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Newsletter 2008 - 3

Around Commissions
TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data: Report of the TG61 Meeting and of the PBSRG Annual Best Value Conference, Arizona, USA, February 2008
TG61 presented its research findings of 2007, distributed a draft copy of the first issue of the CIB TG61 Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information and Value, and held open discussion for setting the strategic vision of the research effort for 2008 and beyond.
W070 - Facilities Management and Maintenance: Introducing the New Joint Coordinator Prof.Dr. Edward Finch
The CIB Programme Committee appointed Prof. Dr. Edward Finch from the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom as the new Joint Coordinator of CIB W070 on Facilities Management and Maintenance. His current position is that of Reader in Facilities Management. He is also leading courses in Construction Management and Economics and is involved in research in Infrastucture Management.
W108 - Climate Change and the Built Environment: Report of the 6th Meeting, Terrassa, Spain, October 2007
The aim was to discuss and disseminate the latest findings and research. Topics covered included: climate models, scenarios and data, climate change impacts studies and impact assessment methods and adaptation strategies.
Priority Themes
New CIB Priority Theme on Clients and Users
At a recent CIB Board meeting it was decided to have the theme ‘Performance Based Building ‘ replaced by a new one: 'Clients and Users (in Construction)'. As background to this theme it is believed that the client through the choice of procurement methods, targeted goal setting, acting as a lead user etc. can have a decisive impact on the products and services from the building industry on behalf of the owner/end-user.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB Co-Sponsored: 4th I-Rec International Conference - Building Resilience: Achieving Effective Post-Disaster Reconstruction, Christchurch, New Zealand, 30 April-2 May 2008
The 4th International I-Rec conference will focus on several key areas that contribute to the reconstruction: Project management and stakeholder participation in reconstruction; Legal and policy frameworks for reconstruction; Finance and resources for reconstruction; Urban planning and design for post-disaster reconstruction; and Education and training for reconstruction.
W108 - Climate Change and the Built Environment: 7th Meeting, Nantes, France, 12-13 June 2008
This two-day meeting is organised with a specific emphasis on adaptation policies (at local, regional and national levels). The reason for this focus is that mitigation policies, which aim at reducing green house gases (GHG) emissions, have been decided and are being implemented in many countries. Huge efforts on both new and existing buildings are ongoing.
W070 - Facilities Management and Maintenance: Achieving Healthy and Creative Facilities, Edinburth, Scotland, 16-18 June 2008
Presentations in the conference sessions cover a rich collection of ideas and research findings in areas related to facilities management including building intelligence, maintenance management, workplace productivity and environment-behaviour research. The conference includes a comprehensive social and technical programme.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Built and Human Environment - 8th International Postgraduate Research Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 26-27 June 2008
This two day event will feature keynote addresses by leading internationally renowned research and policy makers. This event is jointly organised by The Research Institute for the Built & Human Environment (BuHu) at the University of Salford. BuHu (6* RAE rated), The School of Built Environment (SOBE) at the University of Salford and The Czech Technical University of Prague (CVUT).
Joint Conference on Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing, Muncie, IN, United States, 19-22 October 2008
The purpose of the conference is to facilitate exchange of research results and ideas in the development of informal settlements and affordable housing for low-income families. It is hoped to explore parallels with the principles enunciated by Open Building.
TG56 - Macroeconomics for Construction: Workshop on the Economics of the Modern Built Environment, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17-19 November 2008
The theme of the Workshop represents an attempt to come to grips with one of the most important areas of research in the built environment today. Studies of economic aspects of the built environment have made great advances in the last twenty years but, in the present state of development of built environment economics, there is certainly no integrating methodology/framework/theory.
New Publications
Proceedings of Building Stock Activation 2007, held in Tokyo, Japan
The main aim of BSA 2007 was to present the research results of a five-year program and to provide opportunities for exchange among researchers and experts in Japan and all over the world, and to promote the development of global research on the activation of building stock.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference "Information and Knowledge Management - Helping the Practitioner in Planning and Building", Stuttgart, Germany
Included are the keynote presentations and all presented papers under the following topics: Design and Knowledge; Knowledge Management and Models; Project Management and Information Systems; Cop and Knowledge Mapping; Ontologies and Management; and Featured Projects and Solutions.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on World of Construction Project Management WCPM2007, Delft, the Netherlands
These are Proceedings of the CIB Co-sponsored 2nd International Conference on World of Construction Project Management WCPM2007 held in Delft, The Netherlands, October 2007. Professionals and academics from 16 Countries on 4 continents in the field of construction project management participated in this conference. The focus was on several aspects of changing the construction industry.
Proceedings of Construction in Developing Countries: New Issues and Challenges, held in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
The main themes were to address issues related to the development and transfer of appropriate and sustainable technology, the encouragement of invention and innovation in construction, the effective use and upgrading of people and all the issues surrounding public sector procurement and the avoidance of corruption.
Proceedings of the 3rd Scottish Conference for Postgraduate Researcher of the Built and Natural Environment PRoBE07
The main aim of the conference was to provide an avenue for postgraduate researchers in academic institutions in Scotland, UK and beyond, to share and exchange research information and knowledge in the areas of the built and natural environment. It was also intended that the conference would help to enhance research and presentation skills for up and coming researchers.
Report of the International Workshop on Global Roadmap and Strategic Actions for ICT in Construction, Finland, August 2007
Focusing on information and communication technologies (ICT) and value driven processes 7 main thematic areas and their respective visions were identified: Digital Models; ICT for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability; Knwoledge and Sharing & Collaboration Support; Intelligent Constructions; Network Demand Management; and Value Driven Business & Process Models.
W023 - Wall Structures: Proceedings of the 44th Commission Meeting Held in October 2007 in Paris France
These are the Proceedings of CIB W023 44th Meeting held in October 2007, Paris, France. The meeting was hosted by CTMNC ‘Centre Technique de Matériaux Naturels de Construction and organised by the W023 Coordinator Dr. Pompeu Santos.
Smart-ECO - Sustainable Smart Eco-Buildings in the EU: First Project Report
Smart-ECO is an EU funded project that focuses on the uptake of efficient technological and non-technological innovations that will enable the building and construction sector to meet the requirement for Sustainable Building. CIB plays a role as partner in the project through its abilities to provide a highly relevant contact network, and functions as a channel for dissemination of results.
STAND-INN Sixth Report
This is a Case Study Special Issue. Sustainability lies at the heart of the STAND-INN project. The report showcases examples of sustainable practices that have emerged from research.
Members Section Organisational News
VTT and SINTEF to launch a Collaborative on Building Technology and Civil Engineering
Two CIB Full Members, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and SINTEF of Norway, have agreed to launch a joint collaborative to develop and offer services to international clients in the field of Building Technology and Civil Engineering. Areas of particular interest on the international market are building information modelling, geotechnical engineering and climate change.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous article on new CIB Members last February we have installed 3 new Members: 2 Full Members and 1 Individual Member. Of the Full Members one is a Building and Civil Engineering Consultant from Denmark, the other one is a Research Institute from China.