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Newsletter 2007 - 3

Around Commissions
TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data: Report from the Meeting held in Tempe, Arizona, USA, March 2007
The focus of the meeting was to review the group’s first year progress and to set tasks for the year ahead. The actions of the group for the past year was reviewed and contained key accomplishments listed in a progress report. A highlighted summary follows and addresses: TG61 cells in The Netherlands, The UK, Malaysia and China, Expert Classification and a TG61 related Journal.
W051 - Acoustics: Introducing the New Joint Coordinators
The Chair of the CIB Programme Committee appointed Ir. Bart Ingelaere and Prof. Yiu Wai Lam as the new Joint Coordinators of CIB W051 on Acoustics. Ir. Ingelaere is from the Belgian Building Research Institute and Prof. Lam is from The Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment at the University of Salford, UK.
W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment
The CIB Programme Committee confirmed that the former TG55 has been upgraded into a new CIB Working Commission W116 on Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, with Assoc. Prof. Jay Yang as its Coordinator. The Commission's mission is to promote best practices of integrated development of smart and sustainable built environments with knowledge transfer and benefits to all stakeholders.
From the CIB General Secretariat
STAND-INN Second Report
STAND-INN is an EU funded project, in which CIB is a partner. The vision and mission of STAND-INN are closely linked, aiming to create sustainable value in buildings. STAND-INN provides information about the central role of Building Information Models, encourages uptake of BIM standards and works to bring about improvements in business process.
Forthcoming Meetings
TG62 - Built Environment Complexity: Embracing Complexity in Design Workshop "Meshing Human and Technological Purposes into Design", Liverpool, UK, 25 April 2007
Theories, implications and applications of complexity and complex adaptive systems have grown enormously since the mid-20th century. Emerging out of the natural sciences and increasingly spilling over into the social sciences and arts, they offer a unique interdisciplinary framework for linking the often separate worlds of natural, social and artistic studies.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Conference on Tall Buildings - First Announcement, Shanghai, China, 9-10 July 2007
This Conference will focus among others at: Understanding the global resurgence for Tall Buildings; Regenerating urban skylines and marketing iconic Tall Buildings as symbols of a city's identity and economic growth; and Exploring latest strategies for seismic designing, elevator technologies, earth, wind & fire engineering solutions.
W062 - Water Supply and Drainage: 33rd International Symposium on Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings, Brno, Czech Republic, 19-21 September 2007
CIB Working Commission W062 together with Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering (BUT-FCE), organises its 33rd annual symposium. Abstracts are to be submitted at the latetst on 30th March 2007.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 3rd Scottish Conference for Postgraduate Researchers of the Built and Natural Environment (PRoBE), Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, 20-22 November 2007
All postgraduate researchers from the U.K., abroad and particularly Universities with CIB supported Student Chapters are invited to submit papers jointly with their supervisors. Its main purpose is to share and exchange research information and knowledge. It should also help to enhance research and presentation skills for up and coming researchers.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Hong Kong: Connected - Viable - Livable - Stay Healthy, Hong Kong, China, 4-5 December 2007
The SB07 HK conference is part of a series of 13 SB07 international conferences being held around the world that is co-sponsored by iiSBE, CIB and UNEP. The Conference Themes are: Connecting the Pearl River Delta Region; Creating a livable, healthy and environmentally viable cities; and Education and Market Transformation.
W080 - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components: 11th International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components - "Globality and Locality" in Durability, Istanbul, Turkey, 11-14 May 2008
The 11th International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components in Durability (11DBMC) is anticipated to receive stimulating and provocative as well as conventional contributions from various disciplines intended to spawn further developments towards a sustainable built environment. CIB Commissions having meetings in conjunction with 11th DBMC are W080, W083, W086 and W103.
New Publications
W062 - Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings: Proceedings 32nd International Symposium "Drainage for Building"
These are the proceedings from CIB W062 Symposium "Water Supply Drainage for Building" which was held in September 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan. Among the Sessions were topics like Sustainability, Resources and Systems Management; Environmental Impact, Rainwater Collection and Evaluation; Calculation Model, Computational Methods and Application Software; and Drainage System?iinterior/exterior), Specific Equipments.
Proceedings CRIOCM 2006: "Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate"
Several papers were presented in sessions which were among others: Theoretical Developments of Construction Management and Real Estate; Decision-making and Optimization for Construction Project Investment; IT Applications in Construction Management and Real Estate; Construction and Property Enterprises Management; Management for Building and Real Estate Market; and Laws and Contract Management for Construction and Real Estate.
Encouraged Journals
Building Research and Information: Special Issue on Visual Practices
BRI special issue: “Visual Practices: Images of Knowledge Work” guest edited by J. K. Whyte and B. Ewenstein. This special issue addresses questions about the visual practices in organisations, particularly where there are lessons for those involved in the design, construction and management of the built environment.
Preferential Rates for three Emerald Journals
In case of new subscriptions CIB Members are offered reduced fees for 3 CIB Encouraged Journals. Structural Safety: normal Euro 2399/50 / CIB Euro 185; Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management: normal Euro 914.50 / CIB Euro 185; Construction Innovation: normal Euro 199.49 / CIB Euro 185.
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: Structural Survey
Recently CIB granted the status of CIB Encouraged Journal to Structural Survey – Journal of building pathology and refurbishment. Key topics, such as building conservation and refurbishment, are highlighted and discussed in depth, and solutions to a wide range of building-related problems are described and evaluated in this journal. Structural Survey aims to publish practical and occasional academic material for building surveyors, structural engineers, building service engineers, architects and all those responsible for the appraisal and refurbishment of buildings.
Members Section Full Member Profile
Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Science, IETcc-CSIC, Madrid, Spain
IETcc’s basic objective is to conduct construction research, including both building and public works and focusing on materials, techniques and systems. It has consistently honoured the multidisciplinary nature of the construction process, in keeping with Eduardo Torroja’s initial motto: “Technica plures, opera unica”.