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Newsletter 2010 - 6

Around Commissions
TG66 - Energy and the Built Environment: Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies in 5 Continents: Programme Overview
Internet sessions are being organized dedicated to the Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies in Latin America in September 2010, North America in October 2010, Asia in November 2010, Mediterranean countries and Africa in January 2011 and Australia-New Zealand in February 2011.
TG81 - Global Construction Data: Introducing New Task Group and its Coordinator Stephen Gruneberg
The aim of this Task Group is to gather as much statistical information as possible about all the regions of the world. Eventually this will enable to produce useable tables on the many different aspects of construction covered by existing national statistical offices and to make those available via CIB.
W080 - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components: Introducing Three New Coordinators
The CIB Programme Committee has appointed Dr. Karl Wolfram Trinius, Ingenieurburo Trinius GmbH, Germany, Prof. Bruno Daniotti, Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Dr Julien Hans, CSTB, France as the Three Joint Coordinators of W080. A short description of their curriculum vitae is given.
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Report of the 16th International Conference on Open and Sustainable Building, Bilbao, Spain, 17-19 May 2010
The conference report addresses the keynote speeches on patterns of control in the making of the built environment and on the adaptation of building industrialisation. Outcomes will be published through proceedings, the publication of a student competition and the journal Open House International.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Report on the SB10 Conference held in Madrid, Spain, April 2010
The conclusions of the conference can be summarised as follows: the main objective is the satisfaction of people's needs, citizen's participation is a must, the action scale is urban, rehabilitation is crucial, rehabilitation must be built and an appropriate social and political agreement is required.
Report on the SB10 Conference considers the Sustainability Challenge held in May 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand
The theme of the conference was 'innovation and transformation'. The focus as on positive change and how far we have come as an industry. Minister Hon. Maurice Williamson presented what the government is doing to make sustainable building a reality.
Forthcoming Meetings
CESB10: Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building - From Theory to Practice, Prague, Czech Republic, 30 June - 2 July 2010
The conference topics are: advanced building design, energy efficiency, material efficiency, quality of internal and external environment, assessment methods, economy, policy and legislation and education and information. The Keynote Speakers and the exhibition and videoshow are being announced.
SB10 Amman - The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development, Amman, Jordan, 12-15 July 2010
The topics of the conference are: urban planning and urban design for sustainability, design for sustainability, whole life urban sustainability and its assessment, governance and local planning for sustainability and climate change versus sustainability.
The CIB Co-Sponsored 5th Built Environment Conference, Durban, South Africa, 18-20 July 2010
Among the topics are: sustainable construction, climate change, education and professional development, service delivery/ customer service, information technology, legislation and regulatory framework, dispute resolution, and human resource management and industrial relations.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Better Building, Better World, Shanghai, China, 16-20 August 2010
This Summit aims to raise the awareness of people to the significant role of building operations as one of the major contributors to climate change. It calls for action to take every opportunity to mitigate climate change in the next decade and beyond.
W070 - Facilities Management and Maintenance: International Conference on Facilities Management "FM in the Experience Economy", Sao Paulo, Brazil, 13-15 September 2010
The special themes at the conference are: Extreme events in Built Environment, Critical Infrastructures FM and Heritage Building Management. Included are changing environment of FM, effective use of resources, results of FM operations and meeting organisational and human needs.
SB10 Finland Sustainable Community, Espoo, Finland, 22-24 September 2010
Among the Sessions to be held will be: opportunities for environmental sustainability, the economic dimension of sustainable building and actions towards urban innovations and social sustainability. Also a fresh update of Low2no Sustainable Development Competition in Helsinki will be given.
CIB Co-Sponsored: 6th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation, Copenhagen, Denmark, 13-15 April 2011
Topics include but are not limited to: transforming practices of construction, consuming constructions, the co-construction of users and producers, construction in society - gluing sector governance and project practices together, and challenging theories.
CIB Co-Sponsored: Management and Innovation for a Sustainable Built Environment, CIB International Conference of W055, W065, W089, W112, TG76, TG78, TG81 organised in association with AESOP & ENHR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 20-23 June 2011
The Conference stimulates and facilitates international cooperation and information exchange in building and construction research and innovation and technology development. It is engaged in the scientific, technical, economic and social domains related to building and construction.
W096 - Architectural Management: Conference on Architectural Management in the Digital Arena, Vienna, Austria, 13-14 October 2011
Among the issues the conference will address are: smart, lean and intelligent architectural design management, application of collaborative technologies, such as building information modeling (BIM) and integrated (sustainable) design solutions and integrated working practices.
SB11 Helsinki: World Sustainable Building Conference - Call for Papers, Helsinki, Finland, 18-21 October 2011
The conference is the culmination of the series of regional SB10 conferences. It addresses new opportunities for improving quality of life, mitigating effects of climate change and making new business in both developing countries and industrialized nations.
New Publications
Proceedings: SB10 Wellington - Innovation and Transformation, held in Wellington, New Zealand, May 2010
Sustainable design and construction were key factors in reducing national energy and water consumption. The conference facilitated the sharing of experience, provided benchmarking of best practices and provided a clear understanding of the state of sustainable building in New Zealand.
Proceedings: CESB10 Prague - Central Europe towards Sustainable Building "From Theory to Practice"
The following subjects of sustainable building design are included: advanced building design, energy efficiency, material efficiency, quality of internal and external environment, assessment methods, economy, policy and legislation and education and information.
Proceedings of the CIB 2010 World Congress, Salford, United Kingdom, May 2010
These Congress Proceedings include, in addition to the over 600 scientific papers and the post-graduate contributions, the challenges to the world's research community as presented at the Congress by the UN, WHO, OECD, ECTP and the UK National Platform for the Built Environment.
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Open and Sustainable Building
This free downloadable publication addresses issues ranging from health care to housing, building technology to design methods, and represent research and practice by experts from Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Also a brief history of W104 is given.
Encouraged Journals
Intelligent Buildings International: New Developments
The principal areas covered by the journal include: understanding how the built environment affects people's well-being, sustainable design and management, automation and innovative systems and approaches to design. CIB members are offered a 50% discount on a 1-year subscription.
Architectural Engineering and Design Management (AEDM): Lean Design Management - Call for Papers
The purpose of this special edition is to assemble a variety of viewpoints from around the globe on the application of lean design management. Papers reporting recently completed research and experiences from practice are particularly welcome as are theoretical articles.
Student Chapters
W113 - Law & Dispute Resolution: Student Membership Now Available - Launch of the W113 Postgraduate Student Forum
The Postgraduate Student Forum aims to provide an active and supportive community for Postgraduate Construction and Property Law Students worldwide. Membership is open to postgraduate students, whether enrolled for a taught or research award.
CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award - Call for Proposals 2010
CIB Student Chapters are encouraged to demonstrate in a Proposal how their student members have the potential to be future leaders in their chosen field of work and to understand the value of building research. The award for the winning proposal this year will include a sum of Euro 2500.
Members Section Personal News
David Anthony Langford MSc., MPhil., FCIOB (6 May 1950 - 26 May 2010): Obituary - CIB W065/W055
David Langford's death leaves a sense of great loss - of his intellect, his always positive contribution, his care and human perspective, and his sense of good fun and 'life for living'. His association with CIB began in the early 1980s. He passed away peacefully while in Crete for a conference.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on new CIB Members last March we have installed 8 new Members: 1 Full Member, 4 Associate Members and 3 Individual Members. The Full Member is a Research Institute and the Associate Members are a Research Programming Institute and three Universities.