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Newsletter 2012 - 4

Around Commissions
TG77 - Health and the Built Environment: Report from the Webinar on WHO Guidelines and the Built Environment
The outcome of the webinar amongst others was given guidance to the drafting of a Research roadmap on Health and the Built Environment, much of the discussion focused on the need for research in support of creating healthier buildings and a healthier built environment.
From the CIB Management
2 New CIB Regional Offices, Tokyo and Dubai
The CIB Board confirmed the establishment of 2 new Regional Offices in respectively Tokyo and Dubai. The CIB Regional Office in Tokyo covers Japan and The Dubai office covers the MENA region: Middle East and Northern Africa.
2011 Annual CIB Board Report
The 2011 CIB Board Report includes contributions of the President and the Chairs of the CIB Board Committees. The Report hints at the broad and diverse portfolio of CIB activities that are reported in more detail in Issue 1 of the CIB Newsletter published in January 2012.
Priority Themes
CIB Priority Theme: Sustainable Construction - Chrisna du Plessis New Theme Coordinator
The CIB Board decided to continue with the CIB Priority Theme Sustainable Construction at least until the end of 2016, but a stronger emphasis on developing countries/emerging economies. Chrisna du Plessis is appointed as the new Coordinator for this Theme.
Forthcoming Meetings
2012 Tsinghua Summer School for International Construction, Beijing, China 1st - 9th July 2012
The Tsinghua Summer School for International Construction 2012 is a nine days intensive programme, which will be held in July 2012 in Beijing, China. The target audience includes industry practitioners, final year undergraduate- and postgraduate students from around the globe.
W110 - Conference on: Sustainable Human Settlements: The urban Challenge, 17-21 September 2012, Pretoria, South Africa
In preparation of the conference movies will be made in South Africa and The Netherlands on Open Building for Residential Building. At the conference ideas will be tested out for housing and human settlements in South Africa
W104 - Open Building Implementation: 18th International Conference on Open Building - Long Lasting Building in Urbanization, 19-22 November 2012 in Beijing, China
The subthemes of the Conference include: High comfort, low energy building; Long lasting buildings in dynamic societies; Health care architecture accommodating change; Urban tissues in rapid urbanization; Disaster relief architecture; An Infill industry; Innovations in Social Housing.
1st International DelPHE Conference on Construction Management in Developing Countries: Education, Training, Research and Practice, Khartoum, Sudan, 10 - 13 March 2013
The aim of the conference is to address the problems facing the construction industry in developing countries. It will offer a platform for participants to gain inimitable insights into the impediments to the development of the Construction Industry focusing on the role of education, research and training.
TG72 - Public Private Partnership: International Conference on PPP Body of Knowledge (P3BooK), 18 - 20 March 2013 in Preston, UK
The conference main themes are: Decision Models/Frameworks, Policies and Strategies, Implementation, Needs and Issues, PPP Markets, Finance Performance, Risk Management, Sustainability of PPP projects, Governance & Institutions, Managing Change & Innovation.
CIB World Building Congress 2013, 5-9 May 2013 in Brisbane, Australia - Call for Papers
The triennial CIB Congress will focus on the relationship between construction and society. How can research help to maximise the contribution of constructed assets to social goals? How will the research community meet emerging social needs? These questions are addressed through CIB Research Commissions.
TG78 - Informatlity and Emergence in Construction: Congress Session on Time and Construction: Calling Time on Organisational and Management Studies in Construction, Brisbane, Australia 5 - 9 May 2013 - Call for Papers
The Organizers do invite theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions from researchers who desire to broaden our view of time aspects in the context of social change and the relationship between construction and society.
W110 - Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing: Conference, as part of the 19th CIB World Building Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 5-9 May 2013, Call for Papers
The conference aims to gather research results and studies on “Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing” from around the world. Conference themes include: Urban Sustainability, Housing for the Poor and Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change.
W113 - Construction Law Stream, as part of the Triennial CIB World Building Congress in Brisbane, Australia, 5-9 May 2013
Papers for the Construction Law Stream are invited in areas such as: alternative dispute resolution in construction, contract law, industry Regulation, environmental & planning law, infrastructure delivery law, international law, legal education professional liability and practice in the construction law context.
W118 - Conference Clients and Users in Construction as part of the 19th CIB World Building Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 5-9 May 2013 - Call for Papers
The conference aims to gather research results and studies on Informal Settlements and Affordable Housing from around the world. Researchers, students, practitioners, government officials, NGOs, and others welcome to submit papers.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on CIB Members last March we have installed 5 new Members: 4 Associate Members and 1 Individual Member. Among the 4 new Associate Members there are 2 Universities, 1 Research Institute and 1 Housing Corporation.