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Newsletter 2010 - 1

From the CIB General Secretariat
This first newsletter of the new year is again devoted to an annual retrospective overview of CIB activities in the previous year. Those activities - including the work of Commissions, the Student Chapters, the support of CIB Encouraged Journals, the active partnerships, the many conferences, and the prolific output of publications arising from those activities - demonstrate the remarkable breadth of the CIB programme portfolio. The Programme Committee's Commendations remind us of the extraordinary contributions made to this output by many individuals and the value CIB places on their work. Despite the severity of the world's economic crisis CIB membership numbers have declined only slightly, suggesting that membership of CIB is not abandoned lightly. CIB enters 2010 against a backdrop of the new partnerships established last year, a strong demand for its support of international journals and for sponsorship of conferences world wide, (not to mention the 10 cosponsored Sustainable Building (SB) conferences that will take place this year), and an eagerly awaited World Congress at which the work of many Commissions will be show-cased. This overview of CIB in 2009 demonstrates that CIB is a vibrant organization whose members' recent accomplishments provide a strong foundation for the varied and exciting challenges 2010 will bring. I hope you will find satisfaction and inspiration in the wealth of information reported here.
Overview CIB Task Groups and Working Commissions
The table contains for each commission an indication of the extend to which it is expected to contribute to the defined CIB Priority Themes: SC - Sustainable Construction, CU - Clients and Users, RC - Revaluing Construction and IDDS - Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions.
New CIB Commissions and Coordinators
In 2009 one new CIB Task Group and one new Working Commission were established. These are TG77 - Health and the Built Environment, with Marinus Verweij as Coorinator, and W117 - Performance Measurement in Construction with Dean Kashiwagi and Charles Egbu as Joint Coordinators.
CIB PC Commendations 2009
The CIB Programme Committee awards the annual PC Commendations for extra ordinary performance in the CIB Programme of Activities for 2009. The Commendations were awarded to S. Croce, M. Prins, S. Emmitt M. Radujkovic, A. Ceric, R. Owen, M. Palmer, J. Dickinson and A. v.d. Dobbelsteen.
CIB Priority Themes
An overview is given of activities which centre around Priority Themes: Sustainable Construction; Revaluing Construction; Integrated Design & Deliverty Solutions; and Clients and Users. These themes include activities carried out by CIB Commissions and special conferences and publications.
CIB Student Chapters
This article contains a listing of all 21 CIB Endorsed Student Chapters as per 31 December 2009. In the course of 2009 one new Student Chapter was established at the School of Houding, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The Texas A&M University received the CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award.
In 2009 CIB - through the CIB Secretariat - participated in a programme funded by the European Commission: Smart-ECO, and contracted with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in a funded project entitled: Preparation of Procurement Handbook for Sustainable Buildings.
CIB and CIB Sponsored Conferences in 2009
2009 was once again a successful year for CIB related events all over the world, many of them of great international recognition and contributing in setting the global agenda in their respective field. A selection of 25 CIB and 9 CIB Co-sponsored Conferences in 2009 are briefly described.
CIB Partnerships
In 2009 CIB entered into 4 new partnerships: the International Association of Automation and Robotics in Construction (IAARC), The International Union of Building Centres (UICB), The Architectural Research Centers Consortium, Inc (ARCC) and Sustainable Buildings & Construction Initiative (UNEP SBCI).
CIB and CIB Related Publications in 2009
This article contains summaries of all 33 CIB and CIB related Publications that have been produced in 2009 and have been made available to the CIB Secretariat. Hyperlinks are given to CIB news articles with detailed descriptions per publication and if relevant to URL's for free download.
CIB Encouraged Journals
As at 31 December 2009 there were 30 CIB Encouraged Journals. During the year two new Journals were added: the Journal of Engineering Design and Technology and Intelligent Buildings International. Brief introductions to the two new Journals are given in this article.
CIB Membership Development in 2009
The Annual CIB Membership Development for 2009 is presented with some comparative data for the period 2007-2009. After two years of growth in 2009 the membership decreased with approximately 2%, the biggest parts of which are from Europe, are Associate Members an have an Industry background.
New Members in 2009
In the year 2009 in total 41 new Members have joined CIB. These include 3 Full Members, 12 Associate Members and 26 Individual Members. The Full Members are from China PR, Singapore and the United States. Besides these applications there is also an upgrade from Associate to Full Membership.
2009 Satisfaction Survey
In 2009 the CIB Associate and Individual Members were invited to indicate their level of satisfaction for the defined nine groupings of CIB Products and Services and for CIB in general. They indicated their highest appreciation for the CIB Newsletter and for the functioning of the CIB General Secretariat.
CIB KPI's - Key Performance Indicators for the year 2009 with comparative data over the period 2007-2008
CIB KPI's - Key Performance Indicators for the year 2009 with comparative data over the period 2007 - 2008 on developments concerning: Membership; Activities including Meetings, Task Groups and Working Commissions and Publications; and Finances.