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Newsletter 2014 - 1

This first newsletter in 2014 gives an overview of CIB activities in 2013. The range of Publications, Commissions, Partnerships, Conferences, Encouraged Journals and CIB Student Chapters display the vibrant CIB portfolio of activities. I hope you will be impressed by the information summarized here and inspired to make your own contribution to another successful year for CIB.
From the CIB General Secretariat
New CIB Commissions and Coordinators
In 2013 four new Task Groups and one new Working Commission were established: TG86 - Building Healthy Cities, TG87 - Urban Resilience Benchmarking and Metrics, TG88 - Smart Cities, TG89 - Construction Mediation Practices and W120 - Disasters and the Built Environment.
Overview CIB Commissions
The table contains for each commission an indication of the extend to which it is expected to contribute to the defined CIB Priority Themes: SC - Sustainable Construction, IDDS - Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions and C&S-RU - Construction and Society - Resilient Urbanisation.
CIB Research Roadmaps
CIB launched the three first Research Roadmaps on IDDS – Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions, Offside Construction, Clients and Users in Construction. All three publications consist of a full report and a separate summary publication and all are free downloadble.
CIB and CIB Co-sponsored Conferences
An overview of CIB related events all over the world in 2013. Selected Conferences are highlighted. A selection of 8 CIB Conferences and 24 CIB Co-sponsored Conference are briefly described.
CIB and CIB Related Publications
Hereafter follow summaries of all 28 Conference Proceedings and 13 other CIB publications that have been produced in 2013 and have been made available to the CIB Secretariat. Included are: 4 CIB Research Roadmaps and 9 proceedings from national or regional SB13 Conferences.
CIB PC Commendation 2013
The Programme Committee awarded the 2013 PC Commendations to the Jean Carassus, Peter Wouters of Task Group TG66, to Mohammed Arif and Jack Goulding of Task Group TG74 and to Kim Haugbolle and David Boyd of Working Commission W118
CIB Priority Themes
Main events and outcomes in 2013 in support of CIB's three Priority Themes include: 14 national and regional Sustainable Building (SB) Conferences, the publication of the IDDS Research Roadmap and the establishment of CIB Task Group TG87 – Urban Resilience: Benchmarking and Metrics.
CIB Student Chapters
In 2013 one new University-based Student Chapters was established at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA. HKPolyU won the 2013 CIB Sebestyen Future Leaders Award.
CIB Encouraged Journals
An overview is given of CIB's Encouraged and Recognised Journals. In 2013 there were two new Journals announced that received CIB Encouragement: the journal on Advancement of Performance Information and the Value and Architecture Science (ArS) Journal.
CIB Regional Offices
In 2013 CIB established one new Regional Office: The Cape Town Office with Mr. Ferdinand Fester and Prof Dr Theodore Haupt, from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa as Regional Directors, covering Southern Africa.
New CIB Members
In the year 2013 in total 29 new Members have joined CIB. In a table you will find these new members per country and per membership category. Among the new 6 Associate Members there are 2 Organizations from the Industry and 3 Universities.
CIB Membership Development in 2013
The Annual CIB Membership Development for 2013 is presented in this News article with some comparative data for the period 2011 - 2012. In 2013 there was a net loss of Membership originating especially from Europe and from Universities.
CIB KPI's - Key Performance Indicators for the Year 2013 with Comparative Data over the Period 2011 - 2013
This News article on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) gives data on developments concerning: the CIB Membership in total and per fee category, region and type of organisation plus Activities, including Meetings, Commissions, Conferences and Publications.
CIB World Building Congress - Intelligent Built Environment for Life, 30 May - 3 June 2016, Tampere, Finland - Picture 3 of 20
Green parks and lots of trees. That is what you can find in Tampere, the venue for the CIB World Building Congress in 2016. In fact, parks and forests cover 20% of the city s area. The banks of the rapids in the city centre are lined with old red-brick factory buildings as souvenirs from a hundred years ago when the textile industry was at its peak in Tampere.