings
W114 - Earthquake Engineering and Buildings: International Workshop on Response Control and Seismic Isolation of Buildings, Guangzhou, China, 27 November 2006
The International Workshop in Guangzhou, China, will be attended especially by scholars from China, Japan and the USA, and will provide an opportunity to exchange information on the latest developments of isolating system worldwide.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 4th International Symposium SCRI: Value throug Innovation, Salford, United Kingdom, 26-27 March 2007
The aim of this symposium is to stimulate the academic and industrial communities by presenting state-of-the-art research and practice based innovations in the built and human environment. The two-day Symposium will bring together an international audience with a wealth of research and experience covering all aspects of the built and human environment.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 7th International Postgraduate Research Conference, Salford, United Kingdom, 28-29 March 2007
The 2007 event at the Lowry Centre, Salford, represents the 7th running of this successful conference and the programme aims at providing a challenging, stimulating, and supportive environment for postgraduate researchers. There is the opportunity to gain valuable experience, feedback and contacts, as well as gain an insight into current international research in their field.
CIB Task Groups and Working Commissions' Meetings in conjunction with the CIB World Building Congress 2007, Construction for Development, May 2007
This article contains an overview of meetings of Task Groups and Working Commissions, which will take place in conjunction with the CIB World Building Congress in South Africa: Task Groups - TG33, TG53, TG55, TG56, TG57, TG58, TG59, TG61, TG63, TG64, TG65, TG66; Working Commissions - W014, W055, W060, W065, W080, W084, W086, W089, W096, W098, W099, W102, W104, W107, W110, W111 and W113.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Toronto - Regional Sustainable Building Conference, Toronto, Canada, 31 May-1 June 2007
SB07 Toronto will examine the latest advancements in sustainable construction and technology practices that promote quality of life, stimulate innovation and support the transformation of ideas about sustainability from concept to reality. Among the Conference Themes are: Sustainable planning and construction; Economic competitiveness and Community well-being.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Lisbon - Sustainable Construction, Materials and Practices: Challenge of the Industry for the New Millennium, Lisbon, Portugal, 12-14 September 2007
This CIB co-sponsored international conference aims to actively facilitate and promote the adoption of policies, methods and tools to accelerate the movement towards a global sustainable built environment. Recent developments in the areas of sustainable construction, materials, practices and construction sustainability assessment will be discussed.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Malmö - Sustainable City Development, Malmö, Sweden, 12-14 September 2007
This Sustainable City Development Conference will include 18 workshops and 10 study tours. It is aimed at those working with sustainable urban development in private sector, universities and public bodies in Europe. A regional Sustainable Building 07 conference will be included in the event and results will be reported to the global SB08 conference in Melbourne.
CIB Co-Sponsored: CESB07 Prague International Conference on Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building, Prague, Czech Republic, 24-25 September 2007
The Prague CESB 07 – Central Europe towards Sustainable Building conference will cover the region of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The conference will provide an important focus for sustainable building in these countries, and will also serve as an introduction to the global SB08 conference in Australia, November 2008.
CIB Co-Sponsored: World SB08, Melbourne World Sustainable Building Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 21-25 September 2008
SB08 Melbourne will engage a wide range of stakeholders in industry and government while continuing the traditional technical, research and academic streams. It will provide an opportunity for technical professionals, academics, industry and government players to meet and interact with each other, and with those who are at the forefront of advances in knowledge and practice.
New Publications
TG44 – Performance Evaluation of Buildings with Responsive Control Devices: Response Control and Seismic Isolation of Buildings
Many countries and cities are located in earthquake-prone areas, and effective seismic design has long been a major issue in structural engineering. This state of the art report presents a highly authoritative guide to the application of innovative technologies on response control and seismic isolation of buildings to practice worldwide.
Joint W055/W065/W086 Symposium: Construction in the XXI Century: Local and Global Challenges
Proceedings of the Joint International CIB W055/W065/ W086 Symposium Construction in the 21st century: Local and global challenges that was held on 18-20 October 2006 in Rome, Italy. This book contains the executive summaries and related papers. Areas of concern include: changing frontiers of construction, structure and performance of the industry, competitive strategies for the XXI century, and case studies of building failures.
W023 - Wall Structures: Enclosure Masonry Wall Systems Worldwide
The aim of this book is to select certain countries or regions, and examine enclosure masonry walls, which are perceived as being typical. For each example, the following are considered: characterization of the building sector; the customary materials used in masonry; typical problems and solutions for enclosure walls; and evolutionary trends.
Encouraged Journals
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: International Journal of Construction Management
The aim of CRIOCM is to play a bridging role between mainland China, Hong Kong and the international context in undertaking research and academic activities in the fields of construction and real estate, and to promote the development of construction and real estate industries in China Mainland and Hong Kong.
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: Materials and Structures
This publication provides a unique international and interdisciplinary forum for new and unpublished research on the performance of construction materials. Always at the leading edge of research, Materials and Structures also publishes comprehensive reports prepared by the technical committees of RILEM.
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: Journal for Education in the Built Environment
JEBE is an online major resource for teachers, trainers, practitioners and scholars in higher education within the broad discipline area of the built environment. It provides an international forum for discussion and debate on subject-focused teaching, learning and scholarship issues and a meansfor disseminating the findings of well founded academic investigations.
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: Journal of Building Physics
The objectives of "Building Physics" are to foster and promote scientifically thorough advancement of all the areas of non-structural performance of a building and particularly in heat, air, moisture transfer. The goal is to enhance deeper insight and understanding, and enable the development of scientifically-based design tools.
Student Chapters
Instituto Superior Técnico: Student Chapter Newsletter No. 2, September 2006
The newsletter points out the main activities during the year of 2005 and the first semester of 2006. New contacts with other Chapters were made. The efforts of this chapter were focused on members’ participation in several National and International conferences / meetings and also the publication of articles in journals.
CIB Young Researchers Network is Expanding with Support of VTT Donation
The YRN has received additional sponsoring from VTT, Finland. This enlarges the possibilities to strengthen currently planned activities for 2007 and to develop additional activities.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since August we have installed 17 new Members: 2 Full Members, 7 Associate Members and 8 Individual Members. These are from Australia, Belgium, Taiwan, Germany, India, Malaysia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the USA. Among the 2 new Full Members and the 7 Associate Members there is one Professional and/or Trade Association and eight Universities.