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Newsletter 2012 - 1

From the CIB General Secretariat
The first newsletter of the new year provides an annual opportunity for a retrospective overview of CIB activities in the past year. This overview reminds us again of the unique breadth of the CIB programme portfolio, which is revealed and emphasized by the range of those activities. The range of publications arising from the work of the many active volunteers whose sustained enthusiasm drives the Commissions, the active partnerships, the extraordinary number of conferences, the range of varied new Commissions, the plethora of conferences, the actively maintained Encouraged Journals regime and the popularity of the newly introduced international topic-oriented CIB Student Chapters speak of CIB's vibrancy and its ability to review, refresh and adapt itself to new demands.The economic climate has continued to be depressed, but that has not prevented CIB from doing all it can in straitened times to carry on its encouragement of journals, co-sponsorship of conferences, and formation of new and exciting forms of student chapters, to name only a few examples. CIB was proud to have been a cosponsor and provider of the coordinator (Assistant Secretary General Dr Bill Porteous) for the SB10/11 Sustainable Building Conference series, which culminated in the SB11 World Conference in Helsinki. This brief glance in the rear-view mirror illustrates how busy CIB was in 2011 and how well prepared it is to face the varied and exciting trials that 2012 will undoubtedly bring. I hope you will be impressed by the information summarized here and inspired to make your own contribution to another successful year for CIB in 2012. Wim Bakens, Secretary General of CIB
New CIB Commissions and Coordinators
In 2011 three new Task Groups and one new Working Commission were established: TG83 - e-Business in Construction, TG84 - Construction Reform, TG85 - R&D Investment and Impact and W119 - Customised Industrial Construction.
Overview CIB Commissions
The table contains for each commission an indication of the extend to which it is expected to contribute to the three defined CIB Priority Themes: SC - Sustainable Construction, RC - Revaluing Construction and IDDS - Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions.
CIB PC Commendation 2011
The CIB Programme Committee awards the PC Commendation 2011 to Prof Dr Ing Hans Joachim Blass, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, as a token of appreciation for his long lasting leadership of CIB Working Commission W018 - Timber Structures of his active contribution in 2011.
CIB Priority Themes
An overview is given of the highlights of CIB's Priority Themes: Sustainable Construction; Revaluing Construction; and Integrated Design & Delivery Solutions. These themes include activities carried out by CIB Commissions and special conferences and publications.
CIB Student Chapters
In 2011 two new University-based Student Chapters were established. Also two Commission-related chapters: the W080 Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components Student Forum and the W102 Information and Knowledge Management in Building Student Forum.
CIB and CIB Co-sponsored Conferences in 2011
2011 was a successful year for CIB related events all over the world, many of them of great international recognition and contributing in setting the global agenda in their respective field. A selection of 11 CIB and 17 CIB Co-sponsored Conferences in 2011 is given.
CIB Partnerships
In 2011 CIB established two new Partnerships: one with the Association of Schools of Construction of Southern Africa (ASOCSA) and the other with the Architecture and Construction Alliance (A+CA).
CIB and Related Publications in 2011
This article contains summaries of all 13 Proceedings and 6 other CIB Publications that have been produced in 2011 and have been made available to the CIB Secretariat. Hyperlinks are given to CIB news articles with detailed descriptions per publication and if relevant to URL's for free download.
CIB Encouraged Journals
As at 31 December 2011 there were 29 CIB Encouraged Journals and 2 CIB Recognised Journals. In 2011 one new journal was added: Smart and Sustainable Built Environment. A review was conducted in 2011 and it can be stated that there was a strong level of support for most of the journals.
New Members in 2011
In the year 2011 in total 38 new Members have joined CIB. These include 7 Associate Members and 31 Individual Members. Among the 7 new organisational Members there is one Architect and the other six are Universities.
CIB Membership Development 2011
The Annual CIB Membership Development for 2011 is presented with some comparative data for the period 2009-2011. It can be concluded that in 2011 the membership decreased. The loss originates mostly from Europe.
CIB KPI's - Key Performance Indicators 2011
CIB KPI's - Key Performance Indicators for the year 2011 with comparative data over the period 2009 - 2010 on developments concerning: Membership, Activities including Meetings, Task Groups and Working Commissions and Publications.