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Newsletter 2010 - 5

Around Commissions
TG63 - Disasters and the Built Environment: Extension Mandate and New Joint Coordinator
The CIB Programme Committee granted TG63 a three year mandate extension and appointed Dr. Lee Bosher, Loughborough University, as new Joint Coordinator. Among the planned output are case studies about the implementation of disaster risk reduction principles in building and construction.
TG68 - Construction Mediation and TG69 - Green Buildings and the Law: Two Books in the Area of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
"Mediation in the Construction Industry - An International Review" identifies the emerging international practices within construction medition. "Green Buildings and the Law" reviews aspects of the law relating to green development in a range of jurisdictions. Both books can be pre-ordered.
TG79 - Building Regulations and Control in the Face of Climate Change: Introducing New Task Group and its Joint Coordinators
A new Task Group has been established. Prof. Edwin Chan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China and Prof. Henk Visscher, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands are the Joint Coordinators of this new Task Group. A short description of the Task Group and Coordinators is given.
TG80 - Legal and Regulatory Aspects of BIM: Introducing New Task Group and its Joint Coordinators
A new Task Group has been established. Mr. Brodie McAdam, University of Salford, United Kingdom and Prof. Kerry London, Deakin University, Australia are the Joint Coordinators of this new Task Group. A short description of the Task Group and Coordinators is given.
From the CIB Management
Establishment SCC - Student Chapter Committee
A focus of this new Board Committee is to support the development of international Student Chapters in their pilot phase. The Committee will promote the establishment of new Student Chapters, support the activities of existing Chapters and monitor Chapters to ensure they remain active and relevant.
New CIB Officers and Board Members for the Term 2010-2013
At the annual General Assembly held in May in Salford, United Kingdom the Board was elected for the period 2010-2013. This includes the President, the other 5 Officers, the Chairs of the Marketing and Communications Committee and the Student Chapter Committee and other Board Members.
Honorary Membership for Rodney Milford
At its first meeting on May 12, 2010 the new CIB Board decided to grant a lifelong Honorary CIB Membership for Rodney Milford. Rodney's dedication to CIB has been an inspiration to all his colleagues and has helped to strengthen CIB as a community of worldwide experts who want to make a difference.
CIB Fee Levels 2011-2013
The 2010 CIB General Assembly has defined the membership fee levels for 2011 - 2013. With an assumed Rate of Inflation in The Netherlands of 2.5% average in the years 2010-2012, it was decided to increase all Membership Levels, except AM2, annually with 1.5% only.
CIB Best Coordinator's Award 2007-2010 for Paul Chynoweth
The Award has been given to Paul Chynoweth, Coordinator since 2006 of W113 - Law and Dispute Resolution that has become one of CIB's most active commissions with a series of related Task Groups, annual conferences, an international journal and an international Student Forum.
From the CIB General Secretariat
New Service to CIB Members - Selected CIB News in your own Website
The advantage of this service is that users of your website will have direst access to the latest news about, for example: CIB conferences and Commissions with which your own organization is associated, announcements of upcoming international CIB events of interest and free downloadable CIB Publications.
Forthcoming Meetings
W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Local Wisdom in Global Era, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 26-27 November 2010
The theme of the Conference is: Enhancing the locality in Architecture, Housing and Urban Enviornment. Among the topics are indigenous architecture as a basic architectural design and informal settlements as a basic development for housing improvement.
New Publications
Smart-ECO Summary Report
Notable features of this free downloadable Report are: the description of the vision of sustainability in 2030, a set of requirements that sustainable buildings must meet, and a description of available or emerging most promising technologies.
W080 - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components: Test Methods for Service Life Prediction - State of the Art Report
This free downloadable report outlines the general principles of service life prediction tests with reference to ISO 15686-2 and highlights the two approaches to service life prediction that are commonly used - prediction based on the material of construction and prediction based on actual components.
W111 - Usability of Workplaces: Usability of Workplaces - Phase 3
The work reported in this free downloadable publication was carried out in 2009/10. It has developed methodologies for usability and has tested the practical application of usability concepts, tools and techniques. Cases and workshops have focused on evaluation of the usability of learning environments.
TG57 - Industrialisation in Construction: New Perspective in Industrialisation in Construction - A State-of-the-Art Report
This free downloadable book is divided in 4 main sections: context, strategies, methods and tools, and products. Drivers to industrialise construction include the need for safety, better quality control, better occupational health, better environmental care, cheaper production and the lack of skilled labour.
Emerging from the Global Economic Crisis: Delivering Recovery through a Sustainable Construction Industry
Because of the worldwide economic crisis the focus of this report is consideration of the question: what are the major forces of change affecting the construction industry and how should the global construction industry prepare itself to address economic and business sustainability?
Review of CIB Collected Outlook Reports
This summary analysis of CIB collected futures reports details the significant international effort in identifying the challenges of the coming decades for the global construction industry. There is a well defined and understood international agenda for the future of the construction industry.
Student Chapters
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University CIB Endorsed Student Research Reports on a Busy Year
The latest Chapter newsletter reports on several matters: exchange activities in the Universiti Teknologi Shah Alam Malaysia, research gatherings, exchange seminar with the Shenzhen University, best final year dissertation, career talks, workshops and CIB promotion.