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Newsletter 2008 - 6

Around Commissions
TG69 - Green Buildings and the Law: Establishment of a Worldwide Research Group on Green Building and the Law
The ultimate goal of the research group is to produce a CIB publication containing a selection of research outputs authored by prominent environmental law scholars across the world. This will outline the state of the law relating to green buildings and address the legal challenges presented by the global warming imperative.
TG73 - R&D Programs in Construction: Introducing a New Task Group and its Coordinator
The Task Group focuses on the management issues of large scale innovation programs in construction. The Task Group will include leading academics who play or played a major role in national or international collaborative programs. The Task Group will establish a learning community by reflecting, monitoring and designing ways to manage such programs.
W070 - Facilities Management and Maintenance: Conference Review W070 Conference on Facilities Management: Healthy and Creative Facilities, June 2008
The conference papers covered a number of recurring themes as well as some new emerging themes: Heritage and Culture; Inclusive and Accessible FM; Indoor Air Quality; and Environment-Behaviour. An additional theme highlighting CIB W070 research activities to industry was "Industry View", which helped to inform practitioners in the UK about the scope and depth of FM research.
W084 - Building Comfortable Environments for All: Conference Report on W084 "Building Comfortable and Liveable Environments for All"
The Conference was organized into six topic areas: Economic issues of accessibility; Harmonisation of legislation and standards; Sports, recreation and accessible environments; Education and training; Universal design at the urban scale; and Technological tools supporting the accessible environment.
W089 - Building Research and Education: Introducing the New Joint Coordinator
The CIB Programme Committee appointed Professor Melvyn Lees, University of Salford, United Kingdom, as the Joint Coordinator of CIB W089. His initial focus will be on two issues: developing a new and inclusive research agenda for building education and broadening the membership of the commission. Specifically, he hopes to build stronger relations with North and South America.
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building / W096 - Architectural Management: Report on the Joint Conference and Business Meeting "Performance Improvement"
The Conference was of special interest to professionals and researchers who were interested in management and information and knowledge management in wide range of civil and building engineering disciplines to come together. 60 delegates from 15 countries attended this joint conference.
W114 - Earthquake Engineering and Buildings: Newsletter
A 6th newsletter has been launched by Dr. Taiki Saito, Coordinator of W114. It contains information on the International Workshop on Response Control and Seismic Isolation of Buildings for Earthquake Mitigation; a new International Project on Performance Based Design of Seismically Isolated Buildings; and a proposal for a new Task Group on Engineering Approach to Non-Engineered Structures.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB Co-Sponsored: Final Conference of the Europe INNOVA network STAND-INN, Brussels, 14 & 15 October 2008
STAND-INN is a two-year EU project, running from September 2006 to October 2008, that aims to provide guidance on how standardisation supports innovation and “building smart” [and to] actively disseminate information about sustainability and BIM standards and encourage processes that create sustainable value for customers. Attendees will receive the STAND-INN Handbook.
CIB Co-Sponsored: International Built & Human Environment Research Week 2009, Salford, UK, 26-30 January 2009
The 5th International Built & Human Research Week will once again bring together worldwide practitioners, leading researchers, and postgraduates showcasing state of the art research, innovation, and industry practice at all levels and in all processes in the built and human environment. The week consists of: Industry Day - Sustainable Delivery of Housing; International Research Symposium; and 9th International Postgraduate Research Conference.
TG61 - Benchmarking Construction Performance Data: 4th Annual Conference, Tempe, Arizona, USA, 9 February 2009
The Annual Best Value Conference is a world-class educational experience on how to use performance information to minimize risk. Among the topics are: Best value procurement; Risk management; Information technology; Industry structure; Project management using performance information; and Sustainability.
TG58 - Clients and Construction Innovation: Leveraging Innovation for Sustainable Construction, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 18-19 May 2009
The focus of the workshop is to explore and document international examples of leveraging innovation in sustainability in the construction industry. The second day will include a TG58 meeting. From this workshop, it is expected to produce a CIB-badged, edited book of selected key papers from presenters.
CIB IDS 2009: First International Conference on Improving Construction and Use through Integrated Design Solutions, Espoo, Finland, 10-12 June 2009
“Improving Construction and Use through Integrated Design Solutions” is a new Priority Theme of CIB. It aims at bringing together the specialists of different sectors of the built environment to establish a smooth-functioning value network and to recognize the most acute business development opportunities. Topics of special interest are: People, Processes, Technology, Case Studies and Commercial Solutions.
W101 - Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development: Annual Meeting and Workshop 2009 "Urban Infrastructure and Land Use Control", Tokyo, Japan, 13 June 2009
The topics at this W101 Workshop are: Provision of Public Services and Land Use Control; Public Transport Revival and Development Control; Smart Management of Urban Infrastructure in Shrinking Era; and Regulation and Deregulation on Urban Land Use, Success and Failure.
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: 5th Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17-19 June 2009
This conference will be held in parallel with 4th TIC – Information Technologies applied in Building, a Brazilian conference sponsored by ANTAC. Conference themes include: Integral Design and Knowledge Management, Collaborative Information Sharing, Future of Building & Construction in the Webcentred World and e-Government.
CIB Co-Sponsored: EUROINFRA 2009 Current State and Challenges for Sustainable Development of Infrastructure, Helsinki, Finland, 14-15 October 2009
Sustainable energy policy and the mitigation of the climatic change are key issues for society. These areas also bind together the two Symposia of this Conference: “State Analysis and Condition Management of Buildings and Civil Infrastructure” and “Low-Energy Building Concepts”.
New Publications
Proceedings from the CIB 2008 Helsinki Conference: Performance and Knowledge Management
Among the objectives of CIB 2008 joint conference were to study: Knowledge based performance improvement; Architectural design management and knowledge; Communicating design; Integral design and knowledge development; Data and knowledge sharing in construction projects.
Proceedings from the 4th I-Rec International Conference - Building Resilience: 'Achieving Effective Post-Disaster Reconstruction'
The 4th international i-Rec conference focused on several key areas that contribute to reconstruction efforts: Project management and stakeholder participation in reconstruction; Legal and policy frameworks for reconstruction; Finance and resources for reconstruction; Urban planning and design for post-disaster reconstruction; and Education and training for reconstruction.
W108 - Climate Change and the Built Environment: Meeting Report of the 7th Meeting of CIB W108
Technical presentations included in the report address among others the following topics: Climate change and the built environment: where do we stand?; Designing with weather; Impact of Climate Change on Urban Environment; and Sustainable Cities: Options for responding to climate change impacts and outcomes.
W070 - Facilities Management and Maintenance: Proceedings of the W070 Conference "Healthy and Creative Facilities"
Over 80 papers were presented and incorporated in the published proceedings. The scope of this conference's themes embrace research outcomes ranging from enabling creative and innovative environments to issues relating to achieving healthy environment, culture and heritage, sustainable housing, service delivery and asset management and maintenance.
TG58 - Clients and Construction Innovation: Benefiting from Innovation
This publication brings together research on clients, designers, constructors and facility managers to canvass cutting-edge research in constructed facilities. It showcases technologies and practices developed by leading practitioner and researchers globally, and presents advanced applications of applied research for improving industry practice.
Encouraged Journals
Facilities: Special Issue Call for Papers
Facilities plans a special issue on Knowledge Management related to facilities management. Similarly to facilities management, Knowledge Management covers a large field with several ideas of conceptualisation. A suggested topics for coverage includes trends in linking operational and strategic facilities management through knowledge management.
Members Section Personal News
New Vice-President at The Building Center Of Japan Inc.
The Building Center of Japan appointed the former Chief Executive of BRI and former CIB Board Member, Dr. Hiroyuki Yamanouchi, as new Vice President R&D of Building Science and Technology. Dr. Yamanouchi also acts as Vice-Chairman of the Consortium for Building Research and Development, CBRD.
Mark Sharp Appointment Professor
CIB Board Member and CIRIA Associate, Mark Sharp has been appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Salford - School of the Built Environment. Professor Sharp says: “The construction industry has much to gain from the university sector’s ability to assist in both research and knowledge transfer. I am delighted that the Un. of Salford has invited me to take up the position."
Appointment of New Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Salford, United Kingdom
The University of Salford has appointed Built Environment and Construction IT expert Professor Ghassan Aouad as Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, with a remit of promoting research at Salford through innovation and the knowledge economy. His new role will involve driving the University’s research and innovation activity following the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, increasing research income and strengthening the University’s international position within research.