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Newsletter 2011 - 10

The CIB General Secretariat wishes all readers of the CIB Newsletter a happy holiday and a prosperous, healthy and successful 2012!
Around Commissions
W078 - Information Technology for Construction / W102 - Information and Knowledge Management in Building: Conference Report from the 28th International Conference
This Conference was dedicated to the latest broad achievements in research, development, standardisation and industrial implementation of advanced Computing, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Management (KM) in the Construction sector and the Built environment.
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: Report of CIB W099 Conference: Prevention - Means to the End of Construction Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities
At the conference great value was seen in having a cross-industry Prevention through Design conference followed by a construction-specific conference with a prevention theme. There were also synergistic logistics benefits by combining the two conferences.
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Report of the 17th W104 Conference held in Boston, USA: Architecture in the Fourth Dimension
This conference engaged participants in considering architecture as a long-term investment imbued with the capacity for incremental change. The focus was on residential and healthcare architecture, and their potential intersection. Building for the long haul is an urgent societal agenda.
W114 - Earthquake Engineering and Buildings: Report on CIB W114 Conference Session, September 2011
There were presentations about the procedures of seismic isolation design from Japan, U.S., China and Taiwan, all using the same benchmark building. Each design code had a different target performance and evaluation method; therefore the results of design were different from each other.
Forthcoming Meetings
International Workshop on Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions (IDDS), Washington DC, USA, 15-17 April 2012
CIB, NIST, FIATECH, Virginia Tech and A+CA will host a workshop to showcase the integrated design and delivery solutions that are being deployed by companies in the US as well as abroad. Global research, technology and innovative practices in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) will be showcased.
W118 - Clients and Users in Construction: Inaugural Conference, Montreal, Canada, 26-29 June 2012
The rationale behind W118 on 'Clients and Users in Construction' is to turn the so far dominant focus on the supply of buildings to the demand side. Clients and users play a significant role in shaping construction and real estate through various social, technological, economical, environmental and political drivers.
CIB Joint International Conference on Management of Construction: Research to Practice, Montreal, Canada, 26-29 June 2012
The conference aims to stimulate and facilitate international cooperation and information exchange in construction management, research and innovation. It will bring together construction professionals, researchers and students to meet and discuss recent developments in the built environment.
W107 - Construction in Developing Countries: World Construction Conference 2012 - Global Challenges in Construction Industry, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 28-30 June 2012 - Call for Papers
The main theme of the Conference is Global Challenges in Construction Industry. Sub themes include multinational construction practices, sustainable development, disaster management, energy management, project financing and risk management, and law and dispute resolution.
New Publications
CIB W113 Papers on Law and Dispute Resolution at COBRA 2011, Manchester, United Kingdom, 12-13 September 2011
The free downloadable collection of W113 papers from the proceedings of the COBRA conference contain the following topics: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Building Regulation and Control, Construction Law, Environmental Law, Planning Law, Professional Liability and Ethics and Property Law.
Student Chapters
Student Chapter Newsletter Technical University of Lisbon (IST) No. 4, November 2011
The CIB Student Chapter at the Technical University of Lisbon - IST - Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture recently published its new Newsletter (No. 4, November 2011). An overview is given of the chapter's publications, events and established research groups.
News from the CIB Student Chapter at the RMIT University
The first RMIT-CIB Student Chapter Newsletter includes an editorial describing the evolution of the Chapter and acknowledging the support the Chapter has received, and goes on to describe how the Chapter plans to support student members undertaking research degrees.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on new CIB Members last October we have installed 10 new Members: 1 Associate Member and 9 Individual Members. The new Associate Member is the Central University of Technology, Free State, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, South Africa.