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Newsletter 2007 - 4

Around Commissions
W096 - Architectural Management: Report of the CIB Business Meeting, Cape Town, May 2007
W096 held a business meeting on 16 May 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa in conjunction with the CIB World Building Congress. The Meeting addressed feedback from the Congress, publication of a book in 2008, the new W096 Home Page and Future Meetings in Finland, Brazil, Taiwan, Salford and the Netherlands.
W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Introducing the New Joint Coordinator
In May the Programme Committee appointed Dr. Amira Osman as Joint Coordinator of CIB W110 on Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing. Since 1998 Dr. Osman is employed as Lecturer at the University of Pretoria, South Africa; since 2006 as Senior Lecturer.
W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment: Report on 3rd CIB TG55/1st W116 Meeting, Cape Town, May 2007
Discussioins at the Meeting addressed the organisational structure of W116, work plan and future meetings, including the SASBE2009 Conference. In March 2007 CIB upgraded Task Group TG55 into Working Commission W116. Therefore this 3rd TG55 meeting also became the first gathering of W116.
From the CIB Management
Launch CIB Dean's Forum
A first inaugural meeting took place of a Dean's group to address issues of shared interest and concern to Deans of Faculties/Departments/Colleges... in CIB member Universities. Issues discussed included benchmarking, international accreditation, networking of national higher education groups and research selectivity. The Dean's Forum is coordinated by Professor Martin Betts.
CIB Fee System 2008-2010
At its meeting in May this year in Cape Town, South Africa, the General Assembly has defined the membership fee levels for 2008 – 2010. The fee level in the AM2 Category will continue to increase annually with 10% until it is of the same level as AM1. The fee levels in all other categories will be increased with 5% in 2008, another 5% in 2009 and 2% in 2010.
2004-2007 Best Coordinator's Award and CIB PC Commendations 2006
At the CIB World Building Congress in Cape Town, South Africa Prof. George Ofori received the 2004-2007 Best Coordinator's Award. In addition five CIB PC 2006 Commendations were awarded to Dr. Shin Okamoto, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Jay Yang, Prof. Martin Sexton, Prof.Dr.Ing. Hans Joachim Blaß and Dr. Silvino Pompeu Santos.
New CIB Officers, Board Members and Committee Members for the Term 2007-2010
At the annual General Assembly held on 17th May 2007 the Board was elected for the period 2007-2010. First the 6 Officers are mentioned who were elected in position, plus the Chair of the MCC - Marketing and Communication Committee. Secondly, the other elected Board Members are presented and thirdly, additional Members of the Standing Committees of the Board are introduced who have been appointed at the first meeting of the new Board.
Introducing CIB New President: Prof. Peter Barrett
In May 2007 in Cape Town Professor Barrett was elected as President of the CIB for the period 2007–2010, the first from the UK for 30 years. In his acceptance speech he committed to working to help realise the full potential of the CIB. He said “the CIB must be truly global, truly holistic and confidently addressing significant issues confronting society”. Professor Peter Barrett has been active within CIB since 1987.
From the CIB General Secretariat
The new online full text repository ICONDA®CIBpublica will hold all available CIB papers – books and reports, conference papers and complete proceedings, as well as journal articles - through one source, and moreover, access the respective full text documents online at a single click and for free. From the start, CIBpublica already holds more than 3000 publications in full text, and the CIB General Secretariat expects a growth of almost the same number in total - annually.
Forthcoming Meetings
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: Bringing ITC Knowledge to Work, Maribor, Slovenia, 26-29 June 2007
109 papers have been accepted for the 24th W078 conference with the main topic Bringing ITC knowledge to work. The conference will be organized in conjunction with the 14th EG-ICE (European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering) workshop and the 5th ITC@EDU (Construction IT in Education) workshop.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Conference on Tall Buildings, Shanghai, China, 9-10 July 2007
The conference addresses the race to build super Tall Buildings which has reached epic proportions in Asia and the Middle East. In many cities around the world, Tall Buildings are considered as the solution to high demand for city centre office and residential space, as a tool for urban regeneration and as crucial landmarks to boost the brand identities of towns and cities.
CIB Co-Sponsored: CESB07 Prague - Central Europe towards Sustainable Building, Prague, Czech Republic, 24-26 September 2007
The CESB 07 PRAGUE Conference is a part of a 2007 international conference series organized with the support of CIB and iiSBE in different regions of the world. The Prague CESB 07 – Central Europe towards Sustainable Building conference intents to cover primarily the regions of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.
W108 - Climate Change and the Built Environment: 6th Commission Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 4 October 2007
This one day working group meeting aims to discuss and disseminate the latest findings and research on climate change and the built environment. Of particular interest are: the forthcoming IPCC Assessment report; recent results of the research community; and future collaborative projects and funding possibilities.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 2nd International Conference "World of Construction Project Management", Delft, The Netherlands, 24-26 October 2007
The construction industry is facing increasing complexity of construction projects, as a result of new developments and technologies as well as changing values. In order to cope with this, the construction industry is adopting (or developing) new techniques in the field of management, organisation, collaboration, systems engineering, manufacturing and ICT.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB07 Hong Kong - Connected - Viable - Livable - Stay Healthy, Hong Kong, 4-5 December 2007
The SB07 HK conference is part of a series of 13 SB07 international conferences being held around the world that is co-sponsored by iiSBE, CIB and UNEP. Conference Themes: Connecting the Pearl River Delta Region; Creating a livable, healthy and environmentally viable cities; and Education and Market Transformation.
W107 - Construction in Developing Countries: New Issues and Challenges, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, 18-20 January 2008
The symposium is particularly topical now, with the Agenda 21 on the table and the Millennium Development Goals ahead. The message of the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ resonates when considering the need for buildings, infrastructure and other facilities to be constructed in the Developing Countries. The deadline for the receipt of abstracts has been extended to 30 June 2007.
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: Evolution of and Directions in Construction Safety and Health, Gainesville, Florida, USA, 9-11 March 2008
Objectives of the conference include to identify the challenges presented by safety and health concerns in the construction industry in countries at various stages of development; and to discuss how the construction industry, private enterprises, and individual practitioners can meet these challenges.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Clients Driving Innovation: Benefiting from Innovation, Gold Coast, Australia, 12-14 March 2008
This Conference will provide a forum for leading industry practitioners and researchers to demonstrate the results of their research and innovation. Abstracts for Papers are due by 13 July 2007.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 7th International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, Auckland, New Zealand, 16-18 April 2008
This conference has earned a reputation among the fire protection engineering community as the pre-eminent event for information on the leading-edge technology in the areas of performance-based codes and engineering design methods. In 2008, it will move to New Zealand, which was one of the first countries to adopt a purely performance based Building Code.
W096 - Architectural Management/TG49 - Architectural Engineering: International Conference on Design Management in AEC, São Paulo, Brazil, 4-8 November 2008
This conference will be organised on behalf of CIB W096 “Architectural Management” and TG49 “Architectural Engineering” in association with The Brazilian Network on Building Design Management. The conference will be hosted by Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo. This conference looks at how design management is performed in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors around the world - the main approaches and techniques, the challenges and opportunities – in an attempt to map and analyse “best in class” approaches.
New Publications
TG33 - Collaborative Engineering: Concurrent Engineering in Construction Projects (Spon Research)
This publication is an output of the CIB Task Group TG33. Concurrent Engineering (CE) is a systematic approach to the integrated and concurrent design of products and related processes, including aspects as diverse as manufacture and support. The book draws together a group of papers that reflect various research efforts on the implementation of Concurrent Engineering in construction projects.
Revaluing Construction: A W065 Perspective
As support to the further elaboration of the CIB Revaluing Construction Agenda, W065 authored a set of position papers, which identify areas for future research. These cover the following seven Action Areas: 1) A shared project brief 2) Enabling project team culture 3) Production/service value 4) Project leadership, team learning and development 5) Appreciation of 'soft' and 'hard' contributions 6) Positive construction image; and 7) 'Whole industry' perspective. The full publication of approximately 100 pages can be downloaded for free from the CIB website.
W023 - Wall Structures: Report of the 43rd Commission Meeting held in October 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal
This is a Meeting Report of the 43rd W023 Commission Meeting held in Lisbon, Portugal on October 2-3, 2006. The meeting contains several sessions set out in two parts: 1) Eurocode and withdrawal of National Codes; and 2) Detailed presentations about the implementation of the Eurocode in different countries. Included are papers and powerpoint presentations.
W108 - Climate Change and the Built Environment: Report of the 5th Meeting on Climate Change and the Built Environment, June 2006, Weimar, Germany
The emphasis of the meeting was on the generation of weather data for future climate change and their use for building simulation. An exchange between British and German experts on climate data on a regional scale was one of the main benefits of the meeting. It was pointed out that future, realistic weather data for building simulation in the design process would improve the design and adaptation of buildings to global warming.
Encouraged Journals
Architectural Engineering and Design Management: Complexity
There are a number of topic areas where built environment problems may be investigated using conceptual tools underpinned by complexity science, but we need to make the theory more approachable before one can see real progress. The aim of this special call is to seize the opportunity and embrace the study of complex systems. This will significantly augment the intellectual basis of the discipline and expand considerably the boundaries of the BE research agenda. Papers can address any aspect of the complexity topics relevant to the built environment sector.
Construction Management and Economics: Past, Present and Future
Throughout 2007 the CIB Encouraged Journal Construction Management and Economics is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The focus of these celebrations will be an international conference, Construction Management and Economics: past, present and future, which runs from 16th-18th July at the University of Reading, UK.
Building Research and Information: Climate Change
The publication of Building Research and Information’s (BRI) second special issue on Climate Change demonstrates the impact that effective management of building stocks can contribute to CO2 reduction efforts. The issue brings together a critical body of knowledge supporting an immediate call to action by industry and Government alike. With turnover of building stock in Western Europe at only 1% per annum, it is likely that 87% of existing homes will be standing in 2050, and the journal explores detailed strategies and policy instruments for decarbonising that stock.
Student Chapters
Invitation for Proposals 2007
CIB Endorsed Student Chapters at CIB Member Universities are invited to submit proposals for activities for the 2006 Award from the CIB Gyula Sebestyén Student Chapters Award.
Members Section New Members
New Members
Since the previous article on new CIB Members in Frebruary we have installed 19 new Members: 7 Associate Members and 12 Individual Members. These are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Nigeiria, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. Among the Associate Members are 5 Universities.