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Newsletter 2007 - 8

Around Commissions
W062 - Water Supply & Drainage for Buildings: Report Symposium, Brno, Czech Republic, 19-21 September 2007
The Symposium provided a forum for presentations in the field of water supply and drainage for buildings, i.e. among others: methods and data for the design, codes and standards, industrial developments and health aspects.
W069 - Housing Sociology: Report of the W069 Conference, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 25 February - 1 March 2007
The theme of the W069 Conference was Communities and the Frontiers of Housing. The W069 Group was aware that a considerably different housing sociology situation would be encountered in South Africa than anything encountered within Europe. Clearly problems of urban infrastructure; social inclusion/exclusion; sprawl and sustainable housing environments; an overtly ‘physical approach’ to mass housing; and the background situation would be sharply different.
W092 - Procurement Systems: Report of the W092 Symposium, Australia, September 2007
The symposium, Building across Borders, was distinctive in that research was presented which was concerned with exploring conflict and change when using the procurement strategy as the vehicle for achieving sustainable urban development (incl. social, economic and environmental objectives across professional, regulatory, regional and cultural boundaries).
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: Report of the 3rd International Conference "Helping the Practitioner in Planning and Building" held in October 2007
This conference was staged to intensify the interrelation between information specialists/developers/researchers and the end user communities, esp. practitioners from the fields of planning and building, and to promote the use and implementation of online information sources in the workflow of planning and building projects.
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: The Problem of Information about Information - A Survey and an Opportunity
This is an invitation for a Survey on partial funding provided by the Government of Quebec and by Cibât - the International Building Center in Montreal. The Institute for Research in Construction (National Research Council of Canada) is participating through the site design and management. The survey is managed by the IF Research Group at the University of Montreal.
W104 - Open Building Implementation/W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Report on Open Building Design Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa, May 2007
The workshop programme included lectures by the visiting professors, 2 days of touring housing projects in Pretoria and Johannesburg as well as a 2 day design charrette. Conclusions from the workshop include that the application of Open Building principles from the urban design level to that of the building and the residential units is seen as a relevant approach to residential design in SA.
W108 - Climate Change and the Built Environment: Introducing the New Coordinator Jean-Luc Salagnac
The CIB Programme Committee appointed Mr. Jean-Luc Salagnac from CSTB - Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment, Paris, France the new Coordinator of CIB W108 on Climate Change and the Built Environment. Jean-Luc joined the W108 commission when it was created in 2002 and organised the 4th annual meeting of the group in Paris in April 2005.
W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Meeting Report, Quito, Ecuador, September 2007
The purpose of the meeting was to share knowledge and experience with colleagues from different countries in Latin America about the informal settlements situation and the ways to address the different problems that they have.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Revaluing Construction 2007 - Crossing Boundaries: Conference Proceedings Available Now
Revaluing Construction 2007 - Crossing Boundaries took up the call from an earlier conference for clients to become drivers of change in construction. The third international revaluing construction conference explored how construction firms will meet the challenges of the 21st century through overcoming the barriers that currently limit performance.
From the CIB General Secretariat
Vacancy CIB Assistant Secretary General
This is an open invitation to apply for the position of CIB Assistant Secretary General. Tasks relate to: Servicing the CIB Membership, Scientific Commissions and Board; Marketing, Promotion and Membership Acquisition; the CIB Newsletter and Website; Involvement in the CIB Priority Themes.
Forthcoming Meetings
International Conference on Building Education and Research (BEAR 2008), Kandalama, Sri Lanka, 10-15 February 2008
A major theme for the 2008 BEAR Conference is to promote education and research towards a more expansive view of the life cycle of infrastructure projects, one that extends beyond the traditional cycle of feasibility analysis, planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and divestiture.
W089 - Building Research and Education: Second Meeting CIB Deans' Forum in Sri Lanka, February 2008
As part of the BEAR Conference a second meeting will take place of the CIB Deans’ Forum. Deans of University Faculties that include Built Environment disciplines are invited to participate. Points for discussion and action will include: Faculty Benchmarking, Course Accreditation, Teaching and Learning Improvement and Research Assessment.
CIB Student Chapter Annual General Meeting - BEAR 2008, Kandalama, Sri Lanka, February 2008
A CIB Student Chapter Annual General Meeting will be held during the CIB W089 International Conference on Building Education and Research. In parallel student activities will be organized, including: learning from Asian experience, advanced research methodologies and linking EU and Asia.
TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data, in conjunction with Annual Best Value Conference, Tempe, Arizona, USA, 11 February 2008
Following the Task Group’s meeting, the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG) will be hosting its annual conference with some 200 clients, facility managers, buyers, vendors, consultants, and designers in attendance to learn more about the research concepts behind the TG61.
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: Rinker International Conference "Evolution of and Directions in Construction Safety and Health", Florida, USA, 9-11 March 2008
The broad objectives of the conference are: to identify the challenges presented by safety and health concerns in the construction industry; to discuss how the construction industry can meet these challenges; to identify priority areas for research and policy initiatives; and to foster, encourage and promote collaborative research.
W069 - Housing Sociology: Conference "Ways of Residing in Trans-Disciplinary Focus", Tallinn, Estonia, 13-15 June 2008
This conference aims at bringing the discussion on residence and residential futures into a trans-disciplinary as well as inter-disciplinary focus by highlighting the need for a more synergetic approach combining between: various theoretical perspectives; research experiences and practice from social and cultural studies; architectural design; civil engineering and facilities management; economics and urban and housing policies.
W062 - Water Supply and Drainage: 34th International Symposium on Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings, Hong Kong, China, 8-10 September 2008
The aim of this symposium is to provide a forum where participants will be informed and exchange: experiences on recent developments in water supply and drainage for buildings; information on the characteristics and performances of systems and data for their design; on the implementation of codes and standards; and on future research coordination.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB08 - World Sustainable Building Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 21-25 September 2008
The organizers of World SB08 Melbourne are finalizing a strategy that will make the Conference an environmentally sustainable event. The target is to have a carbon-neutral event through a combination of using renewable energy in the Conference venue and in delegates’ hotel accommodation.
Joint W092/W107/TG63/IF/i-Rec International Conference: Procurement of Construction and Reconstruction Projects in the International Context, Montreal, Canada, 23-25 October 2008
The conference hinges on a set of workshops, group meetings and keynote presentations around 3 main themes. Theme 1: Public initiatives: public tendering, ensuring accountability, obtaining value-for-money etc.; Theme 2: Private initiatives: international competitions, international bidding, public-private partnerships etc.; Theme 3: Humanitarian aid and international development: construction for development in poor communities, reconstruction after disasters etc.
New Publications
CLIMA 2007 WellBeing Indoors
These are the proceedings of CLIMA2007 WellBeing Indoors, held in Helsinki, Finland in June 2007. The Congress focused on how to design, build and maintain healthy and productive indoor environment with low use of energy. Results of the congress workshops are available separately.
W018 - Timber Structures: Proceedings of the 40th Commission Meeting, Bled, Slovenia, 28-31 August 2007
Over 30 papers are included in the Proceedings, covering the following 9 topics: Stress Grading; Stresses for Solid Timber; Timber Joints and Fasteners; Timber Beams; Laminated Members; Trussed Rafters; Structural Stability; Fire; and Test Methods.
CRIOCM2007 International Research Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate
The Proceedings of the CIB co-sponsored International Symposium CRIOCM 2007 are grouped under the following key themes: Theme 1. The Context (land use, urban planning and design); Theme 2. The Drivers (real estate and property development); Theme 3. The Process (construction management): and Theme 4. The Legacy (PPP. property and facilities management).
Proceedings of the 2007 Conference on the Built and Human Environment
The Conference included a Research Symposium and Postgraduate Research Conference. The Proceedings cover topics like: Partnering, Supply Chain & Procurement; IT and Design; Production; Industry and Work; Healthcare and Facilities Management; International Perspectives and Sustainability; Healthcare in the Built Environment and Education and Production.
W062 - Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings: Proceedings of the 33rd Symposium
The six main topics presented were: Water Supply Systems – Field Measurement; Water Supply Systems – Calculation Methods, Modelling; Water Supply System – Safe Operation; Sustainable Construction; Testing Methods, Operation, Standardization and Industrial Developments; Drainage Systems – Hydraulics.
Encouraged Journals
Introduction New Encouraged Journal: Building Research Summaries
“Building Research Summaries“ is the main specialist journal for building research in Germany. Summaries of ongoing and completed research work, written by the researchers and authorized by the research promoter offer building researchers an overview of publicly funded building research.
Journal of Building Physics
The current focus of this Journal includes Heat, Air, Moisture, Salt and Pollutant transfer through Building Enclosure and their effects on energy use, indoor environment and durability of the construction – i.e. the key elements of technical basis for sustainability of buildings.
Members Section Organisational News
Institute for Research in Construction - National Research Council of Canada: Celebrates its 60th Anniversary
NRC-IRC research emphasizes innovation and collaboration with industry through consortium projects and client-driven research focused on issues with high economic impact. As in other countries, sustainability, energy efficiency, and health and wellness are key drivers.
Members Section New Members
New Members
Since the previous article on new CIB Members last October we have installed 11 new Members: 7 Associate Members (of which 3 are Industry Members) and 4 Individual Members. These are from Australia, China, Denmark, Japan, Paraguay, Portugal, the UK and the USA.