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Newsletter 2008 - 2

Around Commissions
W014 - Fire: Introducing the New Coordinator
The CIB Programme Committee appointed Prof.Dr. George Hadjisophocleous from the Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada as the new Coordinator of CIB W014 on Fire. He is the successor of Mr. Richard Bukowski who recently has decided to step down. This article contains a short description of his Curriculum Vitae.
W107 - Construction in Developing Countries: Conference Report "Construction in Developing Economies: New Issues and Challenges, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
The first session and keynote were directed towards the need for transparency in procurement, especially in developing countries. The second pointed out that public sector procurement is not a politically neutral exercise; and the third session was on a major waterfront development in Port of Spain.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Report of the 3rd Scottish Conference for Postgraduate Researchers of the Built & Natural Environment (PRoBE), Glasgow, UK, November 2007
The main purpose of this Conference was to provide an avenue for postgraduate researchers in academic institutions in Scotland, and beyond, to share and exchange research information and knowledge in the areas of the built & natural environment. Themes included: Research and education; Human resources management and culture; and Sustainability.
Conference Report on Building Stock Activation 2007, held in Tokyo, Japan, November 2007
The conference received full backup from CIB Working Commission W104 on Open Building Implementation. It was held to cap the 21st Century COE Program of Tokyo Metropolitan University’s “Development of Technologies for Activation and Renewal of Building Stocks in a Megalopolis”, the project supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.
Conference Report on CESB07: Central Europe towards Sustainable Building
The main goal of the conference was to summarize the state of progress and to analyze the future trends in sustainable building in the Central Europe as well as to form the overall report for the global Sustainable Building 2008 conference in Melbourne. Topics included among others: Building Design; Assessment Methods; Energy; Internal Environment; and External Environment.
Report of WCPM 2007 "International World of Construction Project Management", Delft, The Netherlands, October 2007
Contributions focused on several aspects of changing the industry which is likely to transfer into a high-tech industry and seems to be vey innovative. Important aspects of process innovation were stressed, like the relation with sustainability, performance measuring and the role of education structures in the sector.
From the CIB Management
CIB Strategy 2007-2010
This article describes the CIB Strategy for the period 2007 – 2010, as redefined by Prof Peter Barrett, CIB President, in communication with the CIB Board. The CIB Officers’ Committee is tasked by the Board to monitor the implementation of the strategic priorities, including delegation to CIB standing committees for the development and implementation of action plans.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB Co-Sponsored: 3rd International Conference on Clients Driving Innovation: Benefiting from Innovation, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 12-14 March 2008
This Conference will showcase the results of the research and innovation of leading industry practitioners and researchers, with a focus on implementation of innovative practices and technologies.
W080 - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components: 11DBMC - 11th International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components, Istanbul, Turkey, 11-14 May 2008
The Conference will attract people with technological and scientific perspectives who are envisaged to exchange ideas and research findings on studies pertaining to the service life and durability of construction and building materials, components and systems at the global and local levels. Conference themes include: Durability of Materials; Durability of Systems and Components in Buildings; and Durability and Sustainable Buildings.
W084 - International Conference "Building Comfortable and Liveable Environments for All", Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 15-16 May 2008
Topics areas cover a wide range of issues related to Accessibility and Usability of the built environment and include: Economic Issues of Accessibility; Harmonisation of Legislation and Standards; Sports, Recreation and Accessible Environments; Education and Training; Universal Design at the Urban Scale; and Technological Tools Supporting the Accessible Environment.
W069 - Housing Sociology: Ways of Residing in Trans-Disciplinary Focus, Tallinn, Estonia, 13-15 June 2008
This conference aims at bringing the discussion on residence and residential futures into a trans-disciplinary as well as inter-disciplinary focus by highlighting the need for a more synergetic approach, including: various theoretical perspectives; research experiences and practice from social and cultural studies; architectural design; civil engineering and facilities management; and economics and urban and housing policies.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 25th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC2008), Vilnius, Lithuania, 27-29 June 2008
The Symposium will cover five broadly defined areas: Automation & Robotics Applications; Robot Technology; Automated Data Acquisition and Monitoring; Information and Computational Technology; and Management and Social Issues.
W101 - Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development Symposium, Dublin, Ireland, 5 September 2008
W101 will have a Symposium within COBRA 2008 on the theme of 'Adaptation and mitigation challenges to climate change for cities'. Themes included are: possible impacts of future climate change scenarios on urban development; and urban planning to respond the effect on climate change.
CIB Co-Sponsored: SB08 - World Sustainable Building Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 21-25 September 2008
The program is developing around the theme of pathways to a connected, viable and liveable planet. There will be plenary keynote sessions, special forums, reports on regional policies and green development, parallel scientific sessions, poster sessions, and presentations from the Sustainable Building Challenge.
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Education for an Open Architecture, Muncie, IN, United States, 19-22 October 2008
This conference will draw educators and practitioners from around the world to discuss challenges to architectural education resulting from a new reality that needs to be taken seriously: it is no longer suitable to design buildings for fixed functions.
W092/W107/TG63 Joint Building Abroad Conference-Workshop: Procurement of Construction Projects in the International Context, Montreal, Canada, 23-25 October 2008
Conference themes will include: Public: PPPs, infrastructure and community projects, public facilities, public competitions, institutional projects, etc.; Private: private competitions, housing, commercial and industrial projects, tourism, etc.; Humanitarian and development: humanitarian assistance, reconstruction, international development projects, cooperative projects, etc.
W055 - Building Economics/W065 - Organisation and Management of Construction: 13th Joint International Symposium "Transformation through Construction", Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17-19 November 2008
This event will be a major gathering of Construction Researchers and Industry in a part of the world where construction is leading the transformation of the region. Major globally significant construction projects will be the subject of technical visits and it is the vision of the symposium organisers to involve the Construction Industry in the symposium to make it a vibrant and relevant occasion.
W112 - Culture in Construction: Securing High Performance through Cultural Awareness and Dispute Avoidance, Shanghai, China, 21-23 November 2008
The International Conference provides a forum in which the latest developments and research relating to performance issues on Multi-National Projects may be disseminated to encourage a rich exchange of views and experiences. Topics include: Financing; Cultural Interactions; Procurement; Mediation; and Arbitration.
CIB Co-Sponsored: PATORREB 2009 - 3rd Conference on Building Pathology and Rehabilitation, Porto, Portugal, 18-20 March 2009
The aim of this event is to contribute to the divulgation and systematization of knowledge in this field, while also furthering technical and scientific links between Portugal, Spain, Brazil and various countries of Latin America. Furthermore the aim is to stimulate reflection on the subject of construction pathology, particularly areas such as: responsibilities, guarantees and insurance; structural pathologies; stone, wood, mortar and concrete pathologies; and hygro-thermal behaviour of buildings.
SASBE2009: Joint CIB W116/W115/W108 3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, Delft, The Netherlands, 15-19 June 2009
Are climate change and the depletion of natural resources a problem? Perhaps. We prefer to see them as the ultimate opportunity to do things right, the lever to propel sustainable development. Conference themes include: Climate Change; Policy and Process; Developing Regions; Sustainable Design; Building for Transformation; Smart Technology; and Closing Cycles.
New Publications
Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Building Asia, Seoul, Korea, June 2007
The published abstracts and papers are separated into conference topics which include among others: Sustainable Urban Design & Regeneration; Sustainable Policies, Systems, Codes; Energy Use and Climate; Building Environmental System; Living Environment; Assessment Tools; Sustainable Building Design; Sustainable Structural System; Sustainable Building Materials; Sustainable Construction Management; Facility Management of Sustainable Buildings; and Sustainable System for High-rise Buildings.
Proceedings of SB07 Malmö "Sustainable City Development 2007", Malmö, Sweden, September 2007
The conference focussed especially on ecological and economical aspects of sustainability. Attention was given to a bottom-up perspective in order to make the initiatives successful, thereby achieving a sustainable urban integration and social cohesion.
Proceedings of SB07 Toronto "New Capacity for Sustainable Technology, Communities and Construction", May/June 2007
SB07 Toronto was structured around three interlinked themes of buildings, systems and community services. Four broad based interests including stimulating technological innovation, capacity building, standard setting and smart procurement, and research for the quadruple bottom line provide the framework for presenting technical, practical and educational content.
Proceedings International Conference "Central Europe towards Sustainable Building", Prague, Czech Republic, September 2007
The conference was co-sponsored by UNEP, CIB and iiSBE. 118 attendees from 25 countries presented papers on topics as: Building design; Assessment methods; Energy; Internal environment; External environment; Materials; Economy, policy and legislation; and Education and information.
Proceedings of SB07 Auckland "Transforming our Built Environment", Auckland, New Zealand, November 2007
The Conference brought together a wide range of industry stakeholders to focus on the issue of Sustainable Building in the New Zealand environment. The conference covered several themes, among others: The case for sustainable building; How policy and policy tools can influence sustainable building; Sustainable neighbourhoods and developments - case studies; LCA: Its roles and application; Sustainability assessment tools; and Sustainable commercial buildings.
Encouraged Journals
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: Materiales de Construcción
Materiales de Construcción was founded in 1951. This scientific journal is published quarterly in bilingual (Spanish / English) format by the Spanish National Research Council. It has been an effective vehicle for the dissemination of new scientific and technical knowledge in the field of construction materials and related subjects for over 50 years. Materiales de Construcción is geared to researchers, plant technicians and other professionals engaging in the area of construction materials science and technology.
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: Informes de la Construcción
60 years old Informes de la Construcción is a scientific journal in Spanish language with abstracts in English, published three-monthly by the Institute of Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja (Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja / IETcc). Its articles cover fields such as architecture, engineering, public works, environment, building services, rehabilitation, construction systems, testing techniques, results of research on building components and systems and so forth.
Introduction New CIB Encouraged Journal: International Journal of Law in the Built Environment
The International Journal of Law in the Built Environment provides a vehicle for the publication of high quality legal scholarship in the context of the design, management and use of the built environment. It publishes up-to-date and original legal research contributions for the benefit of scholars, policy makers and practitioners in these areas, including those operating in the fields of legal practice, housing, planning, architecture, surveying, construction management, real estate and property management.
Structural Survey: Call for Papers for the Special Issue on the Role of the Built Environment Professional in Disaster Management
Submitted Papers for this special issue may well deal with topics such as: Assessing the risk of a man-made or natural disaster occurring; Assessing the initial damage to buildings and infrastructure; The provision of temporary accommodation in the immediate aftermath of a disaster; and Organizing the reconstruction of buildings and infrastructure.
STAND-INN Fifth Report
In this report, the lead article is on public procurement and highlights the problems and the potential, with an emphasis on the crucial role of ICT. Subsequently an interview with the project leader is presented.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous article on new CIB Members last December we have installed 16 new Members: 9 Associate Members and 7 Individual Members. Of the Associate Members one is from Industry, the other eight are Universities. These are from Australia, Canada, Hungary, South Africa and the United Kingdom.