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Newsletter 2011 - 6

Around Commissions
TG77 - Health and the Built Environment: Introducing the New Coordinator Drs. Wart Mandersloot
The CIB Programme Committee has appointed Drs. Willem Mandersloot from TNO, Built Environment and Geosciences in Utrecht, The Netherlands as new Coordinator of TG77 - Health and the Built Environment. He replaces Dr. Marinus Verweij, who also was from TNO.
W080 - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components: Report on the 12DBMC - International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components, Porto, Portugal, 12-15 April 2011
Among the conference themes that ranged from theory to practice were: building physics and durability, service life prediction methodologies, durability approach for historical and old buildings, building pathology vs. durability and asset and maintenance management.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB TG72/ARCOM Doctoral Research Workshop: Public Private Partnerships, Preston, United Kingdom, 12 October 2011
Research presentations will facilitate discussions on aspects of research methodological approaches, data collection and analysis, research outcomes and contributions to the body of knowledge, which while focused on PPP will also interface with related knowledge domains in procurement and performance.
Joint CIB W070, W092 and TG72 International Conference on Facility Management, Procurement Systems and Public Private Partnership - Delivering Value to the Community, Cape Town, 23-25 January 2012
The organisers intend that the bringing together of these Commissions will create synergies especially around the issues of whole of life approaches, alternative financial approaches, alternative organisational and managerial initiatives and information management and modelling (BIM).
New Publications
Proceedings of the MISBE2011 - International Conference on Management and Innovation for a Sustainable Built Environment
Among the topics covered by these freely downloadable Proceedings are: management for sustainable design and construction, economics of the built environment, collaboration and integration in design and construction, innovation in construction and construction bidding and contracting.
TG69 - Green Buildings and the Law: Final TG69 Publication
The publication of "Green Buildings and the Law" sees the culmination of the research project and seeks to provide an outline of the state of the law relating to green buildings in key jurisdictions and address some of the legal challenges presented by the global warming imperative.
Encouraged Journals
Facilities: Special Issue - Facilities Management Development in China - Call for Papers
Contributions are invited particularly in any of the following areas: innovative theory and practice, experience, expertise and best practice, application of technologies and solutions in intelligent buildings, advances in post-occupancy evaluation and cost benefit analysis of green facilities.
Open House International: Special Issue on Adapting Buildings to Climate Change, Call for Papers
Articles for this Special Issue can include, but are not limited to: adaptation to increased temperature and extreme weather events, regulatory and policy framework, stakeholder perception, education for adaptation, building materials for adaptation and approaches to design for adaptation.
Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering: Special Issue on Visualization - Call for Papers
Topics of interest include but are not limited to: 3D, 4D and nD modelling, simulation and visualisation in AEC, visualisation of design, planning and construction processes and product design, impact of visualization on perceptions and aesthetic values and interoperability and standards in AEC.
Construction Innovation: Special Issue on Information, Process, Management - Collaborative Working in Construction - Call for Papers
Papers on the following topics will be considered: Management Perspective (stakeholder management, partnering/owner-contractor relationships, value management/methodology etc.) and Technology Perspective (agent and multi-agent approach, building information modelling etc.)
Facilities: Special Issue - Facilities Management in North America: Challenges and Opportunities - Call for Papers
Maintenance and operations have always been at the heart of facility management; however, larger data capabilities are introduced, and buildings, building systems, and components become more sophisticated. The topics that today’s facility managers are required to address have grown more difficult.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on new CIB Members last June we have installed 6 new Members: 2 Associate Members and 4 Individual Members. These are from India, Portugal, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. The new Associate Members are both Universities.