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Newsletter 2010 - 10

The CIB General Secretariat wishes all readers of the CIB Newsletter a happy holiday and a prosperous, healthy and successful 2011!
Around Commissions
TG73 - R&D Programmes in Construction: One-Year Mandate Extension
The Work Programme includes: doing a survey among programme managers of past and current large Construction R&D programmes and an International Workshop. The focus is on university-industry collaboration in support of sector performance enhancement and innovation.
TG82 - Marketing in Construction: Introducing a New Task Group and its Joint Coordinators Christopher Preece and Sui Pheng Low
The Task Group focuses on the specific challenges facing construction businesses in the domestic and international markets and the export of their services and products. It will complement on-going work into the strategic management of construction firms.
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: CIB Commission Recognition for Two Valued Members of W078
CIB Working Commission W078 is proud to announce that two of its longest serving members had been recognised by CIB. The certificate awarded to each of the two members reflected the sustained contribution each has made to the Commission, as described in this news article.
W101 - Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development: Introducing the New Coordinator Dr. Tatsuo Akashi
The CIB Programme Committee has appointed Dr. Tatsuo Akashi as the new Coordinator of CIB W101. He is Director of the City Planning Research Division of the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Japan - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ibaraki-ken, Japan.
W117 - Performance Measurement in Construction: Bi-Annual Report 2010
W117 activities involve not only the research into the use of performance information in optimizing procurement, organizations and supply chains, but also in assisting research groups start platforms based on industry funding and need, in environments where government research funding is limited.
W118 - Clients and Users in Construction: Introducing New Working Commission and Coordinator Kim Haugbolle
The Commission will define what constitutes Clients and Users in Construction, will identify appropriate procurement and management strategies, will classify methods for engaging users in decision making processes and will develop appropriate related guidance material for clients and users.
From the CIB Partners
CIB, CTBUH and UNESCO announce Collaboration on Roadmap on Future Research Needs of Tall Buildings
The document will identify key research gaps and topics that deserve priority research activities in the field of tall buildings. The identification of research gaps and priority topics will be developed in conjunction with a wide panel of tall building experts drawn from academia and industry internationally.
Cooperation Agreement signed by CIB and ARCOM
The Memorandum of Agreement for enhanced co-operation and the exchange of information between the Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) and CIB provides a platform for the two organisations to come together and collaborate.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Conference Report: Better Building - Better World, Global Summit on the Sustainable Built Environment, held in August 2010, Shanghai, China
The conference explored the rich intersection of urbanization, design and construction, sustainability, technology, and property development and management. It aimed at raising the awareness of world citizens to the significant role of building operations as one of the major contributors to climate change.
Report on the SB10 Conference held in September 2010 in Espoo, Finland
SB10 Espoo addressed geographically to the North of Europe and by content to Sustainable Community - buildingSMART(TM). Built facilities will deliver a whole-of-life performance that support more sustainable communities through leadership, innovation, net zero energy buildings and 'smart' stakeholders.
Towards 0-impact Buildings and Built Environments - Review of the SB10 Conference Western Europe
Most papers included the 0-ambition in their paper. Many issues were examined during the conference, and examples of successful projects and strategies were seen, as well as gaps in knowledge and understanding of implementation of 0-options in a complicated world.
From the CIB Management
CIB North America Regional Committee Established
CIB has formed the CIB North American Regional Committee. The Committee will develop three membership strategies concentrating separately on what it sees as the three primary categories of CIB membership: research, academic and industry/practitioner.
CIB Reaches Out to Latin America
CIB, with the support of the University of Sao Paulo established a CIB Representative Office based at the University. The main purpose of the Office is to facilitate the communication between CIB and potential future members, and to enhance the relationship with existing members in Latin America.
Priority Themes
Sustainable Construction: Request for Expressions of Interest to hold Conferences on Sustainable Building in 2013 and 2014
CIB, iiSBE and UNEP request non-binding Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the holding of a series of national conferences on sustainable building and construction during 2013 ("SB13 National Conferences"), and for a single global SB conference ("the SB14 World Sustainable Building Conference") in 2014.
Forthcoming Meetings
W078 - Information Technology for Construction & W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: 28th International Workshop "Computer Integrated Construction", Sophia Antipolis, France, 26-28 October 2011
Conference topics will include: managing ICT and KM strategies, standards and interoperability policies in a web based organisation, integral design and knowledge development, sensor and automation of construction follow-up and BIM based product/process modelling.
New Publications
Proceedings SB10 Euregion: Towards 0-impact Buildings and Built Environments held in October 2010 in Maastricht, Liege and Aachen
The organizers saw SB10 as being about creating a knowledge base for the design and construction of 0-impact buildings and environments. That means 0-impact with respect to water, energy, materials, air and land. The focus of SB10 was on advanced developments and innovations in those fields.
Encouraged Journals
Architectural Engineering and Design Management: Special Issue - Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions (IDDS)
This special issue brings together selected top researchers on IDDS at the level of a respected scientific journal to present a coherent view on the state of the art and future challenges. It focuses on the most recent developments in ICT, such as the application of BIM in construction.
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment: Special Issue - Construction Mediation, Call for Papers
Construction industries worldwide have adopted mediation as a valuable dispute resolution mechanism in the built environment and there is now emerging law in many legal systems. Potential topics for papers include mediation law, confidentiality, mediation ethics and regulation and professionalisation.
Open House International Special Theme Issue - Culture, Space and Revitalisation: Strategies and Experience of Urban Renewal and Transformation
This issue contains papers presented at the conference, "Revitalizing Built Environments: Re-qualifying Old Places for New Uses" in October 2009, Istanbul. The 8 papers presented at the conference dealt with the following themes: urbanity, density, gentrification, revitalization and cultural heritage.
International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (IJDRBE): Special Themed Issue Call for Papers
The Journal is calling papers for a special themed issue on "Making Cities Resilient". Sub-themes include: national and local governance, participation of citizen groups and civil society in the disaster risk reduction process, and the role of local government in the disaster mitigation.
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment (IJLBE): New Guest Editorial Feature Launched
The journal's guest editorial feature will provide an important opportunity for other writers to utilise their intellectual creativity and, through argument and reason, to contribute something novel to the broader discipline that might not be possible (or permissible) in the format of a peer-reviewed article.
Open House International
The publishers of the CIB Encouraged Journal Open House International offer CIB Members the opportunity to buy 32 years of digitalised back issues of the journal, available on two DVDs, as well as online, for 295 GBP. This price represents a 50% discount to CIB Members.
International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment: Free Access to Inaugural Volume of 3 Issues
The International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (IJDRBE) has published its inaugural volume consisting of 3 issues. In marking this occasion, the publishers have arranged free access from 15th November 2010 until 31st January 2011 to all the journal papers published so far.
Student Chapters
W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment: W116 Student Membership Now Available - Launch of the W116 Student Forum
The W116 Student Forum is a working group of PhD, master and bachelor students on topics related to smart and sustainable built environments. The aim is to interchange research ideas and outcomes, to collaborate on research processes and information dissemination, and to organise workshops.
New Concept for the CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award
A new concept for the CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award has been approved by the Board. It will ensure that proposals for the Award are made only by CIB Student Chapters that have actively collaborated with one or more CIB Commissions in preparing those proposals.
Members Section Personal News
Dr.Ir. Wim Bakens: Visiting Professorship for CIB Secretary General
The University of Westminster in London, UK, announced the appointment of Dr Wim Bakens, CIB Secretary General, to the position of Visiting Professor to the University. Through CIB Wim has been at the forefront of global research, has contacts throughout the world and is held in high regard.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article last November we have installed 3 new Members: 2 Associate Members and 1 Individual Member. The Associate Members are FPInnovations, Canada (Research Institute) and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences - Research Centre Technology & Innovation, Netherlands.