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Newsletter 2010 - 7

Around Commissions
TG74 - New Production and Business Models in Construction: ASCE Journal of Architecture Engineering - Call for Papers for a CIB TG74 Special Issue on Offsite Construction
The aim of this special issue is to provide practitioners and researchers with the latest knowledge of theories, practices, issues and challenges facing the manufactured construction sector. Special attention is to be given to opportunities and challenges for new construction related business models.
TG76 - Recognising Innovation in Construction: Website and Debate Report
TG76 held a well attended debate at the CIB World Congress on the motion that 'Construction is a low innovation sector'. The debate was followed by the TG76 business meeting, which has set out a full programme of work for the next two years. The TG76 website contains podcasts of the debate position.
TG77 - Health and the Built Environment: WHO Challenge
WHO challenged CIB at its World Building Congress a.o. to develop methods for Post-Occupancy Evaluations and Health Impact Assessments, to publish a comprehensive healthy building manual and to establish a code of conduct promoting healthy building construction.
W111 - Usability of Workplaces: OECD - CELE (Centre for Effective Learning Environments) Challenge
The OECD challenge, clearly expressed prior to the CIB Congress in May 2010, was: How do you create effective environments for education that are usable and sustainable in the long term? The CIB-OECD collaboration began in 2009 and has produced reports on the usability of workplaces.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Report of the PM-05: Advancing Project Management for the 21st Century, the 5th Project Management Conference held in May 2010 in Crete, Greece
The PM-05 Conference aimed to further synergy for closer cooperation, business relations and know-how exchange in project management in the international context. Further advancement of the discipline through research and development was discussed.
2010 Tsinghua Summer School for International Construction, 28 June-6 July 2010
Special features of the Summer School included on-site lectures and both ancient and modern architecture. The organizers are keen to build this into a programme of annual events that aim to improve mutual understandig between Chinese and international students and industry practitioners in China.
Forthcoming Meetings
Third Announcement: International CIB Student Chapter Conference 2010, Budapest, Hungary, 30 September - 2 October 2010
The conference themes are liveable cities, environmentally conscious, energy efficient buildings, architectural innovation - renewal and preservation of existing buildings and other related topics. In addition to the scientific programme, social programmes will also be offered.
New Publications
Proceedings of the PM-05: 5th Scientific Conference on Project Management, held in May 2010, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
The conference theme was "Concepts, Tools & Techniques for Managing Successful Projects". PM-05 embraced both academia/research and practice/profession and, more importantly, aimed at the interaction of the two spheres. CIB members can download the proceedings for free.
W023 - Wall Structures: Guide for the Structural Rehabilitation of Heritage Buildings
This free downloadable publication provides guidance for the rehabilitation of heritage buildings, with an emphasis on the assessment of the structural safety. Chapters focus on general aspects, information on the building, structural assessment, repair and strengthening and quality of the intervention work.
TG68 - Construction Mediation: New Publication: Mediation in the Construction Industry - An International Review
The book identifies the emerging international practices within construction mediation, and seeks solutions to the many legal and commercial challenges. It presents an international collection of reviews by experts and allows a comparative commentary on the practice of construction mediation.
Encouraged Journals
Journal on Construction Innovation - Special Issue: Global Responses to the Need for Innovation in the Construction Industry - Call for Papers
A recent debate at the CIB World Congress in the UK presented an interesting hypothesis for discussion, namely, "Construction is a Low Innovation Sector". Global exemplars and case studies reflecting either 'low' or 'high' innovation perspectives are particularly encouraged for papers.
Revista Ingenieria de Construccion and Journal of Construction Engineering and Management: Special Bilingual Issue on Engineering in the Americas - Call for Papers
For this special issue papers are invited addressing specific issues affecting Engineering in the Americas, including, but not limited to the following: productivity, equipment, materials, sustainability, cultural issues, standards and design codes and accreditation of engineering programs.
Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction: Call for Papers
The Journal publishes original manuscripts (theoretical and empirical) within both property and construction fields on issues dealing with among others project and corporate financing, risk management, market analysis, modeling and valuation of property and building/construction economics.
Structural Survey: Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Adaptation and Sustainability: The Coming of Age for Existing Buildings
Among the areas that are particularly encouraged are building conservation, heritage buildings and adaptation, managing the adaptation process, compliance issues regarding regulations and codes in adaptation, case studies of refurbishment and engineering services.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on new CIB Members last July we have installed 7 new Members: 1 Associate Member and 6 Individual Members. The Associate Member is the Drexel University - Construction Management Program in Philadelphia, United States.