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Newsletter 2013 - 3

Around Commissions
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Report of the 18th International Conference on Open Building - Long Lasting Building in Urban Transformation
This conference introduced design and construction strategies for buildings and urban neighbourhoods, healthcare architecture, and new building technologies focused on flexibility and long lasting buildings that can nonetheless adapt to changing social and technical realities through their entire life circles.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 Munich - Implementing Sustainability - Barriers and Chances, 24-26 April 2013, Munich, Germany
The conference main objective is to receive a status-quo statement about the implementation of sustainable approaches in the construction sector (barriers and chances) and to promote the knowledge transfer at a national and international level.
W113 - Law and Dispute Resolution: Construction Law Stream, 5-9 May 2013 in Brisbane, Australia - Final Call for Papers
The Construction Law Stream will ensure that delegates have the opportunity to interact with other scholars and practitioners in the field of construction law. As part of the Construction Law Stream, a Mock Mediation' of a construction dispute will be presented by the Australian Mediation Association.
CIB World Building Congress, 5-9 May 2013 in Brisbane, Australia - Early Bird Registrations
The Congress announces that Early Bird Registration is open and urge people to take advantage of this special offer, which will close on 22nd March 2013. Keynote speakers and Congress Panels with commited experts are presented.
CIB Co-sponspored: SB13 Oulu - Sustainable Procurement in Urban Regeneration and Renovation - Northern Europe and North-West Russia, 21-25 May 2013, Oulu, Finland
Accepted conference address themes such as: Business models, case studies, governance, sustainability of building materials, sustainable management methods and tools, sustainable policy and responsibility, sustainable solutions and urban regeneration.
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 Coventry - Sustainable Building and Construction Conference, 3-5 July 2013 in Coventry, UK - Second Announcement
The conference aims to establish a focal point for an interactive dialogue between industry and academic, reinforced by practical case studies, demonstrations of sustainable building, to facilitate future actions through international collaboration and to disseminate best practices from industry and academia.
CIB Co-sponsored: 2013 Tsinghua Summer School for International Construction, 3-11 July 2013 in Beijing, China - First Announcement
The 2013 Tsinghua summer school course will cover hot topics in international construction, such as: Global and Chinese construction industry and market, construction contract bidding, benchmarking, information and communication technology & safety and risk management
CIB Co-sponsored: Seventh Built Environment ASOCSA Conference, 28-30 July 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa
The organizers aim to bring together researchers and academics from the full range of built environment disciplines that include engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, construction and project managers; administrators and government officials; industry professionals and practitioners; and contractors.
W062 - Water Supply and Drainage: 39th International Symposium on Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings, 17-20 September 2013 in Nagano, Japan
The programme will include: Water supply, drainage, sanitation, rainwater harvesting and water re-use, water efficiency, water economics, materials for water supply and drainage, computer modelling, sustainability and climate change, public health codes and regulations.
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 Manila - Conference on Sustainable Buildings, Infrastructures and Communities in Emerging Economics, 25-27 November 2013 in Manila, Philippines - Announcement and Call for Participation
The conference key topics include: Sustainable buildings, infrastructures and communities, energy efficiency and new sources of energy, water efficiency and management, materials and resources, disaster risk management and business continuity planning, governance and regulation.
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 Dubai - Advancing the Green Agenda: Technology, Practices and Policies, 8-10 December 2013 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Second Call for Papers
The conference will focus on guidelines and regulations, building material, renovation of existing buildings, energy modeling and conservation, alternative and renewable energy resources, smart and advanced active systems, indoor environmental quality and comfort, waste management and financing green projects.
Encouraged Journals
New CIB Encourged Journal: Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information & Value (JAPIV)
The Journal will engage researchers and practitioners alike in the exploration, development, and improvement of performance information and value based models through its publication and peer-review process. The journal is open access, with all current and previous issues appearing online.
International Journal of Disaster in the Built Environment - Special Themed Issue: Making Cities Resilient - Free Access
This themed journal issue is for researchers and academics, policy makers and other professionals working with disaster prevention, mitigation, response and reconstruction responsibilities who wish to improve their working knowledge of both theory and practice in making cities resilient to disasters.
Members Section New Members
Welcome to New Members
Since the previous news article on CIB Members February 2013 we have installed 2 Associate Members and 1 Individual Member. The Associate Members are both Universities.