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Newsletter 2009 - 8

Around Commissions
TG77 - Health and the Built Environment: Introducing a New Task Group
The CIB Board established a new Task Group: TG77 on Health and the Built Environment, with Dr. Marinus Verweij from TNO Built Environment and Geosciences in Utrecht, The Netherlands as its Coordinator. A short description of the Task Group and a brief introduction of the Coordinator are given.
W107 - Construction in Developing Countries: Report of International Symposium on Construction in Developing Countries "Commonalities in Diversities"
The symposium captured the imagination of most delegates and opened new trails for academic collaboration and industry participation, quite apart from realizing potential research and innovation efforts at various levels across borders. A total of 100 participants attended the 3-day symposium.
From the CIB Partners
Memorandum of Understanding between CIB and The Architectural Research Center Consortium (ARCC)
ARCC is an international consortium of 60 architectural research centers, of which most are in USA Universities. This collaboration between CIB and ARCC will include establishment of a joint Experts Commission, participation in existing expert commissions, conferences and publications.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Conference Report EUROINFRA 2009: Current State and Challenges for Sustainable Development of Infrastructure
The conference report presents the main conclusions on the following topics: climate change and built environment, sustainable buildings, lifetime management of the civil infrastructures and buildings and energy efficient building concepts.
Report of the Conference "Changing Roles: New Roles, New Challenges"
In the Conference special attention was given to the changing role of clients, managing specialists, architectural designers, engineers, consultants, and contractors. Worldwide initiatives to re-value construction can be seen nowadays. A national industry day was part of the conference.
Report from the International Conference 2009 GBTEC "Green Building toward Eco-City"
The aim of this symposium was to provide a forum where participants would be informed and exchange views, information on the characteristics and performances of systems and data for their design, on implementation of codes and standards and future research coordination.
From the CIB General Secretariat
Collected Outlooks: New Service in the CIB Website
CIB is proud to announce a unique new free service to its Members and other visitors to its website. This service enables to locate a large number authoritative "Outlook" publications of special relevance to building research and innovation, by using a searchable database maintained by CIB.
Forthcoming Meetings
SB10SEA Kuala Lumpur "New Green Opportunities & Challenges", Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4-6 May 2010
The conference will feature country reports, a trade show, technical tours and a design competition. Conference topics include: performance targets, policies, education and training, design technologies and techniques, energy conservation, and water conservation.
CIB World Building Congress 2010 - Building a Better World, Salford Quays, United Kingdom, 10-13 May 2010
Keynote speeches, encapsulating the global challenges, will be given by representatives of bodies such as the UN, OECD, WHO, EC and, in response, a variety of reports and activities will be launched at the Congress, including a series of open workshops to enable all to engage.
8th International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, Lund, Sweden, 16-18 June 2010
The International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods has established a reputation as the paramount event for keeping abreast of advancements in performance-based fire protection design. Papers will be presented on newly emerging technologies and approaches.
SB10 Amman - The Second International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development, Amman, Jordan, 12-15 July 2010
The conference aims to address aspects of urban development considering the implications of applying the principles of sustainability. Of particular interest for the conference is sustainability in the Arab world cities which are undergoing one of the fastest rates of development in the world.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 5th i-Rec Conference "Participatory Design and Appropriate Technology for Post-Disaster Reconstruction", Ahmedabad, India, 15-20 July 2010
The 5th i-Rec Conference aims to provide a platform to share experience among academics, practitioners, government and civil society organizations and lessons learnt about various approaches of design and technology for long term disaster risk reduction.
W070 - Facilities Management and Maintenance: International Conference FM in the Experience Economy, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 13-15 September 2010
The conference draws on the far-reaching implications of facilities management in a world driven by "novelty and experience". Building assets become the stage, FM services become the props and the "experience" itself becomes the value adding performance.
SB10 Finland Sustainable Community: Call for Papers, Espoo, Finland, 22-24 September 2010
The six principal themes of the Conference are: Sustainability Assessment of Buildings and Cities; Managing Life Cycle Performance; Sustainable Processes; Sustainable Solutions; Well-Being; and Urban Planning. The Conference is organised by VTT and the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL).
International CIB Student Chapter Conference 2010, Budapest, Hungary, 30 September - 2 October 2010
The conference themes are: Liveable city; Environmentally conscious, energy efficient building; Architectural culture - Architectural renewal and preservation; and other topics. This conference is organised by the Hungarian National Student Chapter of CIB.
New Publications
W108 - Climate Change and the Built Environment: Conference Proceedings
Among the topics of this free downloadable proceedings are: Adaptation to urban climate change through design: Early best practices in the tropics and future directions;and Climate Change and Construction Sector SMEs: Vulnerability, Consequences and Resilience.
Proceedings: Changing Roles - New Roles, New Challenges
The conference brought together an international group of 70 scientists and building professionals from 17 countries on 4 continents. Papers in this free downloadable proceedings cover the following topics: Integration and Collaboration; New Roles; Supply Chain Integration; and Adaptable Futures.
W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Report and Proceedings of the Meeting and Conference of W110 in conjunction with CONPAT 2009, Chile, 28 September 2009
The proceedings contain 11 papers presented at the Conference on the following topics: communitarian housing schools, housing risk conditions, flood sensitive environment and mud salt wall in Latin America, Africa and Indonesia. The publication is downloadable for free.
Proceedings: EUROINFRA 2009 - Current State and Challenges for Sustainable Development of Infrastructure
These Conference Proceedings include 3 Keynote Lectures plus 12 papers on State Analysis and Condition Management of Buildings and Civil Infrastructures and 14 papers on Low Energy Building Concepts (new buildings and renovations), that address key challenges for the sustainable development.
Encouraged Journals
Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology
Exploring the interface between academic research and practical application, JEDT serves all practitioners, professionals and clients in the engineering, design and technology sectors. The journal aims to expand the boundaries of knowledge in these fields.
Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction: Special Issue on Public Private Partnership: Call for Papers
The theme is PPP: Improving Governance and Performance amidst emerging economic realities. Performance demands and issues remain fundamental to justifying any PPP approach, and improved governance will be expected to boost performance against relevant criteria.
Smart-ECO - Sustainable Smart Eco-Buildings in the EU: Fourth Project Report - The Final Vision
After a lengthy consultative process the first all-embracing and authoritative statement of how sustainable building should be defined, has now been produced as a valuable outcome of the Smart-ECO Vision project. The result is a definition that is consensus-based and founded on scientific principles.