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Newsletter 2012 - 7

Around Commissions
W055 - Construction Industry Economics: Introducing the New Joint Coordinator Prof. Dr. Sidney Newton
Prof. Dr. Sidney Newton, Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales, Australia, is appointed as a the Joint Coordinator of CIB W055. He is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with particular expertise in design cost modelling and budget forecasting uncertainty.
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: CIB Commission Recognition for Dr. Jimmie W Hinze
At the Conference Gala dinner, in Singapore Commission W099 acknowledged Dr. Jimmie Hinze for his sustained active involvement in CIB W099 and his extraordinary and vast contributions through research, scholarship, teaching, and service in the area of construction worker safety and health.
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction - Conference Report on Modelling and Building Health and Safety
The objectives of the conference were to facilitate the dissemination of research, to foster a mindset of systematic joint action, to explore the integration and application of new techniques, to formulate an agenda for research on occupational safety and health in construction up to 2025.
From the CIB General Secretariat
Global Green Building Trends - Invitation to Participate in a Research
CIB is partnering with McGraw-Hill Construction on an update of the Global Green Building Trends SmartMarket Report. It will examine green building and other important trends affecting and transforming the construction industry on a global regional and national level.
Forthcoming Meetings
Free CIB-UNEP Webinar: Resource Efficient Cities, 03 October 2012
The Webinar is on new technologies and best practices for Sustainable Building, with an emphasis on sustainable building in developing countries and emerging economies with a focus on Resource Efficient Cities
W086 Workshop: State-of-the-Art Building Pathology, part of the 19th CIB World Building Congress, 5-9 May 2013 in Brisbane, Australia
The State of the Art Report that will be presented at this workshop binds a set of in-depth articles in the following chapters: Introduction; Building Pathology and Costs; Methodology of Investigation; Information Dissemination; Case Studies; Conclusion and Bibliography.
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 California - Simple Tech, Smart Users, High Performance, in conjunction with BESS - Advancing Toward Net Zero, 24-25 June 2013, Pomona, California, United States
This Conference attracts architects, engineers, building scientists, etc. Submitted papers should address the following topics: innovative design, improving existing building stock performance, validation, affordable sustainability empowering the user, education.
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 Coventry - Sustainable Building and Construction Conference on 3-5 July 2013, Coventry, United Kingdom, First Announcement
Conference themes include: Low energy / carbon refurbishment, adaptation to climate change, in-use performance of buildings, micro-generation systems, water efficiency, case studies, sustainability education, procurement, corporate sustainability and building information modelling (BIM).
W062 - Water Supply and Drainage: 39th International Symposium on Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings, 17-20 September 2013 in Nagano, Japan
The scope of the Symposium includes: water supply, drainage (including roof drainage), sanitation, rainwater Harvesting and water re-use, water efficiency, water economics, materials for water supply and drainage, computer modelling, sustainability and climate change, public health codes and regulations.
New Publications
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction: Proceedings of the International Conference on Modelling and Building Health and Safety
The proceedings consist of 80 papers, including four keynote papers and three papers presented at the industry sessions of the conference. The conference organisers received 125 abstracts. 90 full papers were submitted.
Encouraged Journals
Building Research and Information - Special issue: Spatial and Temporal Scales in Sustainability - SB11
This special issue of Building Research and Information explores how the international research community is changing its focus on sustainable buildings. An array of different geographical and spatial scales as well as time scales is emerging and new benchmarks are presented.
Smart and Sustainable Built Environment - Special Issue: Development in the Gulf - Sustainable, Intelligent and Smart - Call for papers
The editors of this special issue - Development in the Gulf: are particularly keen to learn about the potential such knowledge transfer activities hold for the Gulf states and how smart technologies can help generate the intelligent systems needed to sustain the development of the built environment.
Construction Management and Economics: Special Issue on Human Resource Management in Construction
The articles in this special issue highlight the importance of HRM issues in the construction sector and addresses: rewards in architecture, tendering regime, industrial conflict, national cultural differences, construction teams and emotional intelligence.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on CIB Members last June we have installed10 new Members: 4 Associate Members and 6 Individual Member. All 4 new Associate Members are Universities. Four Members originate from Asia, three from Europe, two from USA and one from the Middle East.