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Newsletter 2010 - 9

Around Commissions
TG78 - Informality and Emergence in Construction: Update of the Task Group
The article provides an activities overview. Activities after the launch in May this year include: a web-based forum to stimulate discussion on informality and emergence in construction and a survey. Upcoming activities include a literature review and a special workshop in 2011.
W089 - Education in the Built Environment: Introducing the new Joint Coordinator Dr. Richard Burt
The CIB Programme Committee appointed Dr. Richard Burt as Joint Coordinator of CIB W089 on Education in the Built Environment. Richard is Professor of Building Science and Head of the McWhorter School of Building at the Auburn University, Auburn, USA.
W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: Introducing a New Joint Coordinator Dr. Malik Khalfan
The CIB Programme Committee has appointed Dr. Malik Khalfan, as a new Joint Coordinator of CIB W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building. Malik is currently Senior Lecturer Project Management at RMIT, Australia.
From CIB Co-Sponsored Events
Report from the International CIB Student Chapter Conference 2010
The presentations covered a wide range of issues from research outcomes of architectural science to the effect analysis of the global financial crisis. An Abstract Book about this International CIB Student Chapter Conference 2010 has been published and this is freely downloadable.
From the CIB Management
Appointment New Programme Committee Member Prof.Dr. Theo Haupt
The CIB Board appointed Prof Dr Theo Haupt as new Member of the Programme Committee and Guest Member of the Board. Theo is currently employed as Director Building Construction Science at Mississippi State University, USA.
Forthcoming Meetings
TG66 - Energy and the Built Environment: International Webinar - Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies in North America, 12 October 2010
TG66 has established a series of Webinars ("virtual meetings") that focusses on energy policies in different regions in the world and that will result in a world-wide status report on energy policies as related to the built environment. This invitation is to the third Webinar, dedicated to North America.
TG66 - Energy and the Built Environment: International Webinar - Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies in South America, 4 November 2010
TG66 has established a series of Webinars (virtual meetings) that focusses on energy policies in different regions in the world and that will result in a world-wide status report on energy policies as related to the built environment. This invitation is to the fourth Webinar, dedicated to South America.
CIB Co-Sponsored: The 28th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, Seoul, Korea, 29 June-2 July 2011
Among the conference topics are: augmented and virtual reality, advanced computing in construction, architecture and planning, automation and robotics in building construction, automation and robotics in civil engineering, automation in maintenance and inspection and building information modeling.
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: Prevention: The Means to the End of Safety and Health Risks - Second Announcement, Washington DC, United States, 24-26 August 2011
The overall conference theme is prevention. Among the topic areas are: prevention of accidents through design, achieving the goal of zero incidents, aging workforce in construction, best practices and benchmarking and communicable diseases on construction sites.
W113 - RICS Legal Research Symposium, part of the RICS COBRA 2011 Conference: First Call for Papers, Manchester, United Kingdom, 12-13 September 2011
Papers are invited which address legal topics affecting the built environment or the professional work or education of chartered surveyors, including: property, construction, environmental, housing and planning law, regulation & control, ADR, liability and ethics and education.
SB11 Helsinki: World Sustainable Building Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 18-21 October 2011: Extended Abstract Deadline
The deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended to 7th November 2010. The World Sustainable Building Conference addresses new opportunities for improving quality of life, mitigating effects of climate change and making new business.
SB11 Helsinki: World Sustainable Building Conference - Abstract Submission Deadline, Helsinki, Finland, 18-21 October 2011
The aim of the World Sustainable Building Conference in Helsinki is to share leading knowledge, and also to find new solutions, which can enhance sustainable ways of living and working within built environments. The deadline for all abstract submissions is 22nd October 2010.
W107 - Construction in Developing Countries: International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Construction in Developing Countries, 1st Announcement, Hanoi, Vietnam, 1-3 November 2011
Among the sub themes of the conference are: innovation in construction, sustainable construction practices and cost effectiveness, construction workforce and productivity, building information modelling (BIM), innovative project delivery systems and construction safety management and quality.
17th International Conference "Open Building Implementation", Boston, United States, 15-17 November 2011
The theme of the conference is: "Architecture in the Fourth Dimension: Methods and practices for a sustainable building stock". The subthemes are: residential architecture on the fourth dimension, health care architecture and use types experiencing the pressures of continuous customization and change.
New Publications
Proceedings of SB10 Espoo: Sustainable Community - buildingSMART, held in September 2010, Espoo, Finland
Around 150 papers had been accepted, mainly from the Nordic countries. The community scale is seen as crucial to achieving sustainability, whereas Building Information Modelling (BIM) is fundamental as a means to implement sustainability in life cycle processes in the built environment.
W113 - Law and Dispute Resolution: W113 Papers at COBRA 2010
The free downloadable collection of papers from the proceedings from the COBRA conference in Paris contain the following topics: Environmental Law, Building Regulations, Construction Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, International Law, Housing Law, Professional Ethics, Planning Law and Property Law.
Series of Proceedings of Special Tracks of CIB Commissions held at the 18th CIB World Building Congress, May 2010, Salford, United Kingdom
During the CIB World Congress in May 2010, several CIB Commissions organised so-called Special Tracks. The Proceedings of these Special Tracks are now available as free downloadable CIB Publications. These include both scientific and PhD papers related to the topic as presented at the Congress.
Encouraged Journals
Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction: In Celebration of 15 Years of Publication - Call for Papers
Papers are invited within both property and construction fields on issues dealing with among others: project and corporate financingrisk management, market analysis, modelling and valuation of property, building/construction economics, investment theory and practice.
International Journal of Law in the Built Environment: Call for Papers
For this issue the editors are seeking high quality academic papers focussing on what is traditionally described as "construction law", whether in common or civil law jurisdictions. Topic may include: construction or engineering contracts and construction obligations (tort, restitution, etc.).
New Classification for Long-Established CIB Encouraged Journals: CIB Recognised Journals
The new classification of CIB Recognised Journal identifies those journals that have previously gained the status of CIB Encouraged Journal and have maintained a consistently high standard of content since then. The classification recognizes journals that have demonstrated sustained merit.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on new CIB Members last September we have installed 7 new Members: 1 Associate Member and 6 Individual Members. The Associate Member is MT Hojgaard a/s, a Construction Firm from Denmark.