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Newsletter 2013 - 8

Around Commissions
TG86 - Building Healthy Cities: Introducing a New Task Group and its Coordinator - Dr Lidia Morawska
Dr Lidia Morawska from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia is the appointed Coordinator of the New established Task Group TG86 on Building Healthy Cities. Lidia states that the Group is to stimulate and facilitate international corporation on research for building healthy cities.
W056 - Sandwich Panels: Introducing the New Coordinator - Dr.Ing. Thomas Misiek
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Misiek from Breinlinger Ingenieure, Tuttlingen, Germany is the appointed new Coordinator of W056 on Sandwich Panels. He states: we are predominantly working on questions related to structural engineering, trying to improve and amend the design procedures for sandwich panels.
W116 - Smart and Sustainable Built Environment: Introducing New Joint Coordinators - Prof Dr Ivo Martinac and Dr Jeremy Gibberd
Prof Dr Ivo Martinac from KTH - Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering in Sweden and Dr Jeremy Gibberd from CSIR Built Environment, South Africa are appointed Joint Coordinators of W116 on Smart and Sustainable Built Environment.
From the CIB General Secretariat
Global BIM Survey
CIB and McGraw-Hill Construction are partnering on a new global survey, which will investigate Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation and practices in nine major global markets that are actively using BIM: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, UK and US.
Forthcoming Meetings
CIB Co-sponsored Conference: SB13 Southern Africa - Creating a Resilient and Regenerative Built Environment, 15-16 October 2013, Cape Town, South Africa
The factors contributing to the choice of the theme include: The growing realisation that sustainability is no longer just about conserving current natural capital, the necessity to mainstream the discussion about resilience, adaptation and regenerative development while there is still window of opportunity to act.
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 Portugal - Contribution of Sustainable Building for EU 20-20-20 Targets, 30 October - 1 November 2013 in Guimaraes, Portugal
In a session on Smart Regions the conference will address how the natural resources integrated in more efficient buildings, new standards of life, better focused research and more efficient and secure communication with the grid lead us to smart strategies to a better world.
CIB Co-sponsored: SB13 Cairo - Democratic Transition and Sustainable Communities Overcoming Challenges through Innovative Practical Solutions, 6-7 November 2013 in Cairo, Egypt
The new era of democratic transition in Egypt raises aspirations and expectations vis-à-vis sustainable communities. This requires revolutionising the way of thinking and planning to proactively address local, national, and regional challenges taking into consideration the international perspective.
CIB Co-sponsored: SEA Regional - SB13 Manila Conference: Sustainable Buildings, Infrastructure and Communities - Sustainability & Resilience, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption, 25-27 November 2013 in Manila, Philippines
The main objective at the conference is to exchange information and developments, and to contribute to the capacity-building of professionals and stakeholders in the emerging economies of the SE Asian region towards built environments and communities that are more sustainable, climate-adapted and resilient.
W055, W065, W089, W092, W096, TG81, TG72 and W102: International Conference on Construction in a Changing World, 4-7 May 2014 in Kandalama, Sri Lanka - Call for Abstracts
The themes of the conference include but are not limited to: the implications of this changing environment, it impacts on the landscape for education and research as it removes boundaries and shrink distances, the changing environment poses many challenges for organising and managing construction activity.
W078 - Information Technology for Construction: 31st International Conference on Applications of IT in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry, 23-25 June 2014 in Orlando, Florida, USA - First Announcement
Themes and Topics of the conference include: Design, engineering and analysis, building information modeling, novel engineering, construction and management technologies, intelligent field inspection, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, cutting edge development.
W104 - Open Building Implementation: Call for Papers for the CIB W104 Sessions, to be held in conjunction with the 25th IUA World Congress, 3-7 August 2014 in Durban, South Africa
Conference topics for accepted papers include: Reactivation of the existing building stock, planning and decision-making strategies, new housing for long term value, open building applied to post-disaster reconstruction and incremental social housing.
New Publications
Proceedings of BESS-SB13 - Towards Net Zero, California, United States
The proceedings include papers in 5 sections: Innovative design, improving existing building stock performance, affordable sustainability & empowering the users, education, validation.
W086 - Building Pathology - A-State-of-the-Art Report on Building Pathology
This CIB publication 393 is published in the CIB website and can be downloaded for free. The report provides various case studies with practical analises and recommendations. The Editor is Prof. Vasco Peixoto de Freitas, Coordinator of CIB W086 - Building Pathology.
Outcome of the 2012 CIB Sebestyen Award: The Economics of BIM and Added Value of BIM to the Construction Sector and Society
In the report, benefits of BIM have been highlighted. Moreover the challenges experienced by industry experts have been elucidated. Finally an approach to determining the economic benefits of BIM has been offered. This uses the economic concept of Total Factor Productivity.
Proceedings of SB13 Oulu on Sustainable Procurement in Urban Regeneration and Renovation, Oulu, Finland
The building sector offers the largest single potential for energy efficiency in Europe. Innovation in renovation and urban regeneration throughout the life cycle was needed! The conference was focused on: intelligent steering, life cycle value, sustainable building products and user oriented services.
TG66 - Energy and the Built Environment: The Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies: an International Comparison
This Final Report of CIB Commission TG66 - Energy and the Built Environment is published in the CIB website and can be downloaded for free. It provides a practical comparison of energy policies in different countries. The Author is Jean Carassus, Coordinator of TG66.
Encouraged Journals
Journal for Advancement of Performance Information & Value (JAPIV), Call for Papers - Special Issue on Internatiopnal Perspectives (non-USA)
The CIB Encouraged Journal seeks to be a source for performance information and to serve as a guidepost for lessons learned, best practices, and the proliferation of performance based value models in the international built environment. The JAPIV seeks to engage researchers and practitioners alike.
Journal on Building Research & Information - Special Issue: Urban Retrofitting for the Transition to Sustainability, Volume 41(5) September 2013
This special issue of BRI examines the large-scale active transformation of the city to achieve deep reductions in energy and resource consumption, appropriate adaptation and positive enhancement of the local ecosystem. Retrofitting embraces scale and capacity, technological and systems innovation.
Members Section Personal News
W099 - Safety and Health in Construction - In Memoriam: Jimmie W. Hinze
Following a considerable period of illness, Jimmie Hinze died on 12th September 2013. Dr. Hinze was known internationally for his research in construction safety and health and his continued efforts in the pursuit of improving worker safety on construction sites. He will be greatly missed by family, friends and colleagues.