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Newsletter 2010 - 2

Around Commissions
TG66 - Energy and the Built Environment: Report 1st International Seminar "Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies in 5 Continents"
The seminar's objectives were: to set up a worldwide network of experts, to gather and capitalize high level information on the scope and to put this information online for public authorities and researchers. All presentations can be viewed and listened to on line.
TG78 - Informality and Emergence in Construction: Introducing New Task Group
A new Task Group, TG78 on Informality and Emergence in Construction has been established. It addresses a new field in science and research in the construction organisation and management sphere. Dr. Paul Chan and Dr. Christine Raisanen have been appointed Joint Coordinators.
W086 - Building Pathology: Introducing the New Joint Coordinator Enrico de Angelis
Dr.Ir. Enrico de Angelis replaces Professor Sergio Croce as Joint Coordinator. He is an expert in Building Pathology and Diagnostics, Building Performance Specification and Design Review. His practice and specialist field is the construction and design of high performance building envelopes.
W098 - Intelligent and Responsive Buildings: Report on the W098 Workshop "Intelligence in Assisted Homes"
The workshop highlighted relevant issues on home assisted living and telecare/telehealth and presented the latest developments in these fields. It provided a unique forum where people attending had the opportunity to exchange ideas and information in the field of home and building automation.
W113 - Law and Dispute Resolution: Hong Kong Meetings
W113 recently held a series of meetings at some of Hong Kong's leading built environment research and education providers to discuss key legal developments and future challenges in the region. Areas of conflict management and dispute resolution within the construction industry were closely worked on.
W113 - Law and Dispute Resolution: W113 Study Group Report
W113 supports the work of two law-related study groups hosted by the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Infrastructure and Construction Industry Development (CICID). Each of these has generated an impressive level of industry-relevant scholarship over the last two years.
From the CIB Partners
CIB Partner Organisations
In this new chapter in the CIB Newsletter 'From the CIB Partners' news will be published on a regular basis about the CIB Partner Organisations. This reflects the growing number of new partnerships CIB recently got engaged in. An overview of the current CIB partnerships is given.
IABSE Publications Archive 1929-1999: A Treasure of Information on Structures and Structural Engineering Free of Charge Online!
IABSE made its archive available free of charge online. The IABSE Publications Archive contains over 80.000 pages of historic documents from 1929-1999 on Structural Engineering and is accessible to students, research, professionals and the public.
From the CIB Management
Proposal for CIB Board Composition for 2010-2013
This article contains the proposal by the outgoing Board for the new Board for the period 2010-2013, including the proposed new CIB President Prof. John McCarthy, QUT - Queensland University of Technology, Australia, plus four other proposed new CIB Officers.
Forthcoming Meetings
System Integration, London, United Kingdom, 23 February 2010
This seminar is intended for those who commission, own, use, design, build and operate intelligent buildings. The seminar will show how to create Intelligent Buildings and use pragmatic system integration in buildings to create safer, more efficient and more productive work spaces.
CIB World Building Congress, Salford Quays, United Kingdom, 10-13 May 2010: Sponsorship Menu
A range of sponsorship opportunities exist and will provide sponsors with visibility and profile, typically through the following (open to discussion), which will be scaled in proportion to the level of sponsorship. In addition there are specialist open workshops that provide the opportunity for sponsorship.
CIB World Building Congress, Salford Quays, United Kingdom, 10-13 May 2010
Over 1000 abstracts have been received and hundreds of papers being presented are anticipated. A detailed programme can be downloaded. A series of events for postgraduate researchers will take place. Publication in journal papers is vitally important and arrangements are successfully concluded.
PM-05: Advancing Project Management for the 21st Century, Crete, Greece, 29-31 May 2010
The forthcoming PM-05 Conference aims to further synergy for closer cooperation, business relations and know-how exchange in project management in the international context. PM-05 will be organized along scientific and professional streams in order to promote both research and business outcomes.
SB10 Amman - The Second International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development: Update and Amended Submission Dates, Amman, Jordan, 12-15 July 2010
The conference aims to address aspects of urban development considering the implications of applying the principles of sustainability. Of particular interest for the conference is sustainability in the Arab world cities which are undergoing one of the fastest rates of development in the world.
W113 - Law and Dispute Resolution: COBRA 2010, Call for Papers, Paris, France, 2-3 September 2010
The symposium will address a broad range of legal topics which impact upon all aspects of the design, management and use of the built environment. The interdisciplinary nature of COBRA conferences ensures that delegates have the opportunity to interact with other legal scholars affecting the built environment.
SB10 Finland Sustainable Community: Call for Papers, Espoo, Finland, 22-24 September 2010
This is a final call for abstracts of papers for the Sustainable Community Conference about Sustainability Assessment of Buildings and Cities, Managing Life Cycle Performance, Sustainable Processes, Sustainable Solutions, Well-being, and Urban Planning.
SB10 Western Europe: Update, 11-13 October 2010
The submitting of abstracts has been extended to 31 January 2010. The name of this conference arises from the fact that it will be held in three European countries in Western Europe. It will take place in Maastricht (Netherlands), Liege and Zolder (Belgium) and Aachen (Germany).
SB10 Sao Paulo - Instrumenting Change: UPDATE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2010
SB10 Brazil marks the 10th anniversary of the first large-scale attempt to foster and smooth the transition from sustainable building into practice in Brazil and Latin America. Among the subjects are: sustainable urban models and infrastructure; and sustainable facility management.
Joint W116/W092/TG72 International Workshops, Brisbane, Australia, 1-3 December 2010
CIB W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, W092 - Procurement Systems and TG72 - Public Private Partnership will run international workshops coinciding with ICCREM2010. Special attention will be on the reviewing of the CIB Agenda 21 publications.
W078 - Information Technology for Construction & W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: 28th International Workshop "Computer Integrated Construction", Sophia Antipolis, France, 26-28 October 2011
Among the conference topics will be: Managing ICT Strategies; Standards and Interoperability policies in a web based organisation; Integral Design and knowledge development; Sensor and automation of Construction follow-up;and Management of Knowledge along the Building Life cycle.
Encouraged Journals
CIB Encouraged Journals from Emerald Group Publishing: Latest News
Included is news on: the publication of the first issue of the International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment, a special issue on Environmental Behaviour of the journal Facilities and a call for papers on Environmental Behaviour for the journal Structural Survey.
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment
To celebrate the publication of the first complete volume of International Journal of Law in the Built Environment (IJLBE), Emerald Group Publishing is offering free online access to all papers in Volume 1 until 31 March 2010. IJLBE is actively seeking submissions of papers.
Architectural Engineering and Design Management: Special Issue on Integrated Design & Delivery Solutions - Call for Papers
This special issue of the AEDM journal focuses on the design and engineering phases of IDDS within construction projects. Among the themes are requirements for integrated design and engineering processes and nature of integrated design and engineering solutions, including barriers and enablers.
International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment
The Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment announces a call for papers for a Disaster Management stream in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' (RICS) COBRA 2010 research conference to be held at Dauphine Universite Paris, France, on 2-3 September 2010.
Student Chapters
1st Americas Trans-Institutional Student Summit (ATISS) on Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions (IDDS) and the Built and Human Environment (BuHu), Texas, 14-15 October 2010
ATISS offers the opportunity for broad-based and wide-ranging discussions by various disciplines. The most relevant aspects of IDDS on which abstracts are invited include: competence requirements for IDDS; utilization of building information models; integrated processes; and sustainability.
Student Chapter Newsletter Technical University of Lisbon (IST)
The CIB Student Chapter at the Technical University of Lisbon - Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture recently published its third Newsletter. The new Chapter President is announced. In addition an overview is given of the chapter's publications, events and established research groups.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on new CIB Members last December we have installed 7 new Members: 1 Associate Member and 6 Individual Members. The new Associate Member is the National Cheng Kung University, Department of Architecture.