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Newsletter 2013 - 1

From the CIB General Secretariat
This first newsletter of the new year gives an overview of CIB activities in the past year. The range of publications, commissions, partnerships, conferences, Encouraged Journals and CIB Student Chapters speak of CIB's vibrancy and its ability to review, refresh and adapt itself to new demands. I hope you will be impressed by the information summarized here and inspired to make your own contribution to another successful year for CIB in 2013.Wim Bakens, Secretary General of CIB
New CIB Commissions and Coordinators
In 2012 there were no new Commissions established; neither as new Task Group nor as an upgrade from a Task Group to a Working Commission. 5 new Coordinators for existing Commissions have been appointed.
Overview CIB Commissions
For each commission an indication is given of the extent to which it is expected to contribute to the defined CIB Priority Themes: SC - Sustainable Construction, IDDS - Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions, C&S-RU - Construction and Society - Resilient Urbanisation
CIB Research Roadmaps
In support of making CIB more relevant the CIB Board has introduced the concept of Defined Commission Products, one of which is the development by Commissions of Research Roadmaps. This is an overview of ongoing Roadmaps projects and of expected presentations at the World Building Congress.
CIB and CIB Co-sponsored Conferences
This provides an overview of CIB related events all over the world in 2012. For the first time this includes a number of CIB webinars. Selected Conferences are highlighted. It concerns 16 CIB Conferences, 1 CIB Co-sponsored Conference and 4 (series of) Webinars.
Overview CIB Publications
This article contains an overview of all 10 Proceedings, 3 Webinar Recordings and 3 other CIB publications that have been produced in 2012. Hyperlinks are are given to CIB news articles, and in case of a free downloadable publication the respective URL.
CIB PC Commendation 2012
The Programme Committee awarded the PC Commendation to the Joint Coordinators of TG85: Keith Hampson, Judy Kraatz and Aminah Robinson Fayek. They adopted the formula of one face-to-face annual meeting plus bi-monthly WebEx meetings in support of a very ambitious program.
CIB Priority Themes
In 2012 CIB continued with its earlier defined Priority Themes: SC - Sustainable Construction and IDDS - Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions and defined a new theme: CS/RU - Construction & Society - Resilient Urbanization. An overview provided highlights for each of those three priority themes.
CIB Student Chapters
The winner of the 2012 CIB Sebestyen Award was the University of Salford. Most remarkable was the series of webinars on Measuring Urban Sustainability organised by the International Student Chapter of Commission W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environments. An overview of Chapters is given.
CIB Webinars
In 2012 the CIB Secretariat has facilitated a series of webinars. Recordings, both of the integral webinars and edited recordings of selected stand-alone presentations, can be accesses in a special section of the CIB website. An overview is provided.
CIB Encouraged Journals
As at 31 December 2012 there were 30 CIB Encouraged Journals. There were 16 articles related to CIB Encouraged and CIB Recognised Journals published in the CIB Newsletter. The articles included 5 Call for Papers articles and 10 articles publicizing Special issues.
CIB Regional Offices
In 2012 two new regional offices were established: the Tokyo Office with Dr Hiroshi Ito, BRI as the Regional Director for Japan and the Dubai Office with Prof Mohammed Dulaimi of the British University as the Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.
New CIB Members
In 2012 a total 36 New Members have joined CIB. An overview of 13 Associate Members and 23 Individual Members is included. Among the 13 new Associate Members there is one from the Industry, two with a Research background and the other ten are Universities.
CIB Membership Development
An overview of CIB Membership Development for 2012 is presented with some comparative data for the period 2010-2012. It can be concluded that in 2012 the membership decreased. As in earlier years the loss originates for a large part from Europe.
CIB KPI's - Key Performance Indicators for the Year 2012 with Comparative Data over the Period 2010 - 2012
This News article on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) gives data on developments concerning: Membership for the CIB Membership in total and per fee category, region and type of organisation and concerning Activities, including Meetings, Commissions, Conferences and Publications.