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Newsletter 2007 - 2

Around Commissions
TG50-W014 Workshop on Tall Buildings and Fire, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 28-29 September 2006
A workshop called The Symposium on Tall Buildings & Fire took place on 28-29th September 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The workshop was hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology. The one and a half day workshop comprised four sessions: Design Fires, Structural Response to Fire, Egress and Access and Risks of Building performance with Height.
TG58 - Clients and Construction Innovation: Report from Commission Meeting - Clients Driving Innovation Workshop held in January 2007
The question of whether Clients should drive Innovation came under close scrutiny at a workshop held under the auspices of the Task Group TG58 of CIB in Salford University’s futuristic ‘Think Lab’. An invited group debated and discussed the issue as to whether clients impeded or encouraged innovation and what role they had to play, if any, in the innovation process. Practical examples of clients driving innovation were provided throughout the workshop (particularly from the Health Sector) alongside the developing theory which may allow researchers to provide a foundation for implementing many of the ideas presented.
W023 - Wall Structures: Report of the 43rd Commission Meeting and Workshop held in October 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal
The meeting comprised a Workshop on Implementation of Euro-Codes on Masonry and a Commission Meeting. Commission projects discussed include Pathology of Masonry Walls, Reinforced and Pre-stressed Masonry and Seismic Design of Masonry Structures.
W056 - Sandwich Panels: Introducing the New Coordinator Mr. Paavo Hassinen
The Chair of CIB Programme Committee appointed Mr. Paavo Hassinen the new Coordinator of CIB W056 on Sandwich Panels. Mr. Hassinen is employed at the Helsinki University of Technology - Department of Civil and Environmental Enineering. His research work and professional interest are among others: Analysis, testing and design of light-weight metal structures; and analysis, testing and design of sandwich panels.
W086 - Building Pathology: Introducing the New Joint Coordinator Prof. Vasco Peixoto de Freitas
The Chair of CIB Programme Committee appointed Professor Vasco Peixoto de Freitas Joint Coordinator of CIB W086 on Building Pathology. He is employed at the University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering - Department of Civil Engineering - Building Division. His areas of scientific activities are as follows: Civil Engineering, Construction, Building physics, Hygrothermal, Pathology, Rehabilitation.
W112 - Culture in Construction: Report of the 1st Commission Meeting held in Dubai, UAE in November 2006
In early 2006, the CIB Programme Committee agreed to convert Task Group 23 (TG23) into a full Working Commission (W112) to pursue research into Culture in Construction worldwide. The launch meeting took place during the Conference on Construction Culture, Innovation and Management which was held in Dubai. The scope of research includes national culture, organisational culture, organisational climate, behaviour modification, ethics, corporate social responsibility, and organisational citizenship.
W112 - Culture in Construction: Report of the Joint International Conference on Construction Culture, Innovation and Management
This International Conference held in November 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emerates, sprang from collaboration between three organisations – CIB W112 (formerly, TG23), The Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Engineering of Loughborough University UK, and The British University in Dubai, who hosted the conference magnificently. Dr Mohammed Dulaimi of BUiD chaired the conference, which received sponsorship internationally – Nakheel, CIOB, Halcrow, Slavenburg, WT/Projects, The University of Hong Kong and BK Gulf LLC.
W115 - Construction Materials Stewardship: Introducing a New Working Commission
This Commission aims to drastically reduce the deployment and consumption of new non-renewable construction materials, to replace non-renewable materials with renewable ones, to achieve equilibrium in the demand and supply of renewable materials and ultimately to restore the renewable resource base.
From the CIB General Secretariat
CIB Partner in STAND-INN
A two-year EU project known as STAND-INN, is underway. The full title of the project is: Integration of performance-based building standards into business processes using IFC standards to enhance innovation and sustainable development and using tools as the building information model (BIM) for communication and information sharing in projects.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB World Building Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 14-18 May 2007
The overwhelming response to this important congress was unexpected! More than 460 abstracts from over 40 countries have been received - making this a true "World Congress"! The abstracts cover a broad range of topics within the Congress theme of "Construction for Development". In conjunction with the Congress about 30 CIB Working Commissions will be holding Commission meetings. The full schedule of meetings is available on the Congress website.
TG53 - Postgraduate Research Training in Building and Construction: Supplementary Research Skills Event for Postgraduate Researchers, Cape Town, South Africa, 15 May 2007
As part of the CIB World Congress, a supplementary research skills event will be held for postgraduate researchers in the built environment. The event will focus on writing for publication and writing the thesis. This event is supported by CIB TG53 and the CIB Student Chapters Initiative.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 2nd International Conference on Quality Chain Management, Stockholm, Sweden, 30-31 May 2007
This conference on Quality Chain Management will focus on international common understanding of trendsetting interests and major incentives towards chain integration and successfully managing better co-operation among players involved. The objective is to generate learning effects – particularly for executives and practitioners.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Turin - International Conference Sustainable Building South Europe, Torino, Italy, 7-8 June 2007
The SE-SB07 Torino is part of a series of 13 SB07 international conferences being held around the world that is co-sponsored by iiSBE, CIB and UNEP. The objective of the SB conferences is to elucidate the sustainable building issues in different regions of the world. The SE-SB07 conference is aimed to cover the region of South Europe and it is targeted to all the stakeholders in sustainable building.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 9th REHVA World Congress Clima 2007 "Well Being Indoors", Helsinki, Finland, 10-14 June 2007
CLIMA 2007 will be the leading international scientific congress in the HVAC area in the year 2007. The 9th REHVA World Congress will offer scientists, industry, building owners, consultants, engineers, architects and policy-makers a platform for the exchange of scientificnowledge and technical solutions. The congress will cover all the aspects of HVAC technology.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Seoul - International Conference Sustainable Building Technology "Thinking Earth for Human Beings", Seoul, Korea, 27-28 June 2007
Recently, sustainability issues raised by the Kyoto Protocol on the climate change in 1997 is a international task, and especially environmental policy is very important in the building industry that emits 1/3 of entire CO2 emission. The sustainable architecture should be maintained socially, economically and culturally, and the effort of sustainability should be needed in the life cycle of buildings from the planning stage to the demolition.
CIB Co-Sponsored: CRIOCM 2007: The 12th International Research Symposium on the Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate, Sydney, Australia, 8-13 August 2007
The symposium will highlight the International Trends in the Construction and Real Estate Sectors of Emerging Economies, with as sub-themes: 1. Context, 2. Drivers, 3. Process, and 4. Legacy. The Symposium also invites papers that may not fit particularly well within the themes indicated.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Lisbon - Sustainable Construction, Materials and Practices "Challenge of the Industry for the New Millennium", Lisbon, Portugal, 12-14 September 2007
This international conference aims to actively facilitate and promote the adoption of policies, methods and tools to accelerate the movement towards a global sustainable built environment. The opportunity is given to academics, scientists, engineers, architects, manufacturers and users from all over the world to meet and discuss recent developments in sustainable construction, materials, practices and construction sustainability assessment.
W092 - Procurement Systems: International Conference: Interdisciplinarity and Multidisciplinary Intersections in Built Environment Procurement, New Caslte, Australia, 23-26 September 2007
This conference seeks to explore research and practice intersections between the traditional internal built environment disciplines (architecture, construction management, construction economics, property, facilities management) and the external traditional humanities disciplines (economics, business, sociology, law, design, linguistics, management).
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management: Helping the Practitioner in Planning and Building, Stuttgart, Germany, 16-18 October 2007
This conference intends to be an interface to link up researchers and developers of technologies and tools for information procurement and management on the one hand, and the „users“, practitioners from the fields of planning and building on the other.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Building Stock Activation 2007, Tokyo, Japan, 5-8 November 2007
The conference will feature presentations on the latest research findings and projects related to the activation of building stock conducted by the 4-Met Center as well as those taking place around the world. This international conference aims to create a new vision for the future of sustainable buildings and cities. Building Stock Activation 2007 seeks papers from all sectors on research and practices related to the activation of urban building stock.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Conference on Sustainable Building South-East Asia (SB07SEA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5-7 November 2007
SB07SEA is designed to support local, international and regional initiatives of sustainable building and construction (SBC). This event will address a broad array of regional issues aiming to educate participants in innovative and responsible practices on SBC; to share information and inspiration on respective projects, successes, challenges and opportunities for implementing sustainable building and construction in the region.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 New Zealand Conference - Transforming Our Built Environment, Auckland, New Zealand, 14-16 November 2007
Taking a 'cradle to grave' approach, SB07 NZ aims to separate the different stages of a building's life to highlight and give focus to the key issues of each stage. Starting from the policy, planning and design through to construction then maintenance and the re-use, refurbishment or de-construction. The main goal is to provide a focus for sustainable building in New Zealand moving forward.
BEAR 2008 - CIB Building Education and Research International Conference, Kandalama, Sri Lanka, 10-15 February 2008
The theme of the BEAR 2008 Conference is to promote built environment related education and research towards a more expansive view of the life cycle of infrastructure projects, one that extends beyond the traditional cycle of feasibility analysis, planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and divestiture.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Clients Driving Innovation: Benefiting from Innovation, Gold Coast, Australia, 12-14 March 2008
This Conference will provide a forum for leading industry practitioners and researchers to demonstrate the results of their research and innovation. Benefiting from Innovation will report on the practical implementation of innovative technologies and practices.
W070 - Facilities Management and Maintenance: Conference on Achieving Healthy and Creative Facilities, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 16-18 June 2008
The conference theme is ‘Achieving Healthy and Creative Facilities’. This theme recognizes the vital role that modern day facilities have on shaping our health and wellbeing. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill ‘“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”. The venue will be the Edinburgh Conference Centre at Heriot Watt University.
New Publications
W092 - Procurement Systems: Proceedings from the Symposium in Dubai on Sustainability and Value Through Construction Procurement
This Symposium brought together researchers and practitioners from many parts of the world to share their research, knowledge and experienced concerning construction procurement. The main themes identified for the Symposium include both the use of procurement to deliver wider sustainability (social, environmental, and economic) goals and the use of procurement to help maximize the value jointly created by the stakeholders to construction and the equitable distribution of the resulting rewards.
Proceedings of the 39th Meeting of W018 on Timber Structures
Proceedings from CIB W018 on Timber Structure held in August 2006 in Florence, Italy. There were several topics covered in this meeting: Stress Grading; Stresses for Solid Timber; Timber Joints and Fasteners; Load Sharing; Duration of Load; Laminated Members; Structural Stability; Fire; Statistics and Data Analysis; Glued Joints; Fracture Mechanics; Test Methods; and Loading Codes.
W107 - Construction in Developing Countries: Proceedings from the Symposium on Construction in Developing Economics: New Issues and Challenges
These are the Proceedings from the International Symposium held on 18-20 January 2006 in Santiago, Chile. Papers were submitted by researchers who worked in a variety of research areas in their respective countries. There were almost 90 papers presented from authors from 20 countries. They represent an impressive body of knowledge that was offered to readers who will find an attractive collection of viewpoints arranged around different topics which point at the future direction of construction industries in developing countries.
W112 - Culture in Construction: Proceedings "Sustainable Development Through Culture and Innovation"
The Conference provided a unique opportunity for practitioners and researchers to meet and exchanged experiences and ideas on the pursuit of Sustainable Development in the spectacularly dynamic environment of Dubai, UAE. The main theme of this Conference was: Sustainable Development through Culture and Innovation.
Proceedings from the 6th International Conference on Fire Safety Design Methods "Reaching New Horizons"
These are the Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods held from 14-16 June 2006 at the International Conference Hall of Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. The full case study reports are published in a separate volume.
Proceedings Joint International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering "Building on IT"
Proceedings from the Joint International Conference on Computing and Decision Making in Civil and Building Engineering 'Building on IT' held on 14-16 June 2006 in Montreal, Canada. The theme of the Conference is “Building on IT” because it is a word play that provides an all encompassing and forward looking title; because, more and more, the planning, designing, constructing, and operating of facilities rely on IT; and because the next generation of IT will be presented and discussed at the Conference and in its Proceedings.
Proceedings from the HB2006 Conference on Healthy Buildings "Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment for People"
The conference objectives stated a range of themes: to describe the state-of-the-art in the field of healthy buildings: to create a multi-disciplinary forum for scientists; to contribute to the development of methods for the assessment of environmental health hazard and their effects on health; to allow interactions among scientists, policy makers, medical, legal and building professionals; to support health and environmental policy-making and to provide public information on links between buildings, environment and health.
Encouraged Journals
Architectural Engineering and Design Management: Special Edition on Design Management
Collectively the papers help to emphasise the softer side of design management and the inter-relationship between people, technologies and management. It is hoped that in taking such a multi-faceted approach that the papers stimulate debate and further research into this rapidly growing field.
Journal of Construction Innovation: Special Edition on Smart and Sustainable Built Environment
After 18 months of preparation, this CIB TG55 Special Issue has now been published (ISSN 1471-4175, Volume 7 Number 1 2007). This marks yet another milestone event of information dissemination for TG55, which since its establishment, strives for improved international focus on the research and practice in the field of smart and sustainable built environments.
Student Chapters
Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Student Chapter Newsletter, December 2006
The Eindhoven CIB Student Chapter has produced its first newsletter in December 2006. It includes a global overview of the activities, planned and taken forward voluntarily by a very motivated group of PhD researchers, during the year 2006.
Members Section Full Member Profile
Texas A&M University - The College of Architecture, College Station, United States
Texas A&M University, which recently joined CIB as a Full Member, is the third largest public university in the United States, is Texas’ first public institution of higher learning and one of a few institutions to hold the federal triple designation as a Land-Grant, Sea-Grant and Space-Grant university. It is home to 45,000 students, of which more than 1,800 are enrolled in the 12 degree programs offered by the College of Architecture.
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Built Environment, Pretoria, South Africa
At CSIR Built Environment there has been a recent internal reorganisation resulting in the new Built Environment Unit. Its competence areas specifically involved in building and construction include: Planning Support Systems; Construction; and Architectural Sciences. Recent projects and initiatives include: Housing Atlas 2005; Architect's Guide to Designing for Sustainability; and KRONOS.
Members Section New Members
New Members
Since the beginning of this year we have installed 7 new Members: 1 Full Member, 2 Associate Members and 4 Individual Members. The new Full Member is from India and is an Information and Documentation Institute.