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Newsletter 2013 - 10

In appreciation of our cooperation during the past year, the Staff at the CIB General Secretariat extend their very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season. May prosperity and success be with all the readers of our Newsletter.
Around Commissions
TG83 - e-Business in Construction - Introducing New Joint Coordinators: Dr. Bingunath Ingerige and Prof. Srinath Perera
The CIB Programme Committee has appointed Dr. Bingunath Ingirige, University of Salford, UK and Prof. Srinath Perera, Northumbria University, UK the New Joint Coordinators of CIB Task Group TG83 on e-Business in Construction. The TG's work programme will be coordinated by a Coordination Team.
TG87 - Urban Resilience: Benchmarking and Metrics - Introducing a New Task Group and its Coordinator: Dr Pin-Chao Liao
Dr. Pin-Chao Liao, from the Tsinghua University, Beijing, China PR is the appointed Coordinator of the new established Task Group TG87 on Urban Resilience: Benchmarking and Metrics. Pin-Chao states that making the city to be resilient is one of the critical missions in urban studies.
TG88 - Smart Cities: Introducing a New Task Group and its Coordinators - Dr. Miimu Airaksinen and Mr. Chris Bremmer
The CIB Programme Committee has established the New Task Group TG88 on Smart Cities. The Task Group objectives are: to develop the CIB community's vision and to define perspectives for the future of cities under the impacts of the new technologies and to create a strategic roadmap for research.
W120 - Disasters and the Built Environment: Introducing a New Working Commission and its Joint Coordinators - Dr. Lee Bosher and Dr. Jason Von Meding
Dr. Lee Bosher from Loughborough University in UK and Dr. Jason Von Meding from the University of Newcastle in Australia are appointed Joint Coordinators of the new established CIB Working Commission W120 on Disasters and Built Environment, which is a successor of the former Task Group TG63.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB Co-sponsored: The Third World Construction Symposium, 20-22 June 2014 in Colombo, Sri Lanka - Call for Papers
The Symposium aims at providing a forum for exchanging ideas between construction researchers in the areas of sustainability with a view to fostering a better link between industry and academia. The main theme of the symposium is: Sustainability and Development in the Built Environment: The Way Forward.
W080 - Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components: XIII International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components, 3-5 September 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
The themes for this conference include: durability of materials, systems and components, service life planning and prediction methodologies, durability & sustainable construction, building physics and pathology, historical and old buildings.
CIB Co-sponspored: World SB14 Barcelona: Sustainable Building - Results, 28-30 October 2014 in Barcelona, Spain - Call for Sessions
The sessions address: Industry and manufacturers from the building sector, professional organizations from the building sector: engineers, architects, innovation and technology companies involved in the building field. other organizations: non profit associations, foundations.
CIB World Building Congress 2016, 30 May - 3 June 2016 in Tampere, Finland - Picture 2 of 20
It was back in 1990 that the largest Concert and Congress Centre in the Nordic countries was inaugurated. Today, Tampere Hall has established itself as Finland’s leading Congress Centre, having been voted the country’s best on several occasions. You are also welcome!
New Publications
W018 - Timber Structures: Proceedings of the 46th Annual Meeting on Timber Structures held in August 2013, Vancouver, Canada
23 papers, were presented at the 46th annual meeting. These papers address the following topics: Stresses for solid timber (1), timber joints and fasteners (9), laminated members (4), structural stability (7), fire (1) and serviceability (1), including minutes and general topics.
Student Chapters
Winner CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award 2013 - Title: Investigating the Green Building Development in China
The CIB Student Chapter Committee has declared the proposal by the HKPolyU Student Chapter the winner of the 2013 CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award. The proposed project is supported and will be executed in collaboration with CIB Working Commission W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on New CIB Members in November 2013 we have installed 4 Individual Members. Two from Asia and two from Europe.